Saturday, March 29, 2014

Overreacting Over MH370

"History will judge us"

Strong and arrogant words by our Acting Transport Minister, Hishammuddin.

It's too early to judge on the way how our government handle this MH370 fiasco since it is an unprecedented disaster which required  a mammoth task force for its search and recovery efforts.

Nevertheless, screwing up is an epitome of our government - so we weren't surprised that there were so many mis-communication took place during initial stage of the incident. The most shocking one was which Malaysian military assumed that a Malaysian jet detected on the radar on March 8 was ordered to turn back by the air traffic controllers  since the aircraft was considered  a non-hostile aircraft. If the military was little more sound-minded, they would have notified the relevant authorities that the plane deviated from its original route. This would save helluva time and effort for the search and rescue teams from scouring the wrong location; South China Sea.

Inevitably, the people from China are so mad at us right now. However, it is rather absurd and irrational for the Chinese celebrities and their fans to lambast our local celebrities - Fish Leong, Shila Amzah and Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh to name a few. This is totally uncalled for. I wonder who were the ones who lend their hands to China whenever the country was hit by natural disasters. I know China had lost 153 of their citizens in the fight, we Malaysians had lost 38 of our family members and friends too. We are equally sad and upset as you do too so playing blame game since it is not helping in this difficult period.

While in local front, indeed, it's a sad and heartbreaking period for all of us to encounter this unfortunate event. We have lost 38 Malaysians in the MH370 flight and our local pride Malaysia Airlines has been tarnished. I hope and pray that search and recovery efforts will be fruitful in nearest of time as possible.

I know i may sound rude but sometimes i find it ironic on how Malaysians react to this mishap - over-reacting to be precise. There is one local radio station has been turned to a mourning radio station by playing emo songs and sharing condolences from the listeners - i know this is very sad period for us as we lost 38 Malaysians and some listeners or even some retarded celeb call it ' the worst disaster in Malaysia's history' coupled with hyperbole words like disbelief and yada yada but this is not the worst disaster hello! - remember Highland Towers (48 deaths) , 2004 Tsunami (68 deaths) - check your stats and facts correctly before reacting like a bimbo.

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