Friday, April 11, 2014

A Change Would Do You Good

Two years ago, i started this blog coz i was pretty emo that time as I had this huge crush on someone but ended up nothing. And two years ago, i had a pretty decent job, a happy one indeed.

Two years gone and now, I'm sorta happily attached and job wise, in a somewhat situation.

I've no idea what my life will be in next two years. To be honest, whenever I find my comfort zone or in a status quo situation, changes will be my enemy. I will like i worked so hard and waited for so long for this moment, why the changes?

I hate changes because i don't want to lose or to jeopardize what i have - you know, i don't want to start all over again or even to end something that i've been enjoying so much.

But contrary, don't look at the word 'change' in a negative connotation - changes could be good sometimes. Change is like a vision that you want to see yourself in the future which eventually motivates you to do whatever it takes to live in the vision.

I don't know the next two years where will it lead me to but by that time i would have settled down. If you are reading this, you should know by now that you will be the one who will talk to me every night until i fall asleep and you will be the one who will wake me up every morning in next two years and next twenty years and until we grow old.

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