Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crumbling Pastries

My baby boo will scroll down my Facebook sometimes to check out those enthralling fags' postings. He was rather puzzled why those postings shared very close similarities.

Oh well, fags live their own fictitious lives in a fag template. Really, i'm not making this up. If you are gay, you just scroll your Facebook up and down - it's either shirtless selfies and gym - they have nothing to do in their lives aside from these two activities. Sometimes, the fag will go to the extreme until they will post a shirtless selfie just to tell the whole damn world that they are going out. I bet the algorithm in Facebook among the fag folks will be just 'gym'. I'm really surprised that they could garnered so many likes just posting shirtless selfies. Attention seeker? I can't comment much. Let me post a shirtless selfies and see how many likes i could get in return.

I'm not being a homophobic here just that feeling frustrated sometimes (or maybe i'm just being plain shallow or maybe i should be more open) that those fags are representing the gay community which i'm part of it. I always have this vision that my community is a smart one, august and stands out so much above the straight men but it doesn't go that as it seems. In fact, a bunch of attention seekers and bimbos.

No wonder it is pretty hard to find another half out there since everyone is created in a same template - there's not much varieties out there.

Talking about another significant another half, i promise myself that i would settle down by the age of 30. Well, the years are numbered - i should really plan the steps ahead of us before the solid foundation is laid upon ( i hope he's the one).

Sadly gay marriage is not permissible here in Malaysia so i guess cohabitation is the way for me and for us to settle down. However, every wedding i attended, i always wish that i was the one to walk down the aisle and i always wish that i was the one on the stage to give the grand toast. I wish that people who are close to me will celebrate my blissful and blessed relationship with my partner.

Talking about my partner aka my baby boo, I'm still amazed on how he could make me fall in love so effortlessly like crumbling pastries. I know along the way i wasn't the best man i should be and broke his heart and i always doubt myself that i'm giving him the best but rest assured that my love is real and immeasurable. His hidden efforts and thoughtful actions are beyond words and i'm forever grateful. Thank you.


  1. "No wonder it is pretty hard to find another half out there since everyone is created in a same template - there's not much varieties out there".
    Could not have said it better. The fag community in malaysia and singapore are a bunch of superficial guys. Sigh, these fags on FB, they really don't paint a good picture of our community.

    1. i know it's sick but just deal with it....