Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting rid of 2012

Exactly this time around this year, i was so reluctant to bid farewell to 2011. You may call me melodrama but i had helluva good time in 2011. Though i got ditched but thereafter, everything went so well.

However, twist of fate in 2012. To be honest, it has been a bad year for me this year. I've lost my beloved grandmom this summer. Though we were well prepared but until now, i still feel sad about her departure. I miss my grandma who always reminded me to take care of my mom.

Two months after my grandma's funeral, i never knew my family would have another funeral. I lost my uncle this year as well. His departure was so shocking until we were all aghast. Never knew his cough would take his life away.

Two funerals within a year is so hard for my family to bear. Losing someone close to you is disheartening, what's more losing two loved ones in just two months. It is a saddest lesson for me to remind me to cherish the people around me. I think i'm family first kinda man now. Though my life is pretty occupied with my work -work is important but family is forever.

Love like wise, not much progress actually this year. Even the person i liked already attached - now he is the one that got away. It doesn't bother me about my relationship as i don't have time for it. Maybe i always blame my work all this while until i overlook people around me. Perhaps, i should take a step back from my work and really scrutinize my potentials = )

If you asked me, what is the most defining moment of 2012 - gotta be Bersih rally in April this year. It is my first time to participate in the mass rally. It is also my first time to stand up for democracy  and stand up for beloved country. Though we were rained by tear gas and police brutality but my friends and i and all the fellow Malaysians from all races across different creeds stood up for what is right for us. I'm so proud of myself. I'm so proud of us. I'm so proud of Malaysians.

Let's recap the year 2012 in Jib Jab style:

Last year, we were shuffling all year long and this year we are gangnam-ing in horsy style. However, my favourite song this gotta be this below: - Goodbye 2012, you're such an ass!!

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