Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GE 13: Pakatan Rakyat triumphs, Najib is in trouble

Please note that the entry below is written based on assumption that the election process was clean and fair without any phantom voters, illegitimate voters from Bangladesh, indelible ink was indelible ink, no blackout which i doubt so.

So how do you feel after Barisan Nasional has once again retain the majority in Parliament to form the next government?

I stayed up late for the result. When BN has hit 112 parliamentary seats and won the GE 13, i wasn't that disappointed coz all my predictions were correct except for Perak ( i was really disappointed that PR couldn't grab my home state back) - BN didn't get 2/3 majority, Kedah fell back to BN and PR would win Penang, Selangor and Kelantan again.I think i can quit my job and be a political pundit.

I thought BN key leaders would be jovial to celebrate the winning. But this wasn't the case. Gosh, Chua Soi Lek's facial expression was totally pissed and even Najib was about to cry when he made the speech.

 For those who  are fighting for clean and fair GE 13 after so many wrong doings surface, please don't give up the fight. Rome wasn't built in a day.

For Pakatan Rakyat supporters, please don't feel bad because the days ahead for Najib will be tough and might be numbered. We can expect a good show within BN itself as the storm is just brewing within the party.

Why am i saying this?

  • Najib failed to lead the BN machinery to gain 2/3 majority for Parliament. 2/3 has always been the KPI for every Prime Minister in general election. Once you failed, that's it. Not only small majority in the Parliament but the result is worse than Tun Abdullah performance in 2008. He has failed his KPI.
  • Failing the KPI - definitely, the warlords in UMNO won't be quiet. I believe there will be hidden force to bring Najib down for the upcoming party election. I won't be surprised that his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is planning his secretive masterplan. Clear example, look what happened to Pak Lah in 2008 political tsunami, how he was forced down by the warlords and his deputy Najib back then.I know coming days, you will hear that UMNO stands united behind Najib, come on, when the leader fails, the second man will rebel.
  • Muhyddin just a little boost from the most influential person in UMNO, yes Dr M. Well, according to Malaysiakini, Dr M didn't expect Najib would perform that poor. You heard it, once the Dr M doesn't like you, there goes your career in politics. Though he has retired for more than 10 years now but he is still very influential in UMNO
  • BN lost the popular vote : BN 5.2 million VS PR 5.4 million 
  • Chua Soi Lek opened his big mouth and threaten the Chinese by not putting any cabinet ministers in the next government if MCA fails to deliver a good performance. His threats and even his scaremongering approaching by linking DAP to PAS through massive advertisement campaigns were backfired. A total wipe out in Penang state for MCA, he lost two ministers and MCA managed to secure 7 parliamentary seats. This proven that MCA is no longer relevant to BN. Since Chua opened his big mouth, the next cabinet will only 2-race government which is not healthy and totally skewed out from Najib's 1 Malaysia agenda.
  • Najib has lost his comrades in the battle : Ali Rustam, former Melaka Chief Minister, Abdul Ghani and former Johor Menteri Besar, Raja Nong Chik, Long kang minister as well as the PERKASA's Zulkifli Noordin - this means that his strategy has failed - would you put your trust to a leader who fails his strategy?
  • Southern region is at risk - with the improved performance from the PR in the southern region, i bet the safe deposit is not that safe anymore
  • Terengganu and Perak are at risk of falling since BN won only 2 and 3 majority seats respectively. It only takes 3 DUN reps to defect to make the fall - i hope Pakatan Rakyat can do its magic too
 For my Pakatan Rakyat supporters, i know the big dream to capture Putrajaya didn't materialize but in bigger picture, PR has done even better compared to previous general election.

  • Securing 2/3 majority in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan
  • Clean sweep in Penang
  • Increased seven more seats in parliament to 89 seats
  • Nurul Izzah, Lim Kit Siang knocked down big names like Raja Nong Chik and Abdul Ghani
  •  Penetrating the BN stronghold regions in the south of Peninsular 
Who is the real champion here? It's you. You have made the difference in this GE 13. You have removed racist bigots from PERKASA - Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin who defies every values of Malaysians. You have removed the racial barrier and racial phobia by accepting PAS. You have exercised the freedom to choose in the spirit of democracy. You're a truly Malaysian

How about around of applause for yourself?

I'm not sure this will be my last entry for GE 13 coz more dramas are set to unfold.

You ready for Bersih 4.0? 

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