Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting rid of 2012

Exactly this time around this year, i was so reluctant to bid farewell to 2011. You may call me melodrama but i had helluva good time in 2011. Though i got ditched but thereafter, everything went so well.

However, twist of fate in 2012. To be honest, it has been a bad year for me this year. I've lost my beloved grandmom this summer. Though we were well prepared but until now, i still feel sad about her departure. I miss my grandma who always reminded me to take care of my mom.

Two months after my grandma's funeral, i never knew my family would have another funeral. I lost my uncle this year as well. His departure was so shocking until we were all aghast. Never knew his cough would take his life away.

Two funerals within a year is so hard for my family to bear. Losing someone close to you is disheartening, what's more losing two loved ones in just two months. It is a saddest lesson for me to remind me to cherish the people around me. I think i'm family first kinda man now. Though my life is pretty occupied with my work -work is important but family is forever.

Love like wise, not much progress actually this year. Even the person i liked already attached - now he is the one that got away. It doesn't bother me about my relationship as i don't have time for it. Maybe i always blame my work all this while until i overlook people around me. Perhaps, i should take a step back from my work and really scrutinize my potentials = )

If you asked me, what is the most defining moment of 2012 - gotta be Bersih rally in April this year. It is my first time to participate in the mass rally. It is also my first time to stand up for democracy  and stand up for beloved country. Though we were rained by tear gas and police brutality but my friends and i and all the fellow Malaysians from all races across different creeds stood up for what is right for us. I'm so proud of myself. I'm so proud of us. I'm so proud of Malaysians.

Let's recap the year 2012 in Jib Jab style:

Last year, we were shuffling all year long and this year we are gangnam-ing in horsy style. However, my favourite song this gotta be this below: - Goodbye 2012, you're such an ass!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sexiest Boys Alive in 2012

2012 is just mere two days left, so who is the hunk or cutie that really caught your attention this year?

Well, Channing Tantum might walk away with People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2012 (which i think his body is kinda outta shape compared to last time) but who is your pick for the sexiest man/boy/hunk/twink alive in 2012? Who is the gorgeous specimen that turns you on this year? I have my personal pick though some of them unexpectedly make it to my list this year. I hope the galore of hot pictures will not make you go hysteria.

Let's bring the boys out!

Justin Bieber -  i have something to confess, i think i'm a Belieber now. Justin has grown up so much. Alright, he used to annoy me with his chicky voice when he sang Baby Baby but it is such a huge transformation for him this year. With his album  entitled Believe, Justin is set to make us believe that he is so much matured now - and all of his singles from Believe album has got me so addicted. I know Justin Bieber doesn't have a hot body but he is really cute with combination of boyish and feminine features. Thank god, he has ditched Selena Gomez, or else, they would look like lesbo couples. (Justin Bieber shirtless pix credit: maurizio887 from

Colton Dixon - Though he didn't win the American Idol (landed on seventh place) this year but he already won my heart, i guess his musical talent also blew us away. If you're a big fan of American Idol, you would know that he managed to grab the golden ticket during audition round but failed to enter Top 24 in tenth season. Supposed to accompany his sister  for audition this season but after much persuasion from the judges, he went in to try his luck and eureka! Or else, we would have missed another cutie in television. (pic credit:

Marcel Nguyen - Olympic 2012 in London has indeed become a talking point for the gays/girls. I'm not talking about the sportsmanship, i'm referring to the hotties throughout the games. Really, it's like a galore of hot men during the Olympic. I guess the official logo for London 2012 is implicitly denoting well, blowing. Anyway, no doubt, Marcel Nguyen gotta be the cutest one! Maybe i have high inclination towards Pan Asian (Marcel was born German-Vietname parentage) but just look at him, don't tell me he doesn't make you melt.  Flexing his arms to make the body maneuver - i bet it made the ratings soar so high. Hope we will see him in Rio De Janeiro 2016. 

Tom Daley - Olympic hunks galore continues with Tom Daley, the English diver. He looks like the boy from next door who lend me some sugar adorable! Who can ever forget the sexy scenes where he showered after his jump. (Pic credit:

One Direction - aside from being Belieber this year, i also become a One Directioner. Their hit single 'What Makes You Beautiful" has been keeping me whistling throughout the year. Indeed, One Direction has made a big influence on the pop culture this year - often dubbed the British Invasion in US and the comeback of boybands phenomena. 2012 gotta be the year of One Direction with record selling up to 15 million worldwide and they even performed in Olympic Closing Ceremony. So who is your favourite among them? Since i'm such a sucker for Pan Asian, my choice gonna be Zayn (British + Pakistani parentage) (Pic credit:

Adam Levigne - Maybe i started to watch The Voice this year so i'm really captivated by this frontman from Maroon 5. Apart from his musical talent, i really do like his wittiness during the show especially during the blind audition round which he was fighting with other judges, it was so hilarious. I guess no one could ever resist his charm when he is begging you to join his team. (Pic credit:

Josh & Edison - The names might sound unfamiliar to you but they are one of the sweetest gay couples that i come across.Their pre-wedding photos has made every gay people so envy. They also prove to us and prove to the anti-gay marriage folks out there that love, sweetness and commitment still exist in gay circle. I guess the girls (or even some straight men) are dying in jealousy that gay love could be so adorable!

Jay Chou - Finally, this shy bug has lifted his shirt off this year. This Taiwanese international superstar used to be a timid and shy little guy but as he grew confidence within himself, he believes confidence also applies on his body as well. Secretly, he has been pumping up his body so hard and check out his chest and his  six hard abs!!

Aarif Lee - The name may sound rather perculiar to you ( he was born Malay-Arab-Chinese parentage) but Aarif is set to be a well-known name in Chinese entertainment industry. He can act, he can sing and most of all, he has the jaw-dropping good look! He shares the resemblance of Wang Lee Hom, don't you think? I bet this Best New Performer winner for Hong Kong Film Awards has a very bright future ahead. (Pic credit: Sina)

Eddie Peng - Little did you know that he was born in Taiwan and migrated to Canada when he was 13. Then, he flew back to Taiwan for his grandmother's death. The sorrow return to Taiwan has changed his life forever as he was discovered for TV series. With his good look and great height, he became much sought-after model and actor. I didn't really pay attention to him at his initial career as he was very boyish and acting skills suck big time. As the time goes, he grew up so much and look at him now!! I managed to watch Taiwanese movie 'Love' this year which starring him along side with Shu Qi, Ethan Ruan among others - and he has improved a lot and geez, he is a man now!Hmmmp...he has a little resemblance of my ex...(Pic credit:

There you have it. My list of hot men that gonna be mine next year. How i wish!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Many asked me what's my plan for Christmas Eve.

I said "nope". I'm also surprised that i don't have any plan this year though i do have a lot of Christmas wishes in my mind - that seems out of reach though.

Since it's Christmas Eve, i don't want this entry to long and winding and emo. Christmas is about joy, gratefulness and giving.

Alright, let's put our troubles miles away and enlighten our hearts on this faithful occasion. Family, loved ones and friends are together once more.

I'm not good in writing season greetings - but from the bottom of my heart, i wish you who are reading this entry, a very Merry Christmas.

Let me share this beautiful Christmas song with you, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - the song defines it all...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you know where you're going to?

"I need to talk to you"

You know it is never good when your parents say those words to you. Coupled with this line:

“I have discussed with your dad”

Okay, now i'm dead.

Gosh, they found out my dirty little secret?Well, it was just false alarm but it did drag me to the junction of life.

You see, my parents have given me a period of time to see whether this current job of mine  is worth for my future. Sadly, they see my job is taking me no way and it’s cause of worry for them.

Indeed, they woke me up and now I really do think is this I really want to do. I feel tired. I feel all worn out. The environment used to be a fun playground but lately, it is just a lair for me that I will never have a chance to get out.

I'm not sure the long three years at the same old company is making my working environment is so mundane. Or maybe PR is not really my thing. Geez, i'm not young anymore and i'm still musing over my career path.

I do wish could go back to journalism and editorial but im afraid that i don't have that flair in English.

Maybe i should hold on tight on PR line since i have three years experience which is making me a valuable asset in the market. With that experience, i could be an assistant manager or a PR manager for Pete's sake. Perhaps, i should consider to quit agency-based to in-house PR so i could be more focus.

However, whatever my choice will be, i definitely won't quit this media line. It's fun, vibrant and takes hell load of shit to make things work to look beautiful on the outside.

I do admire people who have strong direction on what they really want in their career path. For me, i still feel insecure on what i'm doing right now. The big 3 O is coming soon, and i'm still fulfill the promises that i have made for myself - (

Don't frown too much. It's Christmas. Talking about Yuletide, now i realize i don't have Christmas tree in my room this year. I'm really busy to set up a Christmas tree this year. Really, i didn't even realize Christmas is just days away.

Maybe i save it for next year. I still remember that last year, there was someone special who helped me to set up my Christmas tree. Come to think of it, it was pretty sweet experience. Alas, he is helping his partner to set up the Christmas tree now; jealous and weeping!

Every year, in fact when i was small i wanted to go to Disneyland to celebrate Christmas. Almost happened but it didn't happen for twice now; 2011 and 2012. I'm not sure who will be so kind to bring me there in 2013 and be heartless eventually by breaking the promise.

Shoudln't be complain too much, should be thankful to God that i'm still writing this entry on 22nd December 2012. I guess the Mayans have fooled us all.

Before i end my note, let me share this music video. I remember when i was really small, my mom bought me a VHS tape on Disney Christmas Sing Along Special and that's when i fell in love with Disney. My innocent intention to go to Disneyland started at tender age of five when i first started to watch the video clip below:

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

21 Dec, why is not the end?

Solar flare, change of poles, asteroid hits the earth, the clashbetween earth and planet Nibiru, the black hole, nuclear war, global earthquakes, enormous tsunami, global pandemic and, the list goes on.

Above is some of the well-familiar end of the world scenarios, as we know it.

The hype of apocalypse has never been so intense ever since Y2K – thanks to the Mayans. Based on the Mesoamerican Long Count calender, the 5125-year-long cycle will end on 21 December 2012. Doomsayer claims that the date marks the end of the world. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae will occur on that date too. Even the Hollywood made movie of it to fan 2012 craze.

Really? Does Bible foretell that the world will end on 21 December 2012?

No, though the signs are pretty much clear right now but the Bible never tells or even hints us the date of the judgement day.

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse on Judgement Day 
In Matthew 24:3, Jesus gave prophecies of many events before his second coming. He said that there would be religious deception, wars and rumours of wars, famines, disease epidemics and earthquakes at the edge of the end. Yupe, looks like the prophecies in Bible are all coming true.

However, Jesus also said that no one will know the exact date – even Jesus doesn't know the date. Mark 13:32 reads “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”. So the Mayans are telling us that they’re above Jesus by knowing the date?

Jesus also warns us not to be fooled by those deceptions that claim to know on His second coming (Matthew 2:4, 23-26). I guess many people have been fooled on this matter since everyone is like so obsessed on 21 December 2012.  

So what you worry about? Go back to your office and work your ass off on 21 December 2012.

I’m really intrigued what will happen if 21 December 2012 goes on as usual? I guess the Mayans will be cursed badly, premiums on “I survive 2012” will be a great sales and Hollywood will make a sequel to 2012 entitled ‘2013’ or documentary on “How Mayans fool you”.

Be safe everyone and repent yourself. 


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Humble Visit at Istana Negara Lama

Remember the wedding of the century last year between Prince William and Kate Middleton?
The world was so fascinated by it. Even the Malaysians glued to the television to watch the live telecast on the fateful day April 29, 2011. We are pretty hooked up with the royalty or even its scandals in UK, aren’t we?We even know the names, at least three or four family members of Queen Elizabeth II. What if we switch it up to our local Malaysian sultanate history and background, do we know them much? 

Your silence speaks for yourself.

Be a proud Malaysian by visiting Istana Negara Lama (the former official residence for the King) in conjunction with its Raja Kita (Our King) Exhibition which for the first time, the royal ground will be open up for public visit. 

I even took time off from my busy schedule to make a trip at Istana Lama. It was a very good experience indeed to learn about our Sultans and Kings in Malaysia and to boost your pride and love for this nation.
Stands along 13 acre, the palace was originally a double-storey mansion which called The Big House which owned by a local Chinese millionaire, Chan Wing in 1928.It served as the official residence for the Japanese Governor during Japanese occupation as well as the palace of His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor.

When Malaysia achieved its independence in 1957, the residence was converted to the official palace of the sovereign Yang di-Pertuan Agong ever since.

Only the Balairong Seri (the throne room) is open for public in which the King used for official and customary function. Yes, this is the hall which you watched in TV during the live telecast of the previous King installation ceremony, the oath taking ceremony of the new appointment of the new Prime Minister and new federal government. 

The exhibition also gives you the extensive information on 14 Kings who ruled Malaysia before. Really, reading each and every story of our former Kings and current King, His Majesty Tuanku Abdul Halim has made me so humble.

Some of the official items and even personal items on display:

Kalung Diraja (Royal Necklace) and Gandik Diraja (Royal Diraja)of the current Queen

Royal Headgear (Solek Dendam Tak Sudah) - a black songket embroiled with gold thread)

The throne

Conferment medals

The kissing of the Keris is one of the customary at the installation of the King

The Royal Oath
The driving licenses of current Queen
Visiting information:

  • Open from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Admission fee: RM 2 for Malaysians and RM 5 for Foreigners
  • Address: Istana Negara Lama, Jalan Istana, 50566 Kuala Lumpur
Please note the exhibition only  until 31 December 2012. Hopefully, it will be extended.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Key security trends in 2012; predicts core threats for 2013

Kaspersky Lab’s experts outlined key security trends of 2012 and presented their views on the core threats of 2013. The most notable predictions for the next year include the continued rise of targeted attacks, cyber-espionage and nation-state cyber-attacks, the evolving role of hacktivism, the development of controversial “legal” surveillance tools and the increase in cybercriminal attacks targeting cloud-based services.

Quick Facts
·       Important cyber security stories of 2012:
o   Sophisticated malware targeting Mac OS X
o   Explosive growth of Android threats
o   Flame and Gauss as the sign of continued state-sponsored cyber warfare operations
o   Notable password leaks from popular web services, such as LinkedIn and Dropbox
o   Theft of Adobe certificates
o   New 0-day vulnerabilities in Java and other popular software
o   Attacks on network devices (namely DSL routers)
o   DNSChanger shutdown
o   Destructive Shamoon and Wiper malwares
o   Madi cyber-espionage campaign
·       Predictions for 2013

o   Continued rise of targeted attacks
o   Ongoing march of “hacktivism”
o   More nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks
o   Government-backed use of “legal” surveillance tools in cyberspace
o   Attacks on cloud-based infrastructure
o   Deterioration of digital privacy
o   Continued problems with online trust and digital authorities
o   Continued rise of Mac OS X malware and mobile malware
o   Vulnerabilities and exploits continue to be key attack methods for cybercriminals
o   Wide deployment of Ransomware and cryptoextortion malware

Key Predictions Overview

Targeted attacks on businesses have only become a prevalent threat within the last two years. Kaspersky Lab expects the amount of targeted attacks, with the purpose of cyber-espionage, to continue in 2013 and beyond, becoming the most significant threat for businesses. Another trend that will likely impact companies and governments is the continued rise of “hacktivism” and its concomitant politically-motivated cyber-attacks.

State-sponsored cyber warfare will undoubtedly continue in 2013. In fact, during 2012, Kaspersky Lab discovered three new major malicious programs that were used in cyber warfare operations: Flame,  Gauss and miniFlame. While Flame was the largest and most sophisticated of the cyber-espionage programs, its longevity was its most prominent characteristic. Being at least a five-year-old project, Flame was an example of a complex malicious program that could exist undetected for an extended amount of time while collecting massive amounts of data and sensitive information from its victims. Kaspersky Lab’s experts expect more countries to develop their own cyber programs for the purposes of cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. These attacks will affect not only government institutions, but also businesses and critical infrastructure facilities.

In 2012 an on-going debate took place on whether or not governments should develop and use specific surveillance software to monitor suspects in criminal investigations. Kaspersky Lab predicts that 2013 will build on this issue as governments create or purchase additional monitoring tools to enhance the surveillance of individuals, which will extend beyond wiretapping phones to enabling secret access to targeted mobile devices. Government-backed surveillance tools in the cyber environment will most likely continue to evolve, as law-enforcement agencies try to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. At the same time, controversial issues about civil liberties and consumer privacy associated with the tools will also continue to be raised.

Development of social networks, and, unfortunately, new threats that affect both consumers and businesses have drastically changed the perception of online privacy and trust. As consumers understand that a significant portion of their personal data is handed over to online services, the question is whether or not they trust them. Such confidence has already been shaken following the wake of major password leaks from some of the most popular web services such as Dropbox and LinkedIn. The value of personal data – for both cybercriminals and legitimate businesses – is destined to grow significantly in the near future.

2012 has been the year of the explosive growth of mobile malware, with cybercriminals’ primary focus being the Android platform, as it was the most popular and widely used. In 2013 we are likely to see a new alarming trend – the use of vulnerabilities to extend “drive-by download” attacks on mobile devices. This means that personal and corporate data stored on smartphones and tablets will be targeted as frequently as it is targeted on traditional computers. For the same reasons (rising popularity), new sophisticated attacks will be performed against owners of Apple devices as well.

As vulnerabilities in mobile devices become an increasing threat for users, computer application and program vulnerabilities will continue to be exploited on PCs. Kaspersky Lab named 2012 the year of Java vulnerabilities, and in 2013 Java will continue to be exploited by cybercriminals on a massive scale. However, although Java will continue to be a target for exploits, the importance of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader as malware gateways will decrease as the latest versions include automated update systems for patching security vulnerabilities.