Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you know where you're going to?

"I need to talk to you"

You know it is never good when your parents say those words to you. Coupled with this line:

“I have discussed with your dad”

Okay, now i'm dead.

Gosh, they found out my dirty little secret?Well, it was just false alarm but it did drag me to the junction of life.

You see, my parents have given me a period of time to see whether this current job of mine  is worth for my future. Sadly, they see my job is taking me no way and it’s cause of worry for them.

Indeed, they woke me up and now I really do think is this I really want to do. I feel tired. I feel all worn out. The environment used to be a fun playground but lately, it is just a lair for me that I will never have a chance to get out.

I'm not sure the long three years at the same old company is making my working environment is so mundane. Or maybe PR is not really my thing. Geez, i'm not young anymore and i'm still musing over my career path.

I do wish could go back to journalism and editorial but im afraid that i don't have that flair in English.

Maybe i should hold on tight on PR line since i have three years experience which is making me a valuable asset in the market. With that experience, i could be an assistant manager or a PR manager for Pete's sake. Perhaps, i should consider to quit agency-based to in-house PR so i could be more focus.

However, whatever my choice will be, i definitely won't quit this media line. It's fun, vibrant and takes hell load of shit to make things work to look beautiful on the outside.

I do admire people who have strong direction on what they really want in their career path. For me, i still feel insecure on what i'm doing right now. The big 3 O is coming soon, and i'm still fulfill the promises that i have made for myself - (

Don't frown too much. It's Christmas. Talking about Yuletide, now i realize i don't have Christmas tree in my room this year. I'm really busy to set up a Christmas tree this year. Really, i didn't even realize Christmas is just days away.

Maybe i save it for next year. I still remember that last year, there was someone special who helped me to set up my Christmas tree. Come to think of it, it was pretty sweet experience. Alas, he is helping his partner to set up the Christmas tree now; jealous and weeping!

Every year, in fact when i was small i wanted to go to Disneyland to celebrate Christmas. Almost happened but it didn't happen for twice now; 2011 and 2012. I'm not sure who will be so kind to bring me there in 2013 and be heartless eventually by breaking the promise.

Shoudln't be complain too much, should be thankful to God that i'm still writing this entry on 22nd December 2012. I guess the Mayans have fooled us all.

Before i end my note, let me share this music video. I remember when i was really small, my mom bought me a VHS tape on Disney Christmas Sing Along Special and that's when i fell in love with Disney. My innocent intention to go to Disneyland started at tender age of five when i first started to watch the video clip below:

Merry Christmas everyone.

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