Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time is precious, so love now, love always

What a hopeless place we are living in.

Banning of our childhood hero Ultraman, DS Anwar sentenced to five-year jail term and what could be more devastating to read the news of Malaysian airliner 370 with 239 people onboard went missing from the radar in the wee hours of Saturday.

At this juncture, the mystery of its disappearance is still shrouded in mysteries and the wreckage is yet to be found. Though the possibilities are rather uninviting but let's pray for the best  and let's pray for miracle that MH370 will return home safe and sound.

Life is pretty fragile ain't it? Never imagined a routine flight  could be the last journey.

Although we heard so many times in so many ways but let me reiterate, life is short and time is precious - so cherish and love people around you.

I know times are tough and life seems like a long and winding road which never goes the way you wanted but the problems you are having now are so small like particles in the universe. Problems are never meant to stay forever, it will vanish someday soon. Those vultures and bitches are inevitable demons that you will meet  in your life - just give them fucking tight slap that is so hard that will leave a red mark/scar forever on their faces.

Alright people, it's time to hit the sack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to MH370. Safe return.

P/S: I remember tears streaming down your face when i said, I'll never let you when all those shadows almost killed your light. Just close your eyes, no one can hurt you now and you'll be alright. Love you.


  1. Unfortunately, and sadly, I fear the worst had happened to flight MH 370.

    1. Though the hope is rather fading every each day but we still wish MH370 the very best