Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desire, Despair

The search of MH370 has entered ninth day today but nothing to be found thus far though the search effort had entered into a new phase today - seizing the operation in South China Sea with Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean are the main new focus.

Although we heard many times in many ways, allow me to reiterate: cherish people around you, you may never know they will be gone the next day or even the next minute.

To be honest, I've been emo recently. I know i shouldn't have since i just began a new relationship. Well, relationship does not consume entire of me - there are many areas of life that i need to look after to. Sadly, i'm that kinda person that don't like to share my problem out - not even to my close friends, not even to my partner.

I know this is bad. Once the problems are overwhelming, i will still keep my mouth shut without any hint in my facial expression that i'm in trouble.

For what i know is that I'll always be the spectator of my imaginations and wishes. I never had the chance to materialize it. Even i have the chance and i'm that close to grab it, someone or something will just take it away from me. All that left is just the vision of that dream and hope planted in my brain.

So i don't dare to wish or hope because i don't like disappointment. Disappointment is just a method that make a fool of myself.

I shouldn't write anymore as the more i write, the more emo i can be. It's raining right now, let me enjoy my nap and listen to the silent raindrops fell and echoes in the wells of desire and despair.