Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hong Kong 2013: Disneyland

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are,

Anything your heart desires,

Will come to you.

On the last day of March 2013, the star has finally answered my wish (i know this entry has been delayed like three months now). My childhood dream finally came true as i step my foot at  ground of Disneyland . Honestly, i had been yearning for a visit at Disneyland ever since i was small, so this visit was so surreal for me and i was more than happy that finally i made my dream came true. I never thought that i was really at Disneyland seeing Mickey Mouse at last!

Beautiful, fun, happy, dazzling, exciting and magical are some of the words that describe my trip at Disneyland.

It was emotional trip for me also. You wanna know why? Because supposedly my ex and my crush promised me to bring me there but the promise was broken twice. Yes, i had to endure the heartbreak and disappointment twice - and hoping someone would take me there eventually. But why depend on someone else? So i decided i tag along with my friend and made my dream came true. I made it on my own and i have friends okay.

Without further adeu, ladies and gentlemen, i bring you: Disneyland Hong Kong 2013:

My magical journey begins with the special customized MTR. I'm really impressed by the convenience of MTR transport system in Hong Kong - MTR there is strategically integrated, you can go anywhere that you want within minutes. To reach Disneyland via MTR, just board the MTR Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay station. The magical journey will take you around 10 minutes. I was literally hit by anxiety disorder, 10 minutes journey was like an hour long, i couldn't wait much longer.

After alighted the train, the feeling of so near but yet too far hit again. The distant from the entrance to the station was like another 10 minutes! Not even reaching the entrance and my feet already started to sore.

At the entrance, I was welcomed by the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Station, aside from the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, i guess the station is another icon for every Disneyland in the world.

As i was approaching to the Main Street USA, i nearly shouted. Not because i saw a hunk nor i was robbed but Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were there literallly - taking photographs with the visitors. After all these years wishing to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie, the wish had finally came true!

The queue wasn't that long but waiting period was very long. I think around 40 people were queueing there and i needed to wait around an hour just for my turn. But i travelled so far and across the sea and Mickey is my favourite cartoon character, so i didn't bother much about the queue. BTW, Mickey smells like plastic.

Luckily, we queued up early as we were the last batch of the photography session with Mickey as Mickey needed to prepare for his next session, Flights of Fantasy parade at Main Street, USA.

Dumbo led the parade! 
The sound of the marching band just made the parade merrier  
The toy soldiers from Toy Story
The princesses from Disney movies aka the despos
Tinkerbell took time off from Hilton to join the parade
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba 

Look, Pooh is in the air!!
I've to give credits to HR of Disneyland as all the stuff working there are pretty good looking,
I know it doesn;t suitable for the kids but just check out their body!

Our next stop, Sleeping Beauty Castle at Fantasyland - the icon of Disneyland and the icon of every child's fantasy. The vision of Sleeping Beauty Castle just automatically comes to your mind every time you hear the word 'Disneyland'. All of my life i had dreamed to see this castle with my very own eyes and finally, it was in my sight. And it looks small by the way. I thought Princess is like a diva, the castle is rather small for Sleeping Beauty .

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night
Next stop, fast forward to the future in Tomorrowland. For kids, i'm sure you will have helluva good time at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster- helping Buzz to save the galaxy from Emporer Zurg. You will be given a laser gun and shoot the enemies. I know it sounds childish but i really had fun.
Space Mountain
If you look for thrill, have a ride at Space Mountain - indoor roller coaster in the dark. Really, make sure your throat is working fine as you will scream out loud throughout the journey since it's in the dark and you have no idea what is in front of you - the rail might be a sharp curve then suddenly slope more than 45 degrees down.

Runaway Mine Ears
Next stop, Grizzly Gulch which was opened just last year. Themed after an abandoned mining town named "Grizzly Gulch", the park was set behind mountains and woods. You've gotta try the Runaway Mine Ears rollercoaster ride. What is so special about the ride? One word: Reverse - yes, it charges forward at the beginning and it will go up the mountain, then suddenly, it moves rapidly slow and it stops. "Snaps" a sound mimicking a broken rope - then the ride cool!!!

The Golden Mickey

Please don't miss the Broadway entertainment of The Golden Mickey at Fantasyland. Your favourite disney characters will come alive singing the all time classic Disney songs. If you're gay, please go there coz you wouldn't miss Tarzan and those mermen - yes, they are shirtless with abs!!! But please bare with the annoying emcee as her cantonese is very very broken.

After entertained by those shirtless men, i mean Disney characters, just head to the next ride, It's A Small Ride. It's a boat ride with a great torture of the It's A Small World Song with different languages. Just check out the video below:

Next stop, Toy Story Land. Sadly, the RC Racer was closed for maintenance when i was there, so the only ride for us was the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Though it looks low but the drop never failed to make me shout.
Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
 So before the fireworks show at night, we spent some time to buy the souvenir and trust me, you will go broke coz everything in the souvenir shop is so cute and nice- simply irresistible !

My trip at Disneyland was set to have a big bang finale with the Disney In The Star spectacular fireworks display. It is advisable, for you to stand a little bit further from the Sleeping Beauty Castle, perhaps, standing in the middle of Main Street as when the firework display finishes, the crowd heading to MRT is pretty overwhelming. So it will be good if you can stand further near to the exit so you can escape the crowd.

The fireworks? Simply magical. Close to tearing when i was looking at the fireworks as it was so beautifully synchronized and serenaded with the all time classic Disney cartoon themes.

There you have it, my entry on my magical trip at Disneyland. I never knew i could have this chance to write this entry after so many broken hearts and broken promises. So my childhood dream has already fulfilled, have you done yours? Don't rely too much on people to make your dreams come true, do it on your own. Trust me, anything your heart desires, it will come to you eventually.

For more misadventure of my trip in Hong Kong, please click here

Friday, June 28, 2013

Life sucks then you die

So i was dining at a restaurant at Empire Subang, my usual dining became standstill because i was literally stunned by a woman who was complaining that the food was cold. Thought i was bitchy and diva, never knew there are people out there who far more bitchy and diva then me. Seriously, i pity that poor waiter, well as a consumer, we have the right to complain to seek better services and better quality but please complain in a proper manner. Maybe her partner is a white man, that's why she is acting such a snobbish bitch. Just wait for me to get a white partner alright? Then we have a bitch fight. "U tau boyfriend i siapa? Orang Putih!!!"

What is purpose of life if facing illogical and fierce  people for the sake of just earning some decent money for living? I believe the waiter has a family to take care of and at least he has parents who  love him so much.

I mean really, the question 'what is life for' has been playing with my mind since yesterday ever since my close friend brought  this profound question up.

Though i'm not that young anymore but i never really thought about that profound question but it doesn't mean i don't appreciate life. Due to my profession, i have been working close to 100 charity organizations. Some are orphanas, some are disables, some are down syndrome and some are old folks.  They have so many sad stories to share - father passed away, mother is too poor to feed them, children abandoned them, parents neglected them. But they didn't kill themselves, did they? Though the road ahead for them is tough and close to hopeless but  they still carry on with their lives as they believe they have something to live for.

At this juncture,  you would think that to build a family and to maintain a happy family is the purpose of life- but this doesn't apply to gay people.

Maybe i'm still young but i don't see any everlasting love in gay relationships. I don't even trust that forever love concept in gay relationship as for me, gay people are bunch of sluts and disloyal to their partners coupled with the never ending attitude problems - how could even to settle down and talk about forever love?

so what's the purpose of life for gay people? Well, get a decent job, go to gym, build some muscles on the body and take some shirtless photos and post in Facebook and be an attention whore - Look at me!!!! - motive? To get you on the bed and get penetrated.

Gosh, gay attacks gay....please don't gay bash me!! I love you guys but there is an non-negligible percentage of you guys are really shallow minded.

Anyway, back to the purpose of life. So how do i answer this question?

Life sucks then you die.

Sorry, a bit harsh. I always have this motto in my life - to stay young and live to the fullest. Really, life is very short and totally unpredictable, why worry so much about your work and those issues around you? Issues and problems are meant to be arises to further enhance you with living skills and experiences to deal with life better in the future.

I know worry for future is the right thing to do as you at least care for the future. But tomorrow is a mystery, don't stress yourself over it, just enjoy the present moment here as it is a gift, just wrap it.

Well, i know having a love partner is the best way to enjoy the present moment - being love and have the opportunity to love but I ain't no good person. I don't have the look and i don';t even have the body to showoff in Facebook and i have attitude problems. That's why no one approaches me and those who i approached has declined me. Maybe it's a good thing coz i have more time and space for my work and for myself. There will be no likelihood for my heart to be bruised again.

To end my entry, which is more serious this time, i believe my kinda life or maybe yours too is to work hard and smart to build a road that paved in gold and the road it's always summer, it will never get cold. As you travelling the gold paved road, we will never get hungry and we will never get old and gray. If the shadows wandering off somewhere and cant make it home, don't give damn- just be happy today.

Please don't be fear in your life. Please differentiate between fear and danger. As what Will Smith says:

"Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But Fear is a choice".

Monday, June 24, 2013

Smoke gets in Malaysian eyes

I remember when i was at primary schools, haze was a yearly occurrence which my physical education was canceled and everyone was given a mask.

I've grown up and primary school days is like almost 20 years ago and yet, we are still facing the same old problem. I think when i reach 80 years old, Indonesia will still fanning its smoke to our beloved country.

Malaysia has been unfortunately victimised from the forest fire in Indonesia (Sumatra) causing the smoke to cross boundary across Peninsular Malaysia. Well, Malaysia did voice out many times but fallen to the deaf ears. And recently, the smoke from the forest fire in Riau province has overwhelming blanketed Singapore with thick haze hitting record high PSI above 400! Malaysia also shares the same fate with Muar spiked above 700 until resorted for state of emergency.

Likewise in Klang Valley, schools will be closed on Monday due to haze. As for me living in Petaling Jaya, it is getting worse. The visibility is gradually reduced and the sight above 1km is just smoggy white with acrid smell just like the smell of the burning wood. Aside from the smell and pain to the eyes, the temperature doesn't have mercy in situation like this. It's such a torture. I respect how Singaporeans and Johorians endure such air quality like this.

Pix from
Singapore did lash out on Indonesia but fallen into deaf ears also. And recently development was the Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa will not apologize to Singapore for the haze. They even blame it on Malaysian and Singaporean palm oil companies for illegal land clearing.

Such an arrogant and irresponsible Indonesian government is. Okay, even if it's true that Malaysian and Singaporean palm oil companies did it, so? Hello, they are operating on your land, shouldn't you monitor them and enforcing the law to forbid them to burn the forest? Perhaps, bribe has taken place so the authority just keep quiet - i don't know but  i don't rule out this is happening.

Who was the one who help you when your country was hit by disasters, be it in earthquake or Tsunami? There's a Malay saying 'bagai kacang lupakan kulit' -this line serves them well, giving them help and assistance and this is how repay us with smoke. Why not we just save our money and don't bother them anymore. Save our money to build gigantic fans along the coastline, once forest burning in Sumatra happens, just switch on the fans and blow the smoke back to them - in your face!

The worst is yet to come as the recent report stated that the hot spots in Indonesia has been double to 118. The masks at convenient shops and pharmacy has been sold out. But we've been through so many challenges, we shall overcome. God bless Malaysia.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why I'm not joining Black 505 622?

There are two reasons why i refuse to join the Black 505 622 rally today at Padang Merbok.

First and foremost, as you all know, Singapore has been shrouded in haze for past few days and the smoke haze been creeping into central of Peninsular Malaysia. Seriously, i could barely see 1Utama from my house which is few blocks away. The best advice is to stay indoor during haze and i could not afford to put my health into jeopardy by being in the rally for hours.

Secondly, yes, i do admit here that i joint Bersih 3.0 and Black 505 508 at Kelana Jaya Stadium. I joint Bersih 3.0 because i believe in free and fair election and our election system indeed needs a big boost of revamp. I joint Black 505 508 because i want to witness whether the false claim of Chinese Tsunami by  our not popular Najib was true or otherwise - well, you know the answer. And being a proud Malaysian who embraces culture diversity, i joint thousands upon thousands of Malaysians at Kelana Jaya stadium to tell Najib what Malaysians are all about.

But why not Black 505 622?

i don't see any objectives of it. I really lost the count on the number of Black 505 rally. We kicked start at Kelana Jaya, followed by the regional rallies then concluded with the Black 505 at Dataran MBPJ not long ago. I thought it was already concluded then why there is another Black 505 rally?

Well,  i did feel disappointed too that Pakatan Rakyat didnt win the general election and im not sure the election was done fair and square but why can't we move on and work harder for 14th General Election?

No matter how many rallies, it won't change anything. Najib won't listen to you.

There is a song by ABBA that goes "the winner takes it all, the loser standing small"- maybe the rally is to prove that the loser is not standing small but standing tall and brave and fight to the end?

Nevertheless, for those who are joining rally today, be safe and wear mask for the tear gas and for the haze.

God bless.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your Superheroes Crush

From now on, people could shut their mouth and end the all time lame joke "Why Superman wears his red underwear  outside" coz the new costume for Superman  in Man Of Steel is without any underwear  outside.

Wonder where is his red underwear? Well, guess so no more - it's in my room. He left it yesterday night.

Anyway, have you watched the Man of Steel? You should. To be more precise, bottoms out there, please watch this show. You will fall in love with Henry Cavill playing the Superman character. Even a  lost sexual orientation like me also attracted to him. Gosh, he is really hot!!! Bottoms, please bring your inhaler or else, you will be hospitalised. 

Well, like almost all superhero themed movies, be it by DC or Marvels or Hasbro, a huge question mark pop up in my mind as always - why the fighting scenes at the apex of the movie and the dramatic scenes which the bad guys destroying the earth happen in New York City? Now New York City is the only city in this whole damn world? 

And one more thing that i don't understand - after all the running and jumping around, why does the superhero's girfriend's hair always stays in shape? Please recommend the hairspray they use. And oh yeah, running on heels is just piece of cake.

Anyway, who's your favourite superhero?  I mean the hottest superhero who never fails to turn you on. Get your tissue ready, coz the content below might cause cumming drooling. 

(pix from
Andrew Garfield in Spiderman. Though he doesn't have the tough body but i love his smile - just want to pinch his nose! Please don't fantasize on his spiderweb too much, you know what i mean.

(pix from film-intel)
God bless America!!! Chris Evans as Captain America. Well, i only watch Captain America in The Avengers, so i couldn't judge much but i prefer him in Fantastic 4. Maybe, the Captain America character is rather too old and too serious for him.'
(pix from Whitelilyz)
Hello 911, there's a human on fire!!! Oh wait, it's just Human Torch from Fantastic 4. I believe you share the sentiment with me that Chris Evans as Human Torch is the hottest superhero of all. He's young, naughty, fresh and yes, he can set you on fire!

(Pix from SciFiNow)
I wonder where Thor got his hair done. Does he use Pantene or Dove? I love his hair and that's why he is in the list. Nevertheless, most of the girls love Thor the most. Is Chris Hemsworth that hot?

(pix from greenlatern.wikia)

Come on, which gay man who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds? He has the look and he has the body but he becoming Green Lantern - a total let down. I guess he did turn you on more in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock) rather than Green Lantern.

(pix from tumblr)
You guys remember Chris O' Donnell who stars as Robin in Batman and Robin 1997 along side with George Clooney? I'm writing 90's stuff doesn't mean that i'm old fag okay? Though he is 40 plus right nowbut in the 90s, he was such a heartthrob.

James Marsden as Cyclops in X Men. He looks much more cooler with shade to be honest. Anyway, he is somewhat hot too!
(pix: newinfilm)
Not a big fan of Christian Bale but if you ask me, Batman is my favourite superhero. He's mysterious, soft spoken and he has load of super weapons to save the world. And he's emo all the time too, that's why i like Batman. And yes, he has a sidekick who always in envy!!


I never like hunky men but Henry Cavill as Superman in Men Of Steel is an exemption. Gosh, he is such a gentleman in the movie with utmost politeness to the people around him. The best thing is that he loves his mother a lot. Seeing a hunky superman with such a tender care and love for his mom, it can melt you easily.

There you have it, your favourite superheroes. So which superhero that you want to have to save your world?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strip It All for Confidence or Attention?

Before you scroll down, please don't gay bash a gay dude like me after reading this blog.

Do you feel proud by living an alternative lifestyle as in being gay/lesbian?

Well, i don't feel proud nor ashamed of being queer since i'm just living for being who i am, so let it be. But i do feel ashamed on the sorry state of gay community now.

Don't you think our community is getting more and more shallow and the culture is further extending to the superficial physical aspect - regardless in terms of friends or lovers.

To excel in the gay community, i mean to have the attention and the spotlight in the gay community is pretty simple - it's either nice body or you have good look appearance - and you will be the icing in the community if you have them both.

Like seriously? Building fleshes of muscle on your body and strip it all off and show it to the whole world that you have nice body - is that the only way to boost the self confidence and gain acceptance of the gay community? They are too poor to buy a shirt? The extend of self confidence is equivalent to the number of likes in Facebook?

Well, i do agree that being a gym rat and building some muscles are good for health but if it's really for health purposes , so what's the point to show it off in social networks? Showing off that you have great body? Telling people you have a pair of cute nipples or you just being too horny and try to seduce some people to your bed?

Seriously, they are like a  bunch of soft porn for me haha...keep on doing it. I really wonder, don't they afraid that someone out there will utilize those shirtless pictures and put into some porn websites or in those adult blogs. Silly me, they will be more than happy coz they will gain more attention if they are featured in those websites.

Okay, don't side track here. I can't judge much on the good looking people because they were born with it ( i hope naturally born with it). I believe you also have encountered people who is so damn good looking but damn arogrant. Why need to be so cocky? When we have constipation and having hard time to discard the stool, we share the same facial expression ok and sing the common song "scream and shout, and let it all out"at the toilet bowl.

So what about the not so good looking and not so fit gay people? Should we segregate them and don't allow them to join in our circle of friends? Should we label them as ugly as they were born with it? Should we label them fat since they are living in sedentary lifestyle and not heading to gym? Should we look down on them and refuse ourselves to mix with them?  Look, people out there are discriminating us and now we are having this segragation among ourselves, i thought gay people should look after each other? 

So before i end my entry, i posted two shirtless pictures - if my body belongs to the tummy one, will you still read my blog? What if my body belongs to the hot one, will you immeaditely bookmark my blog? If you know me well, you will know which picture is mine.

For those who feel left out for being not so good looking or don't posses a hot body, please don't be left out coz i aint no good looking nor a hottie too...and i have a song for you...

Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Things Guys Need To Know About Dating A PR Partner

what guys need to know when dating a pr girl Whether we work in fashion PR, lifestyle PR or even entertainment or consumer PR, our dating lives always seem to be part of some funny reality show. Though we all wish our love lives would be a part of a romantic comedy instead, the truth of the matter is, us PR girls are easy to figure out…if you can read between the lines. Here is some info we wish guys would know on how to date a PR girl and have her falling head over (Prada) heels in love.
1. We over-analyze everything
We’re used to reading, and re-reading client and supervisor emails all day. We proofread about 100 times before we hit the send button, and every email that we receive gets picked apart and dissected so that we can make sure we know what the message is. That being said, any guy should know that we will pick apart every text, every phone call and every date that involves you. This is not necessarily a good trait, we know that, but it is the truth. So here’s a tip for guys out there… be open and honest and upfront from the start! We are PR girls, so we know when we’re getting played and when we should not trust you.
2. We expect you to make the first move
This doesn’t just apply to the first kiss, it applies to everything else as well. We take and give orders all the time at work, so when it comes to our personal life we want to just take the full back seat and be surprised  We love being wined and dined, (who doesn’t) and as PR girls we want to believe that chivalry is not dead. Send us a text, shoot us an email, or better yet, pick up the phone and call us! Either way, we want to hear from you and see you make the effort first.
3. We will be bossy from time to time
The PR industry is stressful and demanding, and so it’s in our nature to be that way outside of work as well. While we won’t be overly demanding or needy, we will tell you what we want. We will be upfront and honest, just like we expect you to be, and we won’t be afraid to tell you what we like and don’t like. PR requires us to be strong, independent women, and that will translate into us trying to be a little bit bossy with you. Don’t worry though, we also love to be cuddled and doted on at the same time, so take note.
4. We love to have fun
We work all the time, which means we love to go on adventurous dates and take part in spontaneous activities. After the third date, dinner gets boring. Take us sightseeing in the city, or driving around in the suburbs! The more excitement the better… after all, every day is an adventure in the PR world.
5. We are hard workers
We work hard for our clients, which means we will work hard to make the relationship work with you. Yes, we may get caught up in the office every now and then but we will never forget to pay special attention to our date nights. We know how important our personal relationships are and we work hard to never lose sight of that. We always put all of our effort into everything we do, and whether it is a client project or building a relationship, we never want to let anyone down.
6. We enjoy a challenge
From unexpected editor meetings, to a last minute change in plans, the PR girl is never caught off guard. However, we do love to be challenged, and have our minds do a little work. Everyone likes a game, and when it comes to dating, we have to admit; we like the challenge.  Things that come too easy to us don’t feel as satisfying as things that we work hard for. This doesn’t mean that our guy should be completely unreadable, but it does mean we like the mysterious, bad boy thing just a teeny bit.
7. We are genuine
I saved the best one for last. PR girls are the most genuine, caring and well-rounded girls out there. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased!) Our passions and work are important to us, as are the people in our lives. We never give up on something and will fight until the end to make other people happy. We know how important it is to please our clients, and that is ultimately our goal for the guys in our lives. PR girls are always the ones to put other people’s needs before their own, and any guy who wants to date a fabulous PR girl should feel lucky to have that opportunity, because we really are fabulous!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to confess that i'm gay?

So Charice made the headlines recently by admitting herself that she's lesbian. Though is okay for her to come out in  US but she's from Philippines, a country which has a strong Catholic base. I hope her home country still loves her for what she is.

I don't know about you but i feel like the term ' coming out from closet' is rather derogatory for the gay folks. You know it's like we are living with a big secret and living in a seclusive lifestyle.I don't get it, why closet? Are those gay folks from Narnia?

Why "coming out" confession at the first place? Why does it applies to gay only? what about straight men? "Look i'm straight and i fuck pussy".

I've been living an alternative lifestyle for all my life. I have no problem to admit my dirty little secret to my friends but when it comes to my family, it is still a big taboo for me. I'm afraid that having a gay child in the family will be a huge embarrassment and disown me eventually.

But anyhow, i'm not young anymore, one fine day they will be curious that why until now i don't have a single girl partner.

I think they know i'm queer since i dont have any girlfriend for all my life and some of my friends are rather soft.Maybe they know but don't want to confront me. Maybe they don't want to face the truth.

Anyhow, if that day comes, how to confess and admit that i'm gay?

  • Hold your partner's hand and tell to your parents :"Look, we are together"
  • Purposely unlock the door and make helluva of noises when you are having sex with your partner to pique your parents curiosity - then when they open the door to find out what's going on - pretend to be innocent "Oh shit, mom, i can explain"
  • Be an epic hero and tell your parents straight in their face - "Hey you two, i'm gay"!
  • Beating around the bush until your parents have enough = "Mom and dad, what you think about gay people? I don't know, they look happy for me.What if you have a child who is gay? Now gay is very acceptable around the world" -keep talking for 10 minutes til your parents give in "Son, i've got what you mean, you are gay" - easier right?
  • Ask your best friend to tell your parents, tell it in a comforting way - "Aunty, you know your son loves guys. It's okay to be gay nowadays. He is still your son and he loves you a lot"
  • Play the blame game - "Thanks to you two! Thanks for the shitty bring up, you two forced me to become gay!!"
  • Watch gay porn in a exposing way and pretend to be innocent again - "Look, i can explain, the porn girl will be in the scene soon!"
I know this entry of mine sounds gay. If you are a straight man and happens to be a homophobic, please don't judge us by talking cocks about us. Trust me, we are better in dealing with cocks than you do. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Safe and Sound

 There are times when you're so vulnerable that you want to cover yourself with your blanket and forget the world outside.

Not to the extend that i cover myself literally but nowadays i feel vulnerable. Perhaps, the uncertainties and even  clueless mind of mine has evoked this uninvited vulnerabilities.

What about you? What are the causes that you will feel vulnerable? Work stress? Relationship problem? Broke? Unwanted? Or you were just born for being vulnerable.

You see, we are just little creature on the bare land with vultures above the sky which waiting for you to fall on the ground.

The road ahead ain't easy. There's always someone who disapproves you no matter how hard you have tried. The phrase 'I believe in myself" starts to be doubtful when everything is not going well according to your way or what you have planned. Does it mean give up and start helluva again? How much effort does it cost to reach the threshold?

The vultures will never fail to keep an eye on you. They will judge you you like they know me and you. Even the eyes of the passer by will put their verdict on you.

You may take this entry as your work related stress, college dramas, politics at office or even your relationship. But one thing for sure and i can tell you that, everything will be alright.Just try your best, try everything you can. You know you are doing better on your own, live right now - it doesn;t matter if it's good for someone else.

I miss the word "everything will be alright". Seriously, i wish that i could have someone to say that magical line to me. But look at me, just stuck in the four corners wall and write this very sad blog.Maybe i should fling with some random no, i will look like a whore or Taylor Swift then.

I like serious relationship but i really hate love sick thing. Don't fantasize so much. July is coming (the month i always got hooked up), so i just patiently await for the love bug to crawl over me.(for second time, i'm not a desperado nor a whore)

Here is the song for you by the whore, i mean Taylor Swift. You will be alright.