Saturday, April 19, 2014

Don't let your life pass you by

Were you shocked by the Karpal Singh's tragic passing?

I was because when i was small, my dad told me that there was this very admirable lawyer called Karpal Singh from Penang. Then as i grew up, I learnt so much about this man - an undying fighter and outspoken voice for what was wrong and for what was right for the country.

There's a malay saying that goes 'Harimau Mati Tinggalkan Belang, Manusia Mati Tinggalkan Nama' (Tigers leave its stripes, man is remembered through his deeds) . I guess this tiger of Jelutong is the best person to exemplify this Malay proverb - Malaysia owes so much to you, you'll always be remembered.

It's only like the start of the second quarter of 2014 and we've been listening so many tragic stories along the way. Ain't Earth such a sad place to live in?

I really don't know, maybe I'm still young to learn about life but I know life is meant to be happy but shits happen and unforeseen external circumstances that take your smile away. I'm still young (i mean not that young) but I had been going through a lot of downs - like my family breakdown, failed relationships and all those almost relationships and losing two loved ones in just short span of three months and of course those shits from my work - but this downs are just a tiny particle of life, there is a long long way to go.

 Rain or shine, straight or winding, the road ahead is never easy. But of course, through divine intervention, the road ahead, I'm sure will be clear.

Sometimes i do reflect myself - i've been complaining a lot for what i don't have and i never bother to appreciate or feeling blessed of what I'm having now. I know it's not healthy, but i see what i don't have is like a carrot for me to entice me to go further. Come on, if life is in satisfaction, you will never grow.

Anyhow, it's late for me, so i bid Good Night and of course, RIP Karpal Singh and to his aide, Michael Cornelius.

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