Monday, July 23, 2012

I can’t lose what I never had.

aking a decision is tough. Sometimes the decision is wise enough to give you all the bliss. Likewise, a wrong decision could lead you to self destruction.

We make millions of decision throughout our lives. We even have to make a decision the moment when we get up from the bed – what’s for breakfast?

I think the most exciting decision to make is to choose the one you truly love. 

I know right, choosing the only among the many ones is a very tough decision to make. With great humility, I do admit here that they are people approach me but eventually it will boil down to one.

It’s great to be approached by people, it means that I still have some values in the market though some  people ditch me like a garbage. Really, your self confidence will be boosted greatly because you realize you still have values that could attract people.

I don’t have pretty face that could make people fall in love with just one glance. God knows why they want to hook up with me. They have no idea they are dealing with a diva and ain’t no man could tame this diva.
Anyway, how to make a wise decision when they are many options for you to choose?

I know it sounds cliché but my best solution is follow my heart and follow my intuition. Otherwise, you can follow the real world rule ; hook up with – the richest or the most handsome one or if you are lucky enough, choose the one who has them both.

I know I suck in making the decision because I made few decisions before but ended up in heartbreaks. Can heartbreaks teach you a lesson so you will make a wiser decision next time?

Not in my case, I know I have made unwise decision but at least I don’t fall head over heels now. Even there’s my type kinda people hanging around me I do refrain myself not to play with fire.

Actually I have learnt that “my type of guy” will not guarantee my happy ever after. So I rather to be reserve this time. 

I rather choose someone who knows me so well. Someone who knows every single thought in my mind. Someone who I feel comfortable with. Someone who will accept me for who I am even I’m in the ugliest moment. Someone that I could be myself without trying to complement him.

Without realizing, I have made my decision when I write this entry. I know my decision will be revised soon. I’m not sure my decision is a right decision. Somehow I do doubt my decision and I foresee my decision will not yield any result but I believe God is great. I’m not sure He will bless me with the decision I have made but I’m sure He will guide me through if my decision turns out wrong. I have nothing to lose as I can’t lose what I never had.

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