Saturday, May 4, 2013

GE 13: D-Day Malaysians Decide

The day was November 4, 2008. I was a college student back then and it was a day to remember. Because on that fateful day, Obama declared as the winner of 2008 Presidential Election in America. I watched the fateful event live over CNN - though it was like a world apart between US and Malaysia, i was overwhelmed by the waves of people who were cheering Obama and some even with tears.

I couldn't believe that i was witnessing one of the greatest moment in history - America had its first black elected President. Honestly, i was dying in envy as when we Malaysians would have the chance to cheer for a Prime Minister who is not from Barisan National coalition.

But throughout this campaign period, the clean and fair sentiments are overshadowed by sex tapes, bomb threats, lies, threats and more recently, there's a rumour saying that there were chartered flights to bring foreigners ( Banglas) to rig the election so the party which bring them in will win with greater majority. Let me ask you this, will you cast your vote to a party that disregards our sovernity and our freedom to choose?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don't deny that we have the world class infrastrutes and facilites. However, every development you see may concealed with corruption and even cronyism. The rich gets richer and the poor becomes poorer. The pro establishment part may give us money to reduce our burden, but ever wonder howmuch they have spent? Where is our hard-earned tax payer money gone to?

What about justice? Does it only applicable to laymen like me? Are the elites group shielded from the justice?

Scorpene submarines embezzlement, PKFZ, Lynas, cows, Project IC, Taib, Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and many other issues that yet to be addressed.

Please join me to pray that election tomorrow will be clean, peaceful and fair without any rigging. Now it's up for you and I to choose the next government which will lead us for next  five years.

Will you choose a government which brings peace and stability but with corruption and cronisym and puportedly unites us under 1Malaysia initiative but it divides us even further instead? Or will you let the country to be governed by a new coaltion that promises a clean and fair government?

Your choice is in your hand. Make the right choice.

Since this is my last entry before GE 13, i would like to welcome our beloved caretaker first lady to sing us a song. Yes, the song suits her husband well, tomorrow might never come for him.....

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