Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 : What?!

Donald Trump is the next President of The United States.

Say what?!

Now you know why 2016 can be summarized into one word; "What?!".

It was such a bizarre year that the least expected incidents  happened which either left us pretty dumbfounded or left us in joy. Let's recall some of the defining moments in 2016  in just one short paragraph:

Dr. M = opposition - Zika - Olympics - Hillary - Allepo - David Bowie - Jamal - Merah - Badminton - Paralympic - Belgium - George Michael - Leonardo Dicaprio - Brexit - Belgium - Prince - Princess Leia - Muhammad Ali - Nice - Pulse - Chewbacca Mom - 1MDB - Pokemon Go - PPAP - Brangelina.

For me, it was just a mundane year. Now I only realize that I did not travel this year. Seriously, come to think of it, I only went to Sekinchan, Pulau Ketam and Penang and two of those were one-day trip somemore. No wonder every day in 2016 was a routine for me. I guess one of my resolution for 2017 will be travelling and travel far.

Talk about my resolution and thank god, in 2016, I was able to make my resolution happened. Yes, I told myself to hit the gym and try to lose some weight and I did! Though it wasn't like extreme change to a hunky guy but at least I did lose some weight and put on some muscle ( still in progress). Wasn't this an achievement?

Also, I'm also impressed that the past year, I did not fall ill except those food poisonings. Well, blame  my affection to eat with disregard to the food hygiene. But really, I did not have fever nor flu this year. Maybe it's true, when you keep your lifestyle as active as possible, you will keep the doctor away.

Relationship wise, I'm still single like duh. I don't feel lonely nor feel desperate in the state of my singlehood. Somehow, I take my singlehood as an opportunity to love myself more and to fortify myself to be tough, solid tough. Really, I really feel so comfortable of being single compared to the desperate me few years back. Now I have this thinking that I don't find relationship; relationship finds me :)

As old saying goes; life is a rollercoaster - that we just have to ride it. We all did in 2016. I hit rockbottom several times throughout 2016. It was like falling from cloud nine at hit on the concrete. But let me tell you this, life sucks and deal with it. While you're dealing shits in your life, always remember it's not the end and they are people around you that you can reach to and you can put your shoulder on. There are many ways to overcome the predicament. Like what Moon from Sing says; "When you are the lowest point in your life, there's only way to go, which it's go up".

That's for my entry in 2016. If 2016 was tough year for you, worry not because 2016 is gone now, let's hope 2017 will be a good one alright.

2016 - we're done.

As usual, before I'm signing off for my NYE entry, here's my favourite song in 2016. In fact, there are two. Let's sing out loud; "I know it breaks your heart, moved into city in a broke down car"..."Got this feeling in my body"

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