Monday, June 24, 2013

Smoke gets in Malaysian eyes

I remember when i was at primary schools, haze was a yearly occurrence which my physical education was canceled and everyone was given a mask.

I've grown up and primary school days is like almost 20 years ago and yet, we are still facing the same old problem. I think when i reach 80 years old, Indonesia will still fanning its smoke to our beloved country.

Malaysia has been unfortunately victimised from the forest fire in Indonesia (Sumatra) causing the smoke to cross boundary across Peninsular Malaysia. Well, Malaysia did voice out many times but fallen to the deaf ears. And recently, the smoke from the forest fire in Riau province has overwhelming blanketed Singapore with thick haze hitting record high PSI above 400! Malaysia also shares the same fate with Muar spiked above 700 until resorted for state of emergency.

Likewise in Klang Valley, schools will be closed on Monday due to haze. As for me living in Petaling Jaya, it is getting worse. The visibility is gradually reduced and the sight above 1km is just smoggy white with acrid smell just like the smell of the burning wood. Aside from the smell and pain to the eyes, the temperature doesn't have mercy in situation like this. It's such a torture. I respect how Singaporeans and Johorians endure such air quality like this.

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Singapore did lash out on Indonesia but fallen into deaf ears also. And recently development was the Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa will not apologize to Singapore for the haze. They even blame it on Malaysian and Singaporean palm oil companies for illegal land clearing.

Such an arrogant and irresponsible Indonesian government is. Okay, even if it's true that Malaysian and Singaporean palm oil companies did it, so? Hello, they are operating on your land, shouldn't you monitor them and enforcing the law to forbid them to burn the forest? Perhaps, bribe has taken place so the authority just keep quiet - i don't know but  i don't rule out this is happening.

Who was the one who help you when your country was hit by disasters, be it in earthquake or Tsunami? There's a Malay saying 'bagai kacang lupakan kulit' -this line serves them well, giving them help and assistance and this is how repay us with smoke. Why not we just save our money and don't bother them anymore. Save our money to build gigantic fans along the coastline, once forest burning in Sumatra happens, just switch on the fans and blow the smoke back to them - in your face!

The worst is yet to come as the recent report stated that the hot spots in Indonesia has been double to 118. The masks at convenient shops and pharmacy has been sold out. But we've been through so many challenges, we shall overcome. God bless Malaysia.

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