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I nak cincin Rosmah / 508 Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Rally

7:13 pm, May 6, 2013, Mongolian Fried Chicken Restaurant, somewhere in KL.

Jibby: I baru kalah dalam general election negara Banglasia.

Rosmy: Astagfirullah A'lazim . Apa dah jadi ni?

Jibby: Sebab u ni!

Rosmy: Apa salah i?!!

Jibby: Sebab race kau ni: Apa lagi cina mahu?!!

Rosmy: I nak cincin Rosmah, boleh tak? Hand bag juga ya!

Jibby: I cerai kau!

I know it's pretty lame to start my entry like this. Anyway, what i have written above is fictional. If it sounds familiar, it is just mere coincidence.

I know if you're a true Malaysian (regardless the colour of your skin), you will be mad that one Malay mainstream newspaper printed this sentence : Apa lagi cina mahu?

Those words are hurtful and offensive.It totally defies Najib's 1Malaysia concept. Wait a minute, he even endorses the racist sentence! I guess it sucks to be him. Cursed by millions of Malaysians, forming the government with embarrassing small amount of popular votes and never ending issue with the country Mongolia.

I'm a Chinese, so how do i feel when i read the headline?

Oh well, the daily is owned by UMNO and it always has the tendency to spin the issue to make the government look good. So when i read it, i just let it be because the headline is just plain black pain on the paper. It doesn't reflect what Malaysia is all about.

Yes, I'm a Chinese and proud of it. I'm even more proud to be a Malaysian Chinese because i could share good values, common vision and common mission with my Malay friends and Indian friends. I was educated in a national type school - and i had helluva great time with my Malay and Indian schoolmates  and we were like brothers!! Anyone who tries to separate our bonds should be expelled from this country as he/she doesn't qualified to be a true Malaysian.

I guess Najib wasn't happy with the election result so the blame game was the option. Come on, you were the one who said "terima keputusan dengan hati yang terbuka" - this is so contradicting.

Anyway, on May 8th 2013 - Malaysians stood united once again to voice out our dissatisfaction of the dirtiest election in Malaysian history and stood united across all races to tell Najib what Malaysia is truly about.

Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Rally 0508 has proven that Malaysians are blind - colour blind that is. We are already united and we don't need crappy 1Malaysia propaganda to separate us even more.

Why i'm joining this rally?

Not because i'm a die hard fan of Anwar Ibrahim nor Pakatan Rakyat. I know the rally is to mourn the death of democracy in Malaysia -  i joined the rally because i was annoyed with the term 'tsunami cina'. Hello, the general election encompasses all races - now Malaysians are voting, please don't be so judgemental on the racial votes. The ballot paper represents the voice of the Malaysians and not limited to particular race.

The journey to the venue Kelana Jaya stadium wasn't easy. The jam was like 10 km long til my office!! So i had to make a big round to KL to make my way back to PJ. The first traffic jam hurdle done, the second hurdle, to find a parking spot.

LDP highway was standstill condition, because the highway had become the parking spaces for the participants of the rally.They even walked from Sunway to Kelana Jaya. If you're a PJ folk, you know how far it is, not forgetting to ascend the Motorola Bridge, which i think it's close to 10 stories high.

I parked nearby Giant so it was like 2 km walk for me. Overcame the traffic jam, now comes the third hurdle, human jam. My gosh, it was so packed until we couldn't even walk on the route to the stadium. Seriously, the no man's land of LDP highway was painted in black by sea of people. But somehow we managed to get into the stadium to join 120,000 Malaysians who were crying for democracy and showcasing the true spirit of Malaysians for Najib.

I always wonder how on earth those leaders manage to get the venue on time since the traffic is standstill and they don't have even police traffic to open the road for them. My question has been answered by the picture below: Lim Kit Siang and Anwar on kapchai lol...

After so many squeezes in the wave of people, i managed to get inside the stadium. I saw the sea of yellow before (BERSIH 3.0) but the yellow had turned to black.

I stood beside a Malay man. He told me that he drove all the way to Kelana Jaya from Taiping, PErak just for the event. After the event, he would drive all the way back to taiping and work on the next day. This is how strong we are when we have a common voice to fight back what is right for us.

Let the pictures below narrate my 0508 night.

One gathering, one nation, one race, and one voice - this is my home country

Can you spot Batman in this picture?

There's a mispoken truth that lies, colour don't blind. What do they know? From this picture, they speak falsely

I have fate to be a good Samaritan for every rally. Like Bersih 3.0, after the police fired tear gas at us ensued by helter skelter run, i stood at the road side pouring my contact lens solution to the others whose eyes were in excruciating pain suffering from tear gas.

So for the rally 0508, since i couldn't listen to what Anwar was saying as the people there  were blowing vuvuzelas AND I didn't have cam whore frenzy there (unlike some gays) so i was helping people to cross the barricade. You see, there's no way could leave the stadium through the exit since it was so packed, so people climbed the barricade to the seating area to make way to other smaller exits. So my friend and I and other Malaysians were helping people to cross the barricade. It was such a harmonious scene to helping other Malaysians to cross the barricade. When a Malaysian needs help, regardless of race, we never hesitate to lend a hand.

I know our journey is long and it will never be a smooth one. From time to time, our racial relationship will be tested. But we have built this nation together as one big family. We may have differences but we tolerate and we are considerate to accept the differences by respecting each other. We are proud of our differences and we even take pride in accepting our differences. Through fear and tribulation, we will remain as one and undivided - always will and always will be. Hand in hand we will march like brothers and sisters to success. No matter where i roam, Malaysia is my home sweet home.

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