Saturday, March 1, 2014

If It's Meant To Be, It Will Be

Thank you for the likes in my Facebook yesterday. I never knew one posting could garner so much attention. Alas, I'm not popular in this gay community since i don't flash my body off in my Facebook and i have been living in a low profile kinda life lately.

I'm not going to write long and i'm not going to be lovey-dovey either in this entry. Let's straight to the point.

So what made me to pop the big question?

Because i'm a despo and i need a lover in my life desperately - #superdry

Nah, just that i realized I spent too much time judging people before embarking on a new relationship. I finally came to realization  that you judge people, people can judge you too. Why wasting too much time to chase for a ideal partner who is so ideal that close to non-existence? I know love comes to those who wait but how long you gonna wait? Few weeks? A year? Or a lifetime?

Maybe Snow White's innocence still persists on this very Earth - singing "Someday My Prince will Come" every night before go to bed. Well, i always wish them well but don't wait too long until you overlook people around you who have been waiting for you. Maybe they are not your cup of tea so you never want to even consider them. If you love a person for a reason and let me ask you this, what if the reason becomes obsolete one day and he doesn't have the reason anymore? Find another person who has the reason that you always wanted?

To answer the question what made me to pop the question and decided to engage in a new relationship after three years of singlehood drought.

Thank you for divine intervention and thank you to a special person who made all these possible and she is Katy Perry. I was alone one night and listened to Unconditional.

There's a part which goes Open Up Your Heart and Just Let it Begins - Acceptance is the key to be truly free. Will you do the same for me?

And he does the same for me :)

 He is never my type - he only hit two of my long list of criteria. It doesn't matter anymore coz he means the world to me now and forever will be. It is my extraordinary honour to have him as my partner.
Thank you.