Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I kinda like you but...

Just less than two months, we will be heading to the month of July.

I always love the seventh month of the year as it officially marks the second half of the year. The month serves as a reminder that you only have six months to go to fulfill your resolutions that you promised to achieve.

Talking about my resolutions, i achieve none. Not that i'm such a loser but one resolution affects another - need to achieve my first resolution before I could even to achieve for the second one. Well, the first resolution looks like very hard to break the nut but it already shows progress. I only need a big 'yes' then it will be all the way baby.

 I never consider to have a relationship for this year since so many agendas in the pipeline for this year. Nevertheless, when you fall in love madly, everything will go haywire just to fit that very special someone into your life.

I've to admit here that i'm kinda interested with someone but it is just a tip of an iceberg. We don't know each other well - perhaps, this is the time to know each other better. Oh well, July is just around the corner - wondering the curse of July will recur again ( i always got hooked up in July - ain't know why).

There's a saying goes : You choose people, people will choose you too

I know right, i really don't know how to describe myself when it comes to choosing people : choosy, diva, high standard? To be honest, i will scrutinize everything about that person from A to Z. Please don't be. I know the people that i harbour my feelings on, they did scrutinized me as well and i failed.

You see, i may be confident in my work or other aspects in my life but when it comes to love - i kinda reserved and i don't see any good in me for being a good lover.

Maybe due to the peer pressure from this superficial gay community - you see, i don't have muscles or even abs to wrap myself to attract people - i'm just an average joe who just earns a decent living, my face doesn't carved by the angels - to say the least, i'm not that attractive at all. And i even have attitude problems that drive people away.

Strange but true, there are people who are interested in me. They are just inviting hell lol...i'm not an attention whore to say that i'm very sort after - just that i'm dying to know what they see in me.

I think i blog too much here - it's time to hit the sack.

So before i end this entry, someone is kinda angry because i verbally bully him. I'm not sure he is really mad or he is just joking with me.Well, let me tell him this : Please don't angry with me because you never realize how cute you are with your dimple smile. If i fall in love with your smile. How can i keep it and how can i possess it? Should i take you as my partner so i can make you smile everyday? If you're happy not because of me, will i give up to harboring hope on you? I know someday you will be taken away by the sea of people -leaving me lonely to recall those memories that i spent with you. I always wish you well. Perhaps, the happiness is within the contentment to see you with happiness while I'm enduring a broken heart.

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