Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

Sometimes i really feel i'm a dick and mistreat my baby boo.

Most of the time, he has to endure hunger, hanging out until wee hours, swallowing unhealthy food and spending all the fortune to purchase all the overpriced items. And I'm bipolar most of the time, so it's pretty hard to stand my attitude. The most awful thing is that he is very concerned about my health so he has set a list of food restriction for me.

Well, like i always say, i never expected any relationship for this year and I had been living single-care-free kinda life for couple of years - back then,  I could do whatever I like without any need to be answerable to anyone.

But now attached, literally my other half belongs to him. Not in terms of possession, but he took other half of me to monitor my wellbeing, my dietary and even the way i spend my money. Not complaining, it's a good thing though coz life is so vast, i may overlook tiny little things in my life and i believe what he does for me will definitely make a better me.

Until now i'm not sure whether i'm really a good material type for him. I could be a jerk sometimes - insensitive, inconsiderate and moody. I hope it won't kill him in this relationship as i love him for all that he is, all that he has been and all he is yet to be.

Okay, i know you guys want to vomit after reading this. Let Justin Timberlake ends my entry for tonight. I know it's not a bad thing to fall in love with me because it's written on your face :)


  1. that's the problem with gay people, you tend not to appreciate what you have until it's gone, and "it" refers to relationships. that's why gays have relationship problems. it is true that on average, by the time a gay hits 30, he may have had more relationships and sex than a straight guy in the same age. and this generelization is true cuz staright people > gays but gays know how to have more fun.

  2. no offense, but all the gays that i know are. i have only known 9 gays in my life, (though i suspect more and more of my friends are closeted) from high school to college to adulthood, and these 9 do not actually know each other and not even friends but they are all sluts. it's nice to be friends with them, i can ask fashion tips from these gay friends and they really do know how to have fun. but they like to boast to me that they have had more sex in their lifetime than i will ever have. one gay friend of mine told me that gays have more relationships because they're sluts and they don't hook up with 'the one' in their first relationship and they don't really think of marriage.

    1. Well....i don't deny that
      the majority is like what u said but i believe they are plenty of them are good ones