Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weep Not For The Memories

It was during high school when we first met.

Ironically, he was introduced by my first ex back then. The meet up wasn't an affable one, to be honest.

He was quiet and I was quiet too. So it was sort of a cold get together with him and with my first ex.

Months after our first met, I broke up with my first ex. I was single for quite awhile since I needed to focus on my studies. 

But my affection for him had overshadowed my determination to put my studies first. Yes, I turned over a new leaf and started a relationship with him. 

It was rather sweet and silly kind of relationship, come to think of it. We were in long distance relationship, It wasn't far off actually, merely 50 km from each other.

Every fortnight we would meet - either he came over or I went up north to meet him. Though our time spent together physically was limited but we really enjoyed it. 

Sadly, this long distance relationship did not work out for us. Our relationship only lasted for nine months. 

Though he was the one who dumped me but I never held any resentment on him. Because he was a nice guy indeed. The good nature of him that made me wanted to continue friendship with him.

After we parted to our own destination in our lives, we rarely got in touch though. It was casual chat in Facebook over the years. We did meet for lunch but it was like four or five years ago.

But I never thought that this 'lost connection' with him would mean that I lost him forever. We lost him forever.

Last Sunday, I was in rude shock to learn that my second ex has passed away last month due to sudden illness. I'm still shocked and devastated at this moment still.

I know it is too late to mourn or even pay the last respect over his passing, but I, his friends and all of his loved one will miss him dearly. 

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