Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 : What?!

Donald Trump is the next President of The United States.

Say what?!

Now you know why 2016 can be summarized into one word; "What?!".

It was such a bizarre year that the least expected incidents  happened which either left us pretty dumbfounded or left us in joy. Let's recall some of the defining moments in 2016  in just one short paragraph:

Dr. M = opposition - Zika - Olympics - Hillary - Allepo - David Bowie - Jamal - Merah - Badminton - Paralympic - Belgium - George Michael - Leonardo Dicaprio - Brexit - Belgium - Prince - Princess Leia - Muhammad Ali - Nice - Pulse - Chewbacca Mom - 1MDB - Pokemon Go - PPAP - Brangelina.

For me, it was just a mundane year. Now I only realize that I did not travel this year. Seriously, come to think of it, I only went to Sekinchan, Pulau Ketam and Penang and two of those were one-day trip somemore. No wonder every day in 2016 was a routine for me. I guess one of my resolution for 2017 will be travelling and travel far.

Talk about my resolution and thank god, in 2016, I was able to make my resolution happened. Yes, I told myself to hit the gym and try to lose some weight and I did! Though it wasn't like extreme change to a hunky guy but at least I did lose some weight and put on some muscle ( still in progress). Wasn't this an achievement?

Also, I'm also impressed that the past year, I did not fall ill except those food poisonings. Well, blame  my affection to eat with disregard to the food hygiene. But really, I did not have fever nor flu this year. Maybe it's true, when you keep your lifestyle as active as possible, you will keep the doctor away.

Relationship wise, I'm still single like duh. I don't feel lonely nor feel desperate in the state of my singlehood. Somehow, I take my singlehood as an opportunity to love myself more and to fortify myself to be tough, solid tough. Really, I really feel so comfortable of being single compared to the desperate me few years back. Now I have this thinking that I don't find relationship; relationship finds me :)

As old saying goes; life is a rollercoaster - that we just have to ride it. We all did in 2016. I hit rockbottom several times throughout 2016. It was like falling from cloud nine at hit on the concrete. But let me tell you this, life sucks and deal with it. While you're dealing shits in your life, always remember it's not the end and they are people around you that you can reach to and you can put your shoulder on. There are many ways to overcome the predicament. Like what Moon from Sing says; "When you are the lowest point in your life, there's only way to go, which it's go up".

That's for my entry in 2016. If 2016 was tough year for you, worry not because 2016 is gone now, let's hope 2017 will be a good one alright.

2016 - we're done.

As usual, before I'm signing off for my NYE entry, here's my favourite song in 2016. In fact, there are two. Let's sing out loud; "I know it breaks your heart, moved into city in a broke down car"..."Got this feeling in my body"

The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2016

To continue the tradition of my blog every end of the year, here we go, The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2016.

The list is based on the votes from the readers. Joking. I doubt anyone is reading my blog.

And my gosh, I've been doing this for fifth time annually without any fail. Time really flies as it is like only yesterday I was writing for The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2015.

Okay I thought too much here. Okay, okay, stop rushing me, just scroll down for the boys!

Timmy and Johnny a.k.a Bai Luo Ying and Gu Hai - I bet you guys were literally addicted by the series Addicted / Heroine. There were many reasons why we like this series. The storyline was good. The gay couples in this series were so romantic until it melted our hearts. Really, both of them are not only good looking but also they are like match-made in heaven!

Shawn Mendes - Stitches are no longer "painful" term. Instead, people want to receive stitches, from Shawn Mendes of course. Mendes is slowly coming up and I hope he would be the next Canadian sensation after Justin Bieber. You have to agree with me that he sings much more better than Bieber. And he is way hotter than Bieber too!

Calvin Harris - I never knew how he looked like until he was hooked up with Taylor Swift. And my gosh, he is such a hottie! And he could spin my disc anytime! Sadly, he is one of the cock-whoring girl victims. But it's okay. It shouldn't be an issue for hottie like him to find a replacement. 

Tom Hiddleston - Another Tay Tay's ex. I'm such a big fan of him and like you and me, we were shocked and devastated when he was dating with that woman. But thank god that they went into Splitville. 

Tom Daley - Just look at him, isn't he adorable. I chose him this year to be in the list because he has that sunshine smile that could really cheer you up. Awwww

Fattah Amin - We've got to give some credit to Malaysians. Fattah Amin has taken Malaysia's entertainment scene by storm. He acted as a pilot in Suri Hati Mr. Pilot. Yes, with his good look in pilot attire, simply perfect.

Ezra Miller - Don't know who is he? He is Credence in Fantastic Beast. You never knew he is so good looking right? And yes, he is one of us!

Nicholas Hoult - Beast in X-men and Boy Nux in Mad Max. He is not the cutest among the cutest but he has that charming aura, don't you think?

Friday, December 23, 2016

Someday At Christmas

I thought I could have a very merry Christmas with special someone this year.

It was so close but it didn't happen. I can't blame since he wanted to be a dickhead and gone MIA.

Moving along - you wouldn't believe me that I don't have any plan for this Christmas right? Well, it's true and I don't even have a plan for the eve.

And for once, I'm not emo over it. Surprise right?

Even myself is also surpised that I'm not sad, I'm not emo nor I'm desperate to have someone special for this Christmas. I could foresee that it will be a lonely Christmas but I will be doing just fine for sure. I won't die just because I'm celebrating Christmas alone.

If you know me well, you know that Christmas is like a huge celebration for me since I hold it so dear to my heart. Since it was (and still is) so meaningful to me, so I always want to celebrate the Christmas Eve with someone special as that very someone special will be equally important to me as well.

But then again, as I acknowledge that love will always be hard to come to me, so I have to deal with you. My anticipation for Christmas Eve dies off as my faith to find a lover dies off. The romance and the sentimental values of Christmas seem like very hard for me to grasp. It's okay, I guess, as long my close friends have a meaningful Christmas, I would be happy for them too.

Nah, don't pity me coz I'm not doing self-pity here. Come on, at least I had romantic Christmas Eve dinners with my exes.

Until today, I still cannot forget one particular person who celebrated Christmas Eve with me without any planing many years back. I still could recall the feeling of anticipation waiting for him at the gate. I never thought I could have that privilege to celebrate Christmas Eve with him. I was the happiest person walking on the Earth on that fateful Christmas Eve. We took so many pictures over the dinner.

 Sigh, if I could only turn back time. Come to think of it, I miss him the most at Christmas time. You know last week, I walked pass the restaurant we spent our Christmas Eve together. I guess after all these years, there are no one can compare with you for whom could bring me so much happiness in my life. The memories  I had with you are vividly emblazoning in my mind as Christmas comes ever year.

Okay don't talk about the past - move forward.

I'm not sure there's such thing called Christmas Miracle. If it does exists, please happen quick, like make it happens tomorrow!

Before I end my note, have yourself a very little Christmas and make this season bright.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TOP Micro Clean Tech Powers ‘Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP & AEON Big’ CSR

TOP, the No.1 detergent brand in Malaysia introduced its revolutionary Micro Clean Tech range, to the delight of AEON Big customers who generously supported the brand, and its ‘Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama  TOP & AEON Big’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign.

The campaign successfully raised sufficient funds to clothe 400 underprivileged children from 16 charity homes nationwide, with new school uniforms.

TOP collaborated with AEON Big to carry out the charity fund raising campaign from November 14 to December 14, which saw 30 cents from the sales of selected TOP products from all AEON Big outlets nationwide channeled towards providing the back-to-school necessities for children aged between 7 to 17 years from these charity homes.

The brand went all out to raise awareness and participation in the charity fundraising campaign with roadshows at all AEON Big outlets nationwide.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo and Corporate Values & Communication Director, AEON Big, Tuan Haji Rashid Adam, were on hand to present the school kits to children from Trinity Home and Rumah Nur Qaseh at the close of the campaign that was held at AEON Big’s headquarters at Subang Jaya, here today.

Uniforms for children from beneficiary homes across the nation will be ready for collection before school reopens, giving the children the peace of mind that they will be dressed for success in the new school year.

The children who attended the presentation looked smartly dressed in their new uniforms, and were full of smiles.  

The ‘Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP & AEON Big’ charity fund raising campaign was developed to assist underprivileged children in having clean new school uniforms at the start of each school year for the emotional and psychological boost that it could give them. Each year, TOP collaborates with strong retail partners, such as AEON Big to encourage more consumers to lend a helping hand.

TOP, developed by LION Corporation Japan is known for its hygienically clean living concept that uses technological innovations for cleaner laundry, increased comfort and a better sense of well-being.  TOP, famed for first in Malaysia innovations such as anti-malodour and anti-mite dust functionalities has revolutionized the Malaysian detergent industry with the introduction of its Micro-Clean Tech™ detergent, as AEON Big customers discovered.  

The new TOP Micro-Clean Tech features the Anti-Sebum innovation that penetrates deeply into the fibre cores to lift out trapped sebum and sweat stains effectively.

The TOP Micro-Clean Tech tagline of ‘It’s not clean until it’s micro clean’ reflects the detergent technology breakthrough that powers the series. TOP Micro-Clean Tech thoroughly cleans both visible and invisible stains such as sweat and sebum (body oils that are naturally released through our pores) that get trapped deep within fabric fibres. Sweat and sebum are among the main causes of odour and staining on clothes especially at areas such as armholes, sleeves and collars, leaving white clothing looking yellowed and dingy, and coloured clothing looking dull.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo thanked AEON Big and its customers for their generous support of a program that has brought much hope and joy to 800 underprivileged children across the nation since its inception last year.

“We are grateful for the support of AEON Big and their customers, who have given generously to support a cause that is close to our hearts, and that means a lot to children who have much less than what we take for granted. Their kind support has given hope and joy to children who can look forward to starting the school year with new uniforms, just like their other schoolmates.”

“TOP is the undisputed technological innovator in the detergent space in Malaysia, and the proven market leader, and we are delighted to be able to share our revolutionary Micro Clean Tech™ detergent with AEON Big and its customers, in return for their strong support. Feedback from customers who have supported the Cerahi Kehidupan campaign, and who have tried the new formulation has been overwhelmingly positive!” said Ms Foo.

Consumers can reap the benefits of the latest TOP Micro-Clean Tech in their laundry, which is available in TOP Powder of Super White, Super Hygenic, Blooming Freshness and Super Colour. For TOP Liquid range consumers, they can opt for its extensive range of Stain Buster, Brilliant Clean, Blooming Pleasures (the latest addition to the family), Odour Buster and Colour Protect.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech is also available in Super Low Suds (powder) and Smart Clean in Low Suds Formula (liquid) that are specially developed for front loading washing machines, for a gently efficient and effective wash.

Friday, December 9, 2016

25 Days of Christmas Made Easy and Exciting at Reebonz

Want to lavish your loved ones with luxurious gifts this season? Access them at Reebonz, Southeast Asia’s leading luxury e-tailer and your one-stop shop with over 500 designer brands and more than 100,000 new and pre-owned luxury products.

Starting 1 December, shoppers will have more reasons to shop at Reebonz as it has extended its usual 12 days of gift-shopping spree to an eventful 25 Days of Christmas. Complementing the festive spirit, shoppers can readily refer to an exclusive gift guide ( to streamline their gift-shopping experience. Shopping within a budget? There is a segment for every budget below RM1,500, RM3,000, RM6,000 or RM7,500. Shopping for a need? Reebonz has everything from bags to shoes to apparel. Shoppers can also anticipate plenty of surprises and check back daily to unravel mystery items, unique to each day until Christmas (25 December).

In addition to the gift guide, Reebonz will be releasing up to three gift catalogs in time for Christmas—each carefully curated with the needs of our shoppers in mind to assist them in finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones or themselves. The best part about these gift catalogs? They’re directly shoppable and will save our shoppers the hassle of scrolling an entire page before finding what they need.

Although a sharp focus is directed on meeting their shoppers’ needs, Reebonz has not zoomed out from their shoppers’ wants: This year, Reebonz Claus is coming to town! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Reebonz Claus will be granting wishes on Reebonz’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Be sure to keep an eye out for a chance to participate in the social media contest and win gifts as opulent as a Prada Saffiano Lux Bag or the Gucci Blooms GG Mini Chain Bag.

But that’s not all—what’s a festive season without joyous markdowns? To jazz up the celebrations, here are the promotions that Reebonz members can anticipate in the next 25 days and beyond:

From 1 to 11 December:

Enjoy an extra 15% off (no min. spend required) sitewide

From 12 to 16 December:

In conjunction with Reebonz Splurge, enjoy an extra 20% (no min. spend required) sitewide
From 17 to 25 December:

Enjoy an extra 15% off (no min. spend required) sitewide

From 16 to 31 December:

Mastercard cardholders can enjoy an extra 18% off (no min. spend required) sitewide

Don’t forget to place your orders by 16 December, 23:59 p.m.* to get your delivery before Christmas! *With exceptions to selected items.

Visit Reebonz, Your World of Luxury ( now to make your Christmas extra special this year—your wish is our command to seal and deliver.  

Kimball’s Culinary Workshop On Adding Drama to Daily Meals Affordably

Kimball, a popular Malaysian household name for sauces, pasta and other food products with a heritage of over 40 years, held its first culinary workshop on adding drama to daily meals affordably, with flair and flavor, as part of its on-going ‘Tambah Drama Dalam Masakan’ campaign.

The focus of the cooking workshop was demonstrating that making affordable, flavourful and dramatic meals at home is easy and convenient using Kimball’s quality sauces and pastas. The emphasis was on dishes that could be whipped up by newbies or experienced home cooks, with less effort but with maximum impact in taste and presentation, for more drama in the kitchen and at the dining table.

Participants for the workshop were selected based on the online submission of their most dramatic photograph while in the kitchen or at the dining table, in keeping with Kimball’s ‘Tambah Drama Dalam Masakan’ campaign.

The contest winners with the most dramatic photographs, and their ‘dates’ enjoyed an up-close and personal cooking encounter with celebrity chef, Sherson Lian, who is currently hosting the Kimball-sponsored ‘5 Rencah 5 Rasa’ cooking show on local television.

Participants who spanned a wide range of ages and cooking skill levels, were united in their passion to improve their culinary chops, indulge their love of good food and be rewarded for their preference for Kimball as their go to brand for a wide range of products.

Aside from the demonstrations of two recipes using Kimball products, the session was packed with useful kitchen tips and tricks that could help home cooks be even more efficient.

Chef Sherson demonstrated the Kimball Penne & Chicken in Mushroom Tomato Concasse, which showcased the versatility and flavor Kimball’s Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, and the convenience of Kimball’s Penne to produce a wholesome meal that would please both children and adults. This dish can be prepped and cooked quickly depending on the individual’s kitchen skills, yet delivers a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your home.

Kimball’s Chilli Sauce and Kimball’s Oyster Sauce, both Malaysian favorites, were the stars of ‘Udang Goreng Cili Assam Kimball’. Stir-fried prawns with tamarind and chilli, more commonly known as ‘Udang Goreng Cili Assam’ is a popular menu item at restaurants but isn’t cooked at home as often as most of us are unsure how to get the hot and sour gravy right. Kimball’s take on this popular dish ensures that it can be easily recreated at home.  The two sauces are combined to produce a flavorful base for the stir-fried prawns. This dish is so piquant it can be enjoyed over hot rice as a meal in itself.

The culinary workshop ended with a mouthwatering ‘makan-makan’ session, where attendees were treated to a feast of dishes specially prepared using Kimball products.

As a part of its ‘Tambah Drama Dalam Masakan’ campaign, which is all about adding a dash of Kimball’s products to the simplest dish for maximum flavor without breaking your budget, Kimball is also sponsoring the Malaysian culinary lifestyle TV programme ‘5 Rencah 5 Rasa’ which airs on TV3.

Hosted by Chef Sherson, the programme depicts one special Kimball recipe every episode, showcasing the versatility of using Kimball products in many different applications and dishes, forwarding the concept of affordable yet tasty meals known as ‘Jimat & Lazat’ on the show.

To find out more about Kimball’s easy, affordable and convenient recipes, visit their official website at, or log on to their Facebook page at

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mix It Up with Kimball’s More Flavourful, Yet Affordable Spaghetti Sauces

Have you ever craved for delicious, wholesome, home-cooked pasta dishes but have limited time and budget, to make them at home? You are not alone. It is time for a change by adding a dash of Kimball to a mix of simple ingredients for easy, convenient and tasty pasta dishes at home!

Kimball is a Malaysian brand with a heritage of over 40 years of understanding and catering to our uniquely Malaysian tastes. Kimball knows that Malaysian creativity and ingenuity will result in creative recipes that combine different cuisines for a taste that is so Malaysian!

The improved, value for money Kimball Spaghetti Sauces are now more flavourful and richer-tasting, thanks to more tomatoes, and carefully selected herbs and spices, making them more versatile and perfect for creating Western or Asian dishes.

The hearty, 350gram Kimball Spaghetti Sauces come in 3 variants; Traditional, that provides a rich tomato base; Mushroom, which features fresh bits of mushrooms for a more textured sauce; while the Basil & Garlic sauce is rich in herbs and spices to beautifully complement both Italian dish and Asian dishes.

These affordable, well-balanced, versatile sauces are available in major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide, with the recommended retail selling price of RM4.66 per 350gram bottle (inclusive of GST).

Add them to piping hot Kimball pasta for the quickest lunch or dinner staple; or make it a wholesome meal with the addition of vegetables, and meat or seafood. Delicious Kimball pasta meals, with meat and vegetables, can easily feed a family of four for a budget of around RM15, making them an economical and practical choice as the cost of living rises.

In line with Kimball’s on-going ‘Tambah Drama Dalam Masakan’ campaign, the brand has developed a series of recipes from quick and simple for busy days, to more elaborate dishes for passionate cooks who want to explore more creative dishes for their families.

Thanks to Kimball’s more flavorful Spaghetti Sauces, you can now choose the type of dishes you wish to prepare in the comfort of your home, as the ingredients used can be found in your kitchen and are readily available in local grocery shops.

Additionally, Kimball has developed a selection of delicious yet affordable recipes to inspire home chefs and kitchen newbies to get saucy and creative with the improved Kimball Spaghetti Sauce range. These include Kimball’s Cheesy-baked Macaroni, a favorite among kids and adults, the hearty Kimball Penne and Spinach Stew that will fill you up and warm you up, especially on rainy evenings, and Kimball Chicken and Fettucine Delight that is guaranteed to delight your taste buds!

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]350g Kimball Traditional Spaghetti Sauce
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]200g Kimball Macaroni, cooked as per instruction on packaging
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]2 tbsp butter
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]2 tbsp all-purpose flour
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]5 pcs sausages, cut into 1cm length
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]200g cheddar cheese, grated
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Salt, to taste
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Black pepper to taste
1. Melt butter, mix in flour and stir until smooth. Add in Kimball Traditional Spaghetti Sauce and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.
2. Mix in sausages, Kimball Macaroni and half of the cheese. Season to taste.
3. Spoon mixture into a lightly greased casserole dish. Top with remaining cheese.
4. Bake at 200°C for 15 minutes or until bubbly.

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]350g Kimball Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]400g Kimball Penne, cooked as per instruction on
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]2 tbsp oil
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]1 red onion, diced
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]400g beef/lamb cubes, boiled with 500ml water (reserve 500 ml stock & add water if necessary)
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]2 cups spinach leaves
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Salt, to taste
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Black pepper, to taste
1. Heat oil and sauté onions until soft.
2. Add Kimball Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, stock, spinach leaves and meat.
3. Cook until spinach is wilted. Season to taste.
4. Stir in Kimball Penne and toss well with sauce. Serve warm.

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]350g Kimball Basil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]200g Kimball Fettuccine, cooked as per instruction on packaging
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]300g chicken breast
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]1 tbsp cajun seasoning
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]3 tbsp olive oil
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]½ cup sweet basil, finely sliced
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Salt, to taste
[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Black pepper, to taste
1. Season chicken with salt, black pepper and Cajun seasoning. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan, pan-sear chicken until cooked through.
2. Remove chicken and slice thinly.
3. Add and heat remaining oil, then sauté garlic until fragrant.
4. Add Kimball Basil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce. Cook until it boils then mix in basil, salt and black pepper.
5. Serve sauce with Kimball Fettuccine and sliced chicken.

To find out more about Kimball’s Spaghetti Sauces and wide range of product, as well as a selection of delicious yet affordable recipes, visit their website at, or log on to their Facebook Page at to discover more updates and information about Kimball’s products and how to maximize taste with simple ingredients you can find at home, for an affordable price!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Those Christmas Lights

I thought I could have someone special this coming Christmas.

It didn't happen.

Christmas used to be my favourite celebration with so much anticipation.

It's already December and sadly, it doesn't feel Christmas at all for me though everyone has started to sing Deck The Halls.

Maybe I've given up on Christmas. I feel like it doesn't belong to me. They say Christmas is meant to be jolly but for me, it's a plain disappointment, again and again.

There's no one to be blamed as biggest culprit for my disappointment is myself. I know it sounds desperate but I always have this wish every year that my Christmas Eve I could have someone special next to me.

Maybe I watched too much romantic movies - you know those movies in which the guy will finally appear in front of the girl on Christmas Eve and they lead a happily ever after. I guess I won't have that luck to have that kind of spectacular happy ending.

It's okay, I'm not self-pity here. I have disowned Christmas so it seems. On the brighter side, I won't be having that stress on how to celebrate my Christmas. I don't even have to fight for a table at a fancy restaurant with its remarkably marked-up price. Yay!

For time being, I'm that strong to say that I'm okay to celebrate Christmas alone or forgo this celebration but when Christmas comes, I know I would be deadly emo scrolling those Facebook updates.

It's good to feel that you're special for special someone on a very special. I don't have that luck this year. For those who have that luck, please cherish it. I had that very special someone before but he got someone else that who is more special than me.

My chandelier of hope have long gone diminished. I've stopped waiting long time ago. But if I have any luck or any fate, I hope those Christmas lights could light up the street and lead you back to me.  I miss you the most at Christmas time. And I miss that very Christmas Eve night in which you were mine...