Saturday, March 29, 2014

Overreacting Over MH370

"History will judge us"

Strong and arrogant words by our Acting Transport Minister, Hishammuddin.

It's too early to judge on the way how our government handle this MH370 fiasco since it is an unprecedented disaster which required  a mammoth task force for its search and recovery efforts.

Nevertheless, screwing up is an epitome of our government - so we weren't surprised that there were so many mis-communication took place during initial stage of the incident. The most shocking one was which Malaysian military assumed that a Malaysian jet detected on the radar on March 8 was ordered to turn back by the air traffic controllers  since the aircraft was considered  a non-hostile aircraft. If the military was little more sound-minded, they would have notified the relevant authorities that the plane deviated from its original route. This would save helluva time and effort for the search and rescue teams from scouring the wrong location; South China Sea.

Inevitably, the people from China are so mad at us right now. However, it is rather absurd and irrational for the Chinese celebrities and their fans to lambast our local celebrities - Fish Leong, Shila Amzah and Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh to name a few. This is totally uncalled for. I wonder who were the ones who lend their hands to China whenever the country was hit by natural disasters. I know China had lost 153 of their citizens in the fight, we Malaysians had lost 38 of our family members and friends too. We are equally sad and upset as you do too so playing blame game since it is not helping in this difficult period.

While in local front, indeed, it's a sad and heartbreaking period for all of us to encounter this unfortunate event. We have lost 38 Malaysians in the MH370 flight and our local pride Malaysia Airlines has been tarnished. I hope and pray that search and recovery efforts will be fruitful in nearest of time as possible.

I know i may sound rude but sometimes i find it ironic on how Malaysians react to this mishap - over-reacting to be precise. There is one local radio station has been turned to a mourning radio station by playing emo songs and sharing condolences from the listeners - i know this is very sad period for us as we lost 38 Malaysians and some listeners or even some retarded celeb call it ' the worst disaster in Malaysia's history' coupled with hyperbole words like disbelief and yada yada but this is not the worst disaster hello! - remember Highland Towers (48 deaths) , 2004 Tsunami (68 deaths) - check your stats and facts correctly before reacting like a bimbo.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

Sometimes i really feel i'm a dick and mistreat my baby boo.

Most of the time, he has to endure hunger, hanging out until wee hours, swallowing unhealthy food and spending all the fortune to purchase all the overpriced items. And I'm bipolar most of the time, so it's pretty hard to stand my attitude. The most awful thing is that he is very concerned about my health so he has set a list of food restriction for me.

Well, like i always say, i never expected any relationship for this year and I had been living single-care-free kinda life for couple of years - back then,  I could do whatever I like without any need to be answerable to anyone.

But now attached, literally my other half belongs to him. Not in terms of possession, but he took other half of me to monitor my wellbeing, my dietary and even the way i spend my money. Not complaining, it's a good thing though coz life is so vast, i may overlook tiny little things in my life and i believe what he does for me will definitely make a better me.

Until now i'm not sure whether i'm really a good material type for him. I could be a jerk sometimes - insensitive, inconsiderate and moody. I hope it won't kill him in this relationship as i love him for all that he is, all that he has been and all he is yet to be.

Okay, i know you guys want to vomit after reading this. Let Justin Timberlake ends my entry for tonight. I know it's not a bad thing to fall in love with me because it's written on your face :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take it slow

"You can't marry a man you just met"

One of the defining line from the animation Frozen

This dilemma is happening to my friend recently who is in the stage of consideration to commit into a relationship to a person he just met just a week ago. 

Please don't. Relationship kills. Relationship will make you go broke. 

Just joking. To be honest, i mean to be practical, he shouldn't commit as he just barely knows that person. Maybe it's just a short-lived infatuation in which the admiration will slowly fade away. Or both of them are rather despo to have someone?  (this line is very fatal).

But on contrary, do we have like a timeline when to say yes to a person if we want take our own sweet time to understand a person? A month or three or entire year?

For my current relationship, it took months for me to take initiative to woo him . I must say I could be a dumbass in many areas in my life but choosing him as my partner is one of smartest decision i ever made. Really, I'm really overwhelmed with gratitude coz I'm so thankful to have him as my baby boo.

It's already late - before i hit the sack, please remember, I know the world outside is filled with hostilities but when someone wishes you good night at the end of the day, your day is well-lived. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desire, Despair

The search of MH370 has entered ninth day today but nothing to be found thus far though the search effort had entered into a new phase today - seizing the operation in South China Sea with Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean are the main new focus.

Although we heard many times in many ways, allow me to reiterate: cherish people around you, you may never know they will be gone the next day or even the next minute.

To be honest, I've been emo recently. I know i shouldn't have since i just began a new relationship. Well, relationship does not consume entire of me - there are many areas of life that i need to look after to. Sadly, i'm that kinda person that don't like to share my problem out - not even to my close friends, not even to my partner.

I know this is bad. Once the problems are overwhelming, i will still keep my mouth shut without any hint in my facial expression that i'm in trouble.

For what i know is that I'll always be the spectator of my imaginations and wishes. I never had the chance to materialize it. Even i have the chance and i'm that close to grab it, someone or something will just take it away from me. All that left is just the vision of that dream and hope planted in my brain.

So i don't dare to wish or hope because i don't like disappointment. Disappointment is just a method that make a fool of myself.

I shouldn't write anymore as the more i write, the more emo i can be. It's raining right now, let me enjoy my nap and listen to the silent raindrops fell and echoes in the wells of desire and despair.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time is precious, so love now, love always

What a hopeless place we are living in.

Banning of our childhood hero Ultraman, DS Anwar sentenced to five-year jail term and what could be more devastating to read the news of Malaysian airliner 370 with 239 people onboard went missing from the radar in the wee hours of Saturday.

At this juncture, the mystery of its disappearance is still shrouded in mysteries and the wreckage is yet to be found. Though the possibilities are rather uninviting but let's pray for the best  and let's pray for miracle that MH370 will return home safe and sound.

Life is pretty fragile ain't it? Never imagined a routine flight  could be the last journey.

Although we heard so many times in so many ways but let me reiterate, life is short and time is precious - so cherish and love people around you.

I know times are tough and life seems like a long and winding road which never goes the way you wanted but the problems you are having now are so small like particles in the universe. Problems are never meant to stay forever, it will vanish someday soon. Those vultures and bitches are inevitable demons that you will meet  in your life - just give them fucking tight slap that is so hard that will leave a red mark/scar forever on their faces.

Alright people, it's time to hit the sack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to MH370. Safe return.

P/S: I remember tears streaming down your face when i said, I'll never let you when all those shadows almost killed your light. Just close your eyes, no one can hurt you now and you'll be alright. Love you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

If It's Meant To Be, It Will Be

Thank you for the likes in my Facebook yesterday. I never knew one posting could garner so much attention. Alas, I'm not popular in this gay community since i don't flash my body off in my Facebook and i have been living in a low profile kinda life lately.

I'm not going to write long and i'm not going to be lovey-dovey either in this entry. Let's straight to the point.

So what made me to pop the big question?

Because i'm a despo and i need a lover in my life desperately - #superdry

Nah, just that i realized I spent too much time judging people before embarking on a new relationship. I finally came to realization  that you judge people, people can judge you too. Why wasting too much time to chase for a ideal partner who is so ideal that close to non-existence? I know love comes to those who wait but how long you gonna wait? Few weeks? A year? Or a lifetime?

Maybe Snow White's innocence still persists on this very Earth - singing "Someday My Prince will Come" every night before go to bed. Well, i always wish them well but don't wait too long until you overlook people around you who have been waiting for you. Maybe they are not your cup of tea so you never want to even consider them. If you love a person for a reason and let me ask you this, what if the reason becomes obsolete one day and he doesn't have the reason anymore? Find another person who has the reason that you always wanted?

To answer the question what made me to pop the question and decided to engage in a new relationship after three years of singlehood drought.

Thank you for divine intervention and thank you to a special person who made all these possible and she is Katy Perry. I was alone one night and listened to Unconditional.

There's a part which goes Open Up Your Heart and Just Let it Begins - Acceptance is the key to be truly free. Will you do the same for me?

And he does the same for me :)

 He is never my type - he only hit two of my long list of criteria. It doesn't matter anymore coz he means the world to me now and forever will be. It is my extraordinary honour to have him as my partner.
Thank you.