Friday, November 23, 2012

Twilight Saga: The End

Have you watched Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 2?

I did and it was a premiere. Goodness, an hour before the movie starts, the lobby of the cinema was jam packed with people and i could hardly to locate my queue.

So how was the movie? The review will be excellent! Since yesterday is the officially release, so I don’t want to be a spoiler here.

Here's my tips for you, don’t believe what you watch in the movie and expect a very big twist. A vampire from Cullens died* and many more from Aro. And plenty of wolves also perish* in the battle. (*don’t be so sad and don’t take it seriously). Psst…Jacob (Taylor Lautner), not only gone shirtless but gone naked!

Talking about battle, speaking of which, the battle between the Cullens and its allies versus the Aro is the one of the best battles in movie history. Really, each members from both Cullens’ allies and the antagonist Volturi’s allies have their own individual power, except the wolves. So you can see each and every one of them unleashing their power to tear the head out. Well yeah, to kill the vampire is to pull the head out and burn the body. So you expect a lot of head tearing and head pulling scene.

Twilight Saga fever has been with us for four years now and how it wonderfully turns traditional vampires who live in the castle and sleep in the casket into cool and trendy vampires. Definitely, Twilight Saga has catapulted vampires into another new level of pop culture.

Gotta confess, my eyes were little bit teary when the credit end recapping the memorable scenes from the first episode to the last episode. Geez, there will be no more Twilight Saga. There will be no more Harry Potter series also. I guess the silverscreen will be a little bit quiet from now on.

When the first Twilight came out, I was relucntant to watch at first because I thought it would be a typical vampires hunting for human that kinda movie. So my friend convinced to watch it and the rest is history.

So what are your favourites in the saga? And what are the things you hate the most?Let me share with you for my likes and dislikes.

The worst episode – New Moon. Gosh, throughout the whole movie, Bella is the emo queen.

My favourite character -  Usual question: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Of course, Edward!! I’m not sure whether his sparkling face or  his soft spoken tone that turn me on. I know Jacob has sexier body but he looks bit dirty to me. I like Alice Cullen too! She’s cool, chic and modern.

The worst actress – Kristen Stewart. No doubt, she is very beautiful but don’t you think her expression throughout all the episodes is the same? Sucks in acting but excellent in cheating Robert Pattinson.

Favourite antagonist – Jane by Dakota Fanning. She has my favourite super power too. Don’t you think is cool? Just looking at you and she will make you suffer in agony.

Favourite scene – gotta be the weeding scene. Simply beautiful! (Glad that wedding scene I watched with..well, forget it)

Thank you Twilight Saga for all these years entertainment. Let me end this entry with the last line of the saga:

And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever

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