Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2016

To continue the tradition of my blog every end of the year, here we go, The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2016.

The list is based on the votes from the readers. Joking. I doubt anyone is reading my blog.

And my gosh, I've been doing this for fifth time annually without any fail. Time really flies as it is like only yesterday I was writing for The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2015.

Okay I thought too much here. Okay, okay, stop rushing me, just scroll down for the boys!

Timmy and Johnny a.k.a Bai Luo Ying and Gu Hai - I bet you guys were literally addicted by the series Addicted / Heroine. There were many reasons why we like this series. The storyline was good. The gay couples in this series were so romantic until it melted our hearts. Really, both of them are not only good looking but also they are like match-made in heaven!

Shawn Mendes - Stitches are no longer "painful" term. Instead, people want to receive stitches, from Shawn Mendes of course. Mendes is slowly coming up and I hope he would be the next Canadian sensation after Justin Bieber. You have to agree with me that he sings much more better than Bieber. And he is way hotter than Bieber too!

Calvin Harris - I never knew how he looked like until he was hooked up with Taylor Swift. And my gosh, he is such a hottie! And he could spin my disc anytime! Sadly, he is one of the cock-whoring girl victims. But it's okay. It shouldn't be an issue for hottie like him to find a replacement. 

Tom Hiddleston - Another Tay Tay's ex. I'm such a big fan of him and like you and me, we were shocked and devastated when he was dating with that woman. But thank god that they went into Splitville. 

Tom Daley - Just look at him, isn't he adorable. I chose him this year to be in the list because he has that sunshine smile that could really cheer you up. Awwww

Fattah Amin - We've got to give some credit to Malaysians. Fattah Amin has taken Malaysia's entertainment scene by storm. He acted as a pilot in Suri Hati Mr. Pilot. Yes, with his good look in pilot attire, simply perfect.

Ezra Miller - Don't know who is he? He is Credence in Fantastic Beast. You never knew he is so good looking right? And yes, he is one of us!

Nicholas Hoult - Beast in X-men and Boy Nux in Mad Max. He is not the cutest among the cutest but he has that charming aura, don't you think?

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