Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top, Bottom and everything in between

What if i tell you that I'm top, you feel disillusioned right?

You are not alone. When i tell people that i'm top, everyone will pop up their eyes to express disbelief. Maybe due to my almost baby face - so people have this misconception that i'm a bottom. Totally unfair - naturally born baby face but cannot be a top although the male chauvinism is at level high.

Okay, let's speak this topic beyond the bed, not in terms of sexual role. Let's have little bit of decency and discuss this in terms of the role in a relationship and character wise.

Honestly, i'm confused with my role - i'm not a bottom and not a top neither. I don't know what i am! I'm somewhere in between, if you asked me.

Does role playing really that important in a relationship?

Actually it does, somewhat. Let's picture this : a bottom dates another bottom. Both of them need pamper and both of them like to be taken care. Both also have share common desires and needs  - then who will accommodate all those requests? Someone gonna make the move right? Sex wise, i think it will be a disaster -dying to know what they are doing on the bed. Perhaps, waiting for the birdy to arise and get into the hole - whose birdy is also a problem here.

What if top meets top? i guess will be less disastrous compared to bottom and bottom. At least both of them could offer their equal love and care. But when it comes to sex, it will be a problem though. coz either one need to endure the excruciating pain from the bottom when the train goes through the tunnel.But at least they could take turn to shove the thing in.I hope the one who suffers won't cry for being a bottom.

Maybe that's why i'm still single coz i'm confused with my role. Maybe i should declare myself as a versatile so i can do both way - i'm more than a top and i'm more than a gutbucket bottom.