Sunday, May 12, 2013

The living superwoman

There's a living superwoman in one's family.

She is the one who carries you to the bed whenever you fell asleep in the living hall and you would think that some sort of magic has transported you.

She is the one who irons and folds your clothes the way you never can.

She is the one who finds your things better than you in your own room.

She is the one who can wake you up better than the alarm clock.

She is the one who asks you questions that will make you struggle to answer.

That living superwoman is our mother. I know the above role somehow overshadows the role of the father in the family. Aside from being the bread and butter in the family, father is always the right person for you to ask: "Where's mom?" or conversely, the father is the one who asks you "Where's mom?"

Anyway, during a breakfast in Ipoh, my close friends ask my mom "how are you doing lately"

"I'm doing fine. Nothing much lately. Just roaming around in Ipoh for good food and have tea time with my niece at Cha Time regularly" - my mom

Well, from the line above could somehow tells you that my mom is leading a worry-free kinda life. The Confucian philosophy tells us, as in the children like you and me, to fulfill of our filial piety by respecting our parents and love our parents. Though my brother and I could not give the luxury to my mom but at least we could give her the worry-free living.

How about you?

Happy Mother's Day!

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