Monday, June 3, 2013

Safe and Sound

 There are times when you're so vulnerable that you want to cover yourself with your blanket and forget the world outside.

Not to the extend that i cover myself literally but nowadays i feel vulnerable. Perhaps, the uncertainties and even  clueless mind of mine has evoked this uninvited vulnerabilities.

What about you? What are the causes that you will feel vulnerable? Work stress? Relationship problem? Broke? Unwanted? Or you were just born for being vulnerable.

You see, we are just little creature on the bare land with vultures above the sky which waiting for you to fall on the ground.

The road ahead ain't easy. There's always someone who disapproves you no matter how hard you have tried. The phrase 'I believe in myself" starts to be doubtful when everything is not going well according to your way or what you have planned. Does it mean give up and start helluva again? How much effort does it cost to reach the threshold?

The vultures will never fail to keep an eye on you. They will judge you you like they know me and you. Even the eyes of the passer by will put their verdict on you.

You may take this entry as your work related stress, college dramas, politics at office or even your relationship. But one thing for sure and i can tell you that, everything will be alright.Just try your best, try everything you can. You know you are doing better on your own, live right now - it doesn;t matter if it's good for someone else.

I miss the word "everything will be alright". Seriously, i wish that i could have someone to say that magical line to me. But look at me, just stuck in the four corners wall and write this very sad blog.Maybe i should fling with some random no, i will look like a whore or Taylor Swift then.

I like serious relationship but i really hate love sick thing. Don't fantasize so much. July is coming (the month i always got hooked up), so i just patiently await for the love bug to crawl over me.(for second time, i'm not a desperado nor a whore)

Here is the song for you by the whore, i mean Taylor Swift. You will be alright.

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