Sunday, July 29, 2012

God only takes the best

How many of us have loving and caring uncles and aunties?

I’m sure, many of us do. I believe many of us have uncles who are bugging you with these same usual lines “Do you have girlfriend?” “When plan to get married” “How’s your mom” "Don't do this" "Stop touching that"

True enough, when we mention the closeness between uncle and nephews – the first character pop up in my mind, I believe yours too will be Uncle Donald and Huey, Louie and Dewey. Not forgetting, Uncle Ben and his nephew, Peter Parker.

I have five uncles from both maternal and paternal side and all of them really do care for me and my brother – especially my mother’s eldest brother.

He held the record for the loudest piercing voice amongst my uncles.

I still remember when I was small, he would carry me up to check out those birds that he petted. I also remember that he always bought me the carbonated drinks though my mom wouldn’t allow me to drink.

“Alvin, get yourself a carbonated drinks in the fridge” – he has been saying this line when I was small and never change.

He was also the one who visited my mom the most. Without fail, every time I dropped by, he would buy us few packets of Roti Canai for breakfast. If I’m lucky enough, he would give me extra pocket money too.

Then, he would have long conversation with my mom in the living hall with the television on. I’m amazed that they could chat with one issue then suddenly switched the topic to the story in the television and continued back to the issue. Sometimes, my dad would join the conversation to share horse racing predication on which horse to bet - those were the days.

Ever since I settled down in KL, I rarely see this uncle of mine.

As the time passed, he was getting older, so did my grandma health. Being the eldest son, he knew it was a big responsibility to take care of her.

Even he was coughing real bad for past few years. My mom asked him to see a specialist and he gave the ultimate filial piety answer: “No need to worry about me, take care of mother first. She is more important”

My grand mom has passed on two months ago and ever since his coughing was worsened. He found out that his coughing was not a small matter- it was pneumonia.

I reached Ipoh on Friday night and my mom told me that my uncle was hospitalized. I was complete shocked that suddenly he was admitted.

But my mom assured us that he was fine as she visited him earlier and he was still pretty healthy and he even could chat out loud with her and my dad.

My uncle did not want us to visit him so much as he didn’t want us to worry about him.

However, at 630 am in the morning on Saturday, I was waken up by mother.

“Wake up Alvin! Receive a call from hospital. Send me there!!”

That was the most unwelcoming wake up call of all in my life.

When we reached there, he has passed on.

Never knew, I have lost two family members within three months.

As we received the news, my mom was completely blank. She is a strong woman all along but she was literally devastated with the news as my uncle really took concert of her a lot.

Never imagine last two months we took a final bow to my grandma and today, we bid the final farewell to my uncle.

We know that sadness won’t bring him back but this difficult period will make us stronger.

I came across these beautiful and comforting lines at this trying times:

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered "Come to Me." With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I Wanna Go

So last Monday, I went out with my girlfriend, so she asked me whether want to have a holiday trip.
I sounded reluctant with my answers and she was surprised that a boy who doesn’t like to stay at home is reluctant to travel.
Yeah, I was surprised with myself too. I cannot sit still and I like to go here and there. I don’t know why I’m so reluctant to travel. Perhaps, I’m lying to myself that I’m too occupied with my work or am I just plain lazy to travel?
My friends have been pestering me to go to Bangkok since the food is nice and things are cheap. Seriously, is there any hidden gold there? Why everyone is going there? I guess only my baby knows why until now I still haven’t traveled to Bangkok – I’m not gay friendly.
Honestly, there are several places I really would like to go before I die but sadly I could not afford it right now. Maybe by God’s willing, I’ll be there someday soon. Here is the list:

The capital city of Czech Republic in central Europe. The combination of an awe-inspiring history and nostalgia  gothic architectural overachievement in the city is simply inviting. I always dream that I could stroll along its Old Town Bridge Tower to enjoy the breathtaking scene of The Prague Castle overlooking the sentimental city. Simply romantic! Really, if I’m lucky enough, I want to take my wedding photos there!


Honestly, two things come to my mind when I come across the word ‘Holland’ – orange and Van Gogh Museum. I guess you are surprised that a faggot like me would appreciate painting so much. But seriously, I don’t know much about art but Vincent van Gogh’s artwork is really beautiful and emotional. Yes you’re right, emotional =emo=Alvin.  No other place that houses the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh except the Van Goh Museum . To name a few of my favourite  paintings which permanently being displayed there : Landscape at Twilight, View of the Sea at Scheveningen, Irises and Roofs in Paris (my all time favorite Starry Night painting is in New York)

New York City 

Gosh, how should I begin to describe the Big Apple? NYC has its own distinctive culture and it is an epitome of cosmopolitan. So no surprise that  a diva like me loves this cosmopolitan so much. Yes, imagining myself dressed up demurely and walking down the street of Fifth Avenue. Or maybe just take a yellow taxi to Times Square and blinded by the digital billboards there. Or maybe just stroll in Central Park and watch New Yorkers pass their day.Or maybe have a solemn evening to remember the 911 victims at World Trade Center. To honest with you, I promise myself to do New Year countdown  and watch the ball drops at Times Square before I die =)


Halleluyah! Return to holy land! I know im not a religious person but I do believe in Almighty God. I know we can be closer to God whenever and wherever we want to because He is always up there watching us but I believe Jerusalem is  the significant biblical place where I can learn God more with much humility and to learn where we come from and how the world gonna end. The focal point of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Juruselam has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times and captured 44 times. This old city tells so many stories. King Solomon built the First Temple in the city. Jesus was crucified there. The city is the first Qibla for Islam. Temple Mount also situated in Jerusalem in which God created Adam there and the site of Abraham’s binding of Isaac and the location for Muhammad ascent to heaven. The Dome of the Rock also sits at Temple Mount in which the Holy Temple will be rebuilt there a.k.a. the most apparent sign of the return of Jesus. Okay, don’t go further or else I tell you a long and winding biblical stories. I know Malaysia doesn’t have diplomatic ties with Israel but if not mistaken, Malaysians can go there through Palestine and enter Israel on the basis of religious pilgrimage.


I still have this silly childhood belief that Mickey Mouse lives in Disneyland. Even now, my bed room in Ipoh is still hanging the  big long picture of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy mascot with Disneyland as its background. When I was small, the closest Disneyland was in Tokyo and it was not cheap to go there back then and even now.
In 2001, my family and I visited Hong Kong for second time but that time Disneyland Hong Kong was under construction. So I told my mom I really wish to go to Disneyland so why not let’s visit Hong Kong once again when it is completed.
Sadly, my dream never came true as my family started to break up piece by piece. I was left alone most of the time during the crisis. So I just locked myself up in the room and try to sleep early and stared at the Disneyland picture on my wall because there’s saying goes that  Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and hope my dream would come true.
After years has gone, I have graduated and working for years now and I think I’m capable to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong but sadly I could not find anyone that could accompany me. You might say I had a lover – well, he promised me to bring me there for Christmas last year but we broke up. FYI, he is going to Disneyland Tokyo end of this year!
 And for Christmas this year, someone also promised me to bring me there but I guess the promise is meant to be broken as I don’t have any special position for him to fulfill the promise.  Seriously, I don’t know why the plan is canceled; perhaps he is more interested with Thai boys rather than Mickey Mouse. Gosh, he just ruined a child’s dream.
Well, I guess I should not hold any hope to go to Disneyland  anymore as everytime I wanted  to go there,  it would ensued by disasters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
I guess all I can do now is just wish upon the star and hope that I can go to one of the mentioned places above. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

I can’t lose what I never had.

aking a decision is tough. Sometimes the decision is wise enough to give you all the bliss. Likewise, a wrong decision could lead you to self destruction.

We make millions of decision throughout our lives. We even have to make a decision the moment when we get up from the bed – what’s for breakfast?

I think the most exciting decision to make is to choose the one you truly love. 

I know right, choosing the only among the many ones is a very tough decision to make. With great humility, I do admit here that they are people approach me but eventually it will boil down to one.

It’s great to be approached by people, it means that I still have some values in the market though some  people ditch me like a garbage. Really, your self confidence will be boosted greatly because you realize you still have values that could attract people.

I don’t have pretty face that could make people fall in love with just one glance. God knows why they want to hook up with me. They have no idea they are dealing with a diva and ain’t no man could tame this diva.
Anyway, how to make a wise decision when they are many options for you to choose?

I know it sounds cliché but my best solution is follow my heart and follow my intuition. Otherwise, you can follow the real world rule ; hook up with – the richest or the most handsome one or if you are lucky enough, choose the one who has them both.

I know I suck in making the decision because I made few decisions before but ended up in heartbreaks. Can heartbreaks teach you a lesson so you will make a wiser decision next time?

Not in my case, I know I have made unwise decision but at least I don’t fall head over heels now. Even there’s my type kinda people hanging around me I do refrain myself not to play with fire.

Actually I have learnt that “my type of guy” will not guarantee my happy ever after. So I rather to be reserve this time. 

I rather choose someone who knows me so well. Someone who knows every single thought in my mind. Someone who I feel comfortable with. Someone who will accept me for who I am even I’m in the ugliest moment. Someone that I could be myself without trying to complement him.

Without realizing, I have made my decision when I write this entry. I know my decision will be revised soon. I’m not sure my decision is a right decision. Somehow I do doubt my decision and I foresee my decision will not yield any result but I believe God is great. I’m not sure He will bless me with the decision I have made but I’m sure He will guide me through if my decision turns out wrong. I have nothing to lose as I can’t lose what I never had.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Air Asia, Terrible Encounter

My job requires me to travel intensively, so inevitably, Air Asia is my only choice –well, the only frills-free career in Malaysia for domestic flights. What about Firefly? Seriously, though Firefly is a tiny little plane but the fares are kinda exorbitant compared to Air Asia.

Air Asia bagged the “World Best Low-Cost Airline” and the “Best Low-Cost Airline in Asia” by SKYTRAX World Airline Awards recently. Apparently, this is the fourth consecutive year Air Asia nails that title.  
Throughout my many Air Asia flights, no doubt, the flight attendants are indeed friendly and helpful, they deserve my credits. Likewise, for the ground crews, it is different story.

I heard many bad stories and complaints about Air Asia’s ground crew. I didn’t  bother much because I haven’t encountered any rude or unbecoming service from the ground crew until recently.

I was in the queue to get my boarding pass checked. So there was a family of close to 10 next to my queue. It was bit of commotion because the ground crew who conducts the checking refused to let the family to enter to departure hall because their luggages have exceeded the permitted size. 

I believe the family isn’t local because their English is not our typical slang. I guess they are from China or Korea. The mother, politely asked the person who was checking the boarding pass where to check in the luggage.
“Can you please help me?I just want to know where to check in the luggage. There is no counter for the check in”, said the mother who was in distress.

Not only not directing the lady to appropriate counter, he also asked the custom officer not to let them in.
The only answer from that guy was “ I don’t know” and he kept checking other boarding passes nonchalantly.

 I was like WTH, though we are clearly know that we are taking a budget airline but do they have to compromise the service as well? Even the passengers did not aware of the permitted sizes of the luggage, shouldn’t the ground crew assist them ?

Actually I heard another story. It happened to my friend’s friend who is a Vietnamese and he was taking Air Asia flight back home. Apparently, he was directed wrongly by the ground crew into a wrong queue for the check-in. Since you know the queue at LCCT is pretty long, so he queued up in the long and wrong queue, then moved to the correct long queue after directed by the counter crew. One wrong long queue and one correct long queue, this caused him to miss the flight. So he took the matter to the Air Asia’s HQ and he spoketo some of the senior level from the management. Well, you guess it, the typical Malaysian feedback when it comes to complain- “we will look in this matter”. I don’t know they really look into the matter or not but Air Asia did not compensate for his missed flight due to misdirection from the ground crew. 

Try to complain their service? You better think twice. Air Asia indeed has a customer service via telephone – AirAsiaX Premium Line at 600 85 8888 which operates from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to
Sunday and the charge is RM1.95 per minute. Yes, you read that right. So you dial, then you have to gone through Tekan 1 untuk Bahasa Tekan 2 untuk English, then proceed to please press 1 etc until you reach an operator. Then the operator will definitely put you on hold. You can count how much it will cost for make an enquiry or just to complain. BTW, it is only available for AirAsiaX, other please logon to the websites for answers.

Actually I have more stories to share but since Malaysians are bored with unheeded complaints, I guess if I continue, it will be a very boring and long entry.

Air Asia, everyone can fly but can’t complain!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second Anniversary

It’s 17th July. I gave all my heart to special someone on this very day two years ago.
I thought it would be a happily ever after for me but never knew, two years later, I’m writing this entry to commemorate my third failed relationship.

I’m not emo at all but rather I feel that Alvin have learned so much and he knows what he wants in relationship so he wouldn’t fall in love with the wrong guy.

I know right? I should tell myself that I should not fall with the guy at the time like this.
Anyhow, I’m glad  that I did not kill myself nor fell into the depression after I broke up. I’m glad that there was someone came into my life after I broke and sorry to say, I never felt so happy before for my post relationship stage.  ( we are not together)

For those who broke up, it’s not end of the world. Just go out and have a good time. To be more extreme, just go slut around because you don’t commit to anyone. Please enjoy your touth while you are still able. Really, treat an end of a relationship as a starting point to reflect yourself what you really want for the next relationship so you will be wiser in sustaining in relationship and of course be happy in relationship.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jean-Baptist; The Lost Chronicle

So I made a trip back to Ipoh over the weekend to catch my alma mater St. Michael annual theater play.
Aside from the nostalgic building, the undying Michaelian spirit and good command of English as some claim, St. Michael has a long unique tradition of school drama played by its students since 1954 – yes, older than our independence. 

Since I love my school so much, so I will go easy with this entry and wont judge much.
The play for 2012 is Jean-Baptist; The Lost Chronicle to coincide with the centennial celebration of St Michael. This year Timothy Chee and his son Ian join forces to produce the colourful, dramatic, historical and entertaining drama to depict the struggles and sacrifices made by Jean (little bit of Lady Gaga and LMFAO to bring 18th century of France into current pop culture).

18th Century France, a country bold and flamboyant, a jewel in the West ruled by the Sun King, Louis the 14th. It is a time of decadence and opulent grandeur. It is also the time when the common man suffers under the aristocratic rule of French court. Corruption and vices abound and everyone in the Court of the Sun King is embroiled in political machinations. The common man is neglected, overworked and underpaid. His children have absolutely no hope for the future for the education is only reserved for the rich and powerful;. These are indeed dark times to be born without noble heritage.

Into this world of stark contrast reveals a young man, a priest who is compelled by a higher power to do all he can to help the poor and the needy. This man is Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Himself born of noble heritage, he is nonetheless driven early on by the Voices in his heart to fight for the underprivileged, by offering them free education. He is aided by willing hands volunteers. 

One of the scene during the play - courtesy from Peter Khiew's blog
But his revolutionary work arouses the ire of those who seek domination over the poor and the helpless, as powerful nobles begin to plot his destruction and that of his fledging school. With money, power and dangerous intent at their disposal, they will stop at nothing to undo Jean-Baptiste’s efforts. But will they succeed? Who would helped Jean-Baptiste sow the seeds of what is to be come one of the most powerful educational movements in the history of Man?

Okay, here comes the bitchy part of me. Most of the time, I had no idea what was going on and my friend I were having hard time in guessing who’s who. And we barely could listen to the act as some of the audience were really noisy.

Nevertheless, it was a meaningful night for me not only because I got the chance to return to my school but I also managed to sing the school rally after so many years. Sons of St Michael valiant and true!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Opt for second best?

“You said move on, where do I go? I guess second best is all I will know”

Beautiful line in Katy Perry’s Thinking Of You.

Lately I have been thinking if the best thing won’t work, why not opt for the second best?

I don’t know about you but it will be an utter guilty if I take someone as a replacement just because the priority doesn’t work out.

Chances are I would enjoy at the initial phase of the courtship but as the infatuation dies off, I’ll would start to think who I really like and whom I really wanna be with. Just like the song- "when I’m with him, I am thinking of you". Then I would either lie to myself to stay on in the relationship in order not to hurt his feelings OR dump him off because I do not want to hurt him anymore. In situation like this, I believe honesty is the best policy. I know it sounds harsh but I believe that if I keep lying, it will be more painful for him to bear.

The another possible outcome is that I will come to realization that the second best has always been the best.

Sounds fairy tale huh? But honestly, a stubborn guy like me wouldn’t let go easily though the situation is telling me to do so. Really, I love to bet on person that I like. I will give my hope and my time on the betting table –though it will be devastating for me if I do not win the bet but I have nothing to lose.

Should I give up or should I keep on chasing pavement even if it leads nowhere?

Anyhow, on positive note, it’s July and I think he is here. Well, though he is like so my type but my heart is still reserved and I will keep my distance from falling foolishly.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Food Bites: Dreamz Bakery

I guess the word ‘confectionary’ is one of those words that entice your sweet tooth. Perhaps, you are a big fan of Katy Perry, so automatically will associate the word ‘confectionary’ with her.

Anyway, I heard that there’s a great place for pastry and confectionary nearby my area. So I made a trip to Dreamz Bakery in Kota Damansara, PJ to see what all the hypes are all about this cafe.

Really, the first thing that captivates you is that its interior design. It is fairly simple, homey, a little of princess’ touch, comfy and most of all, it is cute. Perfect hang out place for those lovers who are still living in the teenage dream.

If you are looking for savoury, you can save it as Dreamz Bakery only serves two main dishes – Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese. But don’t despair for its limited choice (I mean only two choices) as its pastry and confectionary will make you spoilt for choice with reasonable price.

Ranging from cheese cake, layered cake to macaroons 
they even have parfaits!
its carbonara is little bit cheesy though
White Choco Orange @ RM8.90 - filled with fresh orange pulps

Molten hot chocolate-i saw Jesus on the first bite-must try!

Do these augur your childhood?

Hello Kitty, you can make a special order for Mickey Mouse

Aside from food, Dream Bakeryz also sells little tiny decorative stuff

You are very lucky if you can see my message

Rum and Raisins 

Messages on the wall =)

Location: No 58-3, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact: 012-6265249/012-6265502, email:, FB:

Opening hours: 9am-9pm, close on Tuesday

Parking: can be disastrous during afternoon during weekdays

P/S: please don't wear branded shoes as shoes are off limits there.