Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strip It All for Confidence or Attention?

Before you scroll down, please don't gay bash a gay dude like me after reading this blog.

Do you feel proud by living an alternative lifestyle as in being gay/lesbian?

Well, i don't feel proud nor ashamed of being queer since i'm just living for being who i am, so let it be. But i do feel ashamed on the sorry state of gay community now.

Don't you think our community is getting more and more shallow and the culture is further extending to the superficial physical aspect - regardless in terms of friends or lovers.

To excel in the gay community, i mean to have the attention and the spotlight in the gay community is pretty simple - it's either nice body or you have good look appearance - and you will be the icing in the community if you have them both.

Like seriously? Building fleshes of muscle on your body and strip it all off and show it to the whole world that you have nice body - is that the only way to boost the self confidence and gain acceptance of the gay community? They are too poor to buy a shirt? The extend of self confidence is equivalent to the number of likes in Facebook?

Well, i do agree that being a gym rat and building some muscles are good for health but if it's really for health purposes , so what's the point to show it off in social networks? Showing off that you have great body? Telling people you have a pair of cute nipples or you just being too horny and try to seduce some people to your bed?

Seriously, they are like a  bunch of soft porn for me haha...keep on doing it. I really wonder, don't they afraid that someone out there will utilize those shirtless pictures and put into some porn websites or in those adult blogs. Silly me, they will be more than happy coz they will gain more attention if they are featured in those websites.

Okay, don't side track here. I can't judge much on the good looking people because they were born with it ( i hope naturally born with it). I believe you also have encountered people who is so damn good looking but damn arogrant. Why need to be so cocky? When we have constipation and having hard time to discard the stool, we share the same facial expression ok and sing the common song "scream and shout, and let it all out"at the toilet bowl.

So what about the not so good looking and not so fit gay people? Should we segregate them and don't allow them to join in our circle of friends? Should we label them as ugly as they were born with it? Should we label them fat since they are living in sedentary lifestyle and not heading to gym? Should we look down on them and refuse ourselves to mix with them?  Look, people out there are discriminating us and now we are having this segragation among ourselves, i thought gay people should look after each other? 

So before i end my entry, i posted two shirtless pictures - if my body belongs to the tummy one, will you still read my blog? What if my body belongs to the hot one, will you immeaditely bookmark my blog? If you know me well, you will know which picture is mine.

For those who feel left out for being not so good looking or don't posses a hot body, please don't be left out coz i aint no good looking nor a hottie too...and i have a song for you...