Friday, June 28, 2013

Life sucks then you die

So i was dining at a restaurant at Empire Subang, my usual dining became standstill because i was literally stunned by a woman who was complaining that the food was cold. Thought i was bitchy and diva, never knew there are people out there who far more bitchy and diva then me. Seriously, i pity that poor waiter, well as a consumer, we have the right to complain to seek better services and better quality but please complain in a proper manner. Maybe her partner is a white man, that's why she is acting such a snobbish bitch. Just wait for me to get a white partner alright? Then we have a bitch fight. "U tau boyfriend i siapa? Orang Putih!!!"

What is purpose of life if facing illogical and fierce  people for the sake of just earning some decent money for living? I believe the waiter has a family to take care of and at least he has parents who  love him so much.

I mean really, the question 'what is life for' has been playing with my mind since yesterday ever since my close friend brought  this profound question up.

Though i'm not that young anymore but i never really thought about that profound question but it doesn't mean i don't appreciate life. Due to my profession, i have been working close to 100 charity organizations. Some are orphanas, some are disables, some are down syndrome and some are old folks.  They have so many sad stories to share - father passed away, mother is too poor to feed them, children abandoned them, parents neglected them. But they didn't kill themselves, did they? Though the road ahead for them is tough and close to hopeless but  they still carry on with their lives as they believe they have something to live for.

At this juncture,  you would think that to build a family and to maintain a happy family is the purpose of life- but this doesn't apply to gay people.

Maybe i'm still young but i don't see any everlasting love in gay relationships. I don't even trust that forever love concept in gay relationship as for me, gay people are bunch of sluts and disloyal to their partners coupled with the never ending attitude problems - how could even to settle down and talk about forever love?

so what's the purpose of life for gay people? Well, get a decent job, go to gym, build some muscles on the body and take some shirtless photos and post in Facebook and be an attention whore - Look at me!!!! - motive? To get you on the bed and get penetrated.

Gosh, gay attacks gay....please don't gay bash me!! I love you guys but there is an non-negligible percentage of you guys are really shallow minded.

Anyway, back to the purpose of life. So how do i answer this question?

Life sucks then you die.

Sorry, a bit harsh. I always have this motto in my life - to stay young and live to the fullest. Really, life is very short and totally unpredictable, why worry so much about your work and those issues around you? Issues and problems are meant to be arises to further enhance you with living skills and experiences to deal with life better in the future.

I know worry for future is the right thing to do as you at least care for the future. But tomorrow is a mystery, don't stress yourself over it, just enjoy the present moment here as it is a gift, just wrap it.

Well, i know having a love partner is the best way to enjoy the present moment - being love and have the opportunity to love but I ain't no good person. I don't have the look and i don';t even have the body to showoff in Facebook and i have attitude problems. That's why no one approaches me and those who i approached has declined me. Maybe it's a good thing coz i have more time and space for my work and for myself. There will be no likelihood for my heart to be bruised again.

To end my entry, which is more serious this time, i believe my kinda life or maybe yours too is to work hard and smart to build a road that paved in gold and the road it's always summer, it will never get cold. As you travelling the gold paved road, we will never get hungry and we will never get old and gray. If the shadows wandering off somewhere and cant make it home, don't give damn- just be happy today.

Please don't be fear in your life. Please differentiate between fear and danger. As what Will Smith says:

"Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But Fear is a choice".

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