Monday, July 2, 2012

Give up or hold on?

It’s already July, my favourite month of the year coz if the first half ain’t working out for you, strive for a better second half of the year. 

July happens to be my favourite month also coz I always hooked up around this time. Trust me, God has been kind to me as someone special will enter into my life in July . Coincidentally, God has always been sending people which name starts with D or their first name has the letter ‘D’ for me to fall in. Anyhow, God is almighty, I can’t judge much. 

I don’t know why my close friends give extra concerns on my relationship. Maybe they love me a lot so they really want me to have the best in relationship.

Well, I can’t hope for more now because I have lost the entire arsenal to win his heart. Honestly, recently, I have not taken any actions for this battle, I just stop and stare. You see, sometimes, inaction is the best action as you can observe what is going on and to sort out the best action for next battle.
This battle ain’t over, should I say, now it’s a ceasefire period. 

So when is the wake up call to stop loving a person who doesn’t love you anymore or at all?
When he cheats on you, when he tells you that he doesn’t have feeling towards you anymore, when he tells you that you are a nuisance in his life, when he disrespect you, when he lies and the list goes on.
 What If you fall in love with a person, how you gonna set the point and limit for yourself to  give up in pursuing?

It’s easy, when he says “Move on”

Yes, we are taught throughout our lives that we shouldn’t give up in what we are pursuing. Indeed, we have listened endless of inspiring stories of struggles and hardship to achieve the great pursuit.  Barrack Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Oprah Winfrey to name a few.

But should we take this never give up spirit in pursuing the one that we love?

I really don’t know the end result. But I’m pretty sure it will be very exhausting and frustrating. And if the persistence and pursuing is able to change someone’s mind and win his heart, I believe you will be the happiest person on this earth.

I know the one fine day will never happen for me. But I don’t even have a single thought of regret. This whole thing has taught me  to be strong, to be mature, to be more open and of coz has really taught me not to fall for the pretty faces.

Come on, it’s July. I shouldn’t be an emo baby. Great things happen in July!

Let’s end the first entry of July with his favourite song, 林俊傑 第幾個100

Like the chorus sings, the feeling is still there
“How many hundred days has it been, the feeling is still there
Use your eyes to feel, the world within your heart.
How many hundred days has it been, still feels like we're madly in love
As we join our hands together, our fates change too.”

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