Saturday, January 28, 2017

Never Chicken Out

I could not believe it's already Chinese New Year.

I only bought one shirt, the weather is cold and there's no Chinese New Year movie - I guess all these factors have dampen the spirit of the celebration.

It's nice to be Chinese, aren't we? We can make New Year's resolution twice in a year. Yes, you have the chance to revise your resolution on Jan 1 and make it right.

So what's for me in the year of Rooster?

The Feng Shui folks said that my zodiac animal will be having a great year. Well, they have been saying all good for like every years but I never see the good. Maybe I have negligence eyes so I couldn't see the positive in every aspect of my life.

Nevertheless, this year will be a hopefully good year since all the Feng Shui masters that I'll be having a good year. For me, I can see the wind of change is ahead of me. This wind of change will draw out the rebel side that buried deep down inside of me. This rebellion will justify the injustice for recent years. This justification will bring good and hopefully an extreme change. Of course, change comes with courage - courage to take risk. And I'm always a believer fortune favours the bold.

Like the chickens always do - chickens can cross the road without having their motives questions, so can we!

Happy Chinese New Year, I wish all your wishes can come true eventually. Gong Xi Gong Xi.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday

It's good to be 28 years old again.

Though it was simple but my birthday celebrations were simply memorable for me. I never wanted a pompous nor lavish birthday celebration, just a simple birthday dinner with my friends is more than happy for me.

You must be dying to know what my birthday was right?

I wished for a handsome boyfriend. We will meet by serendipity.  Nah, this year is not the year for relationship (unless someone makes me to change my mind).

So I caught up with my old pal of mine and I never knew that we have been friends for eight years now. He must know me well since he asked me whether I still couldn't let go a person we were so familiar with.

I didn't answer actually because I miss him sometimes. Maybe he has a place in my heart that no one could replace. I guess I shouldn't think too much. People are leading a happy life now. But deep down in my heart, I treasure every moment I spent with him and it was happiest moment in my life. Well, I did wish I could celebrate my birthday with him but oh well, I've got my friends who are still care for me.

Okay back to my birthday!

Had a delightful pre-birthday dinner at Botanica + Co @ The Vertical in Bangsar South. I would say not bad. And there was a tall waiter who was not bad either. BTW, you see the missing part of the chicken? Someone stole it. 

Of all tables at the restaurant, this cat had to come to my table. How did it know I love cats? Maybe it was the unspoken cat language and purring.....

Bear bear cake from Chateraise Isetan @ 1Utama. Cute right?

And of course the full size birthday cake on my birthday

Followed by Yee Sang. "qgegiebijasbvsa qwfbqi vidmbsldjisehg" - chanted the Bangla waiter. Really, I'm not joking. Seriously, we had no idea what he was saying when he was preparing the Yee Sang. He must be worshipping Papa Smurf I guess.

Last but not least, the birthday dinner on my actual birthday at Greyhound Cafe Kuala Lumpur. It was nice and I didn't expect it was so value for money. 

That's all folks for my birthday celebrations this year. Chinese New Year is next. Before I end my birthday entry, I want to conclude it with a song. The title of this song is 'The Past Only Can Be Memorable'. And yes, it is a very old song and you know I love oldies because those songs are so simple but yet meaningful. 

I don't know much about Mandarin but I believe this song is very meaningful since it was played during my grandfather funeral. I believe it means;

Time has passed and can never return. Past relationships can only be retrieved from memory. Remember when we were child and were like couples; being innocent together through day and night. Spring breeze has blown the flower filament to red. You have been one year older. If you would break my heart and I won't come back like last time. I only can lean on you in my dream.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Collaboration with Hayden Koh for Limited Edition Scarves

Reebonz, the trusted online platform for buying a wide range of new and pre-owned luxury products tapped local designer Hayden Koh for an accessible luxury-fashion collection which infuses Hayden’s simple design for the chic, contemporary and confident women.

The collaboration will see two contemporary and limited edition scarves by Hayden Koh, which are inspired by nature and presented in a subliminal manner. Inspired from floral adapting to its environment, Hayden’s use of mixed fabrics and textures are evident.

According to Ms Sharanjit Kaur, Senior Manager of Global Marketing in Reebonz, Reebonz’s latest collaboration with local fashion designer Hayden Koh is an excellent example of the company in providing luxury ecosystem as a platform to allow more upcoming local designers to gain exposure and access to an audience that appreciates luxury.

“Reebonz is a proven platform for luxury and fashion lovers with more than three million registered members. With this extensive platform, we hope Reebonz will not only serves the luxury community but also a channel to discover new local designers and propel their careers by showcasing their designs in Reebonz,” said Ms Sharanjit Kaur.

“Malaysia has a talent pool of fashion designers such as Hayden Koh who are making important creative statements about what it means to be fashionably Malaysians with their take on comfortable, stylish and trendy design. Reebonz is delighted to collaborate with Hayden given with his passion and his upcoming influential stature in local fashion industry. Through this collaboration, we hope we could introduce our local labels by Malaysia’s fashion designers into luxury market segment,” added Ms Sharanjit Kaur.

A graduate of the prestigious Malaysia Institute of Arts and SML Fashion Academy in Kuala Lumpur, fashion designer Hayden had a splendid journey upon his graduation. His talent was featured at Malaysian Fashion Week 2014 and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 and 2016, the anticipated Malaysian fashion shows dedicated to showcasing the best emerging talents.

“I feel honored when Reebonz approached me for this special collaboration since Reebonz is a renowned platform that makes luxury accessible. The luxury segment in Malaysia has been saturated by international brands. However, this collaboration will mark a significant breakthrough for local designers to reach luxury community that elevate our labels into luxury market,” said Hayden.

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, Reebonz is giving away Hayden Koh’s limited edition scarf to the first 120 customers who purchased RM3,500 and above from 9th to 27th January 2017 along with RM588 coupon for the next purchase valid from 28th January 2017 to 10th February 2017. The RM588 coupon (applicable with a min. spend) will be emailed to customers who are eligible with the offer.

Please visit: more information.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

City of Stars

[Spoiler Alert]

The movie is so good that I need to blog about it.

Yes, I'm talking about La La Land and they have swept seven awards at Golden Globes including Best Actor and Actress in Musical or A Comedy.

I really enjoyed the movie from the beginning until the end. Trust me, I hate musical movie but La La Land is not merely a musical movie, I see it as a romantic movie. And I just love how the movie recaptured the essence of Hollywood golden era and they blended it so well into our modern time.

And of course, Ryan Gosling was such a charmer in the movie. To be honest with you, this is the first time I watched his movie and yes, I never watched The Notebook.

Did you cry at the end of La La Land?

For me, I didn't. I was rather shocked that Mia and Sebastian didn't get together in the end (the audience at the cinema went nut and shouted "NO!!!!"). But the director did give an alternate ending if both Mia and Seb were together. And the moment when Mia woke up from her imagination that flashed in the alternate ending, it just saddened me because they never got together in the end. It was even more painful to see Seb to play "City of Stars" in front of Mia.

I guess that's life. Life never promises rainbow, unicorn and cupcakes.

I could relate quite well in this movie. I see my relationships or those almost-in-a-relationship will never have its happy ending. I'm not being a pessimistic but rather I accept the fate unless someone proves me otherwise.

There's nothing you can do when the relationship is at the end of the road. Just let it go and wish your partner nothing but the best. After your partner has ended relationship with you, he or she will pursue his/her dream and eventually and definitely your former partner will find a new partner.

If you know me well, there was one special person would always have my place in my heart. Nah, we never an item though I really wished too. Anyway, I forgot when it was but I bumped into them once. When I saw them together like so happily, the best thing to do was wish them well but my mind couldn't help to flash the moments that we would have if we were together.

Don't bother.

Anyway, it is a great movie and it will be an Oscar buzz definitely. And of course, don't expect a happy ending in this movie.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bring Out The Big Balloons

Only two weeks to go.

Not again, Alvin is doing cheap publicity on his birthday yet again. Yes, I am because it is only once a year, so make it a memorable one.

I remember when back in younger days, birthday was like the world to me. But as I grow more mature, birthday is like a reminder that I should take my life seriously.

Like every year, I don't wish for lavish birthday party. I just wish that I could celebrate with my close friends and that matters the most. Though I'm being a meanie to them but deep down in my heart, I appreciate all of them and they have been there for me. I want to dedicate the most important day in my life for them.

I never ask any gift from them. They will never know what I really want, so to avoid disappointment or bitch fight, it's better for them to save it. Treat me for a meal; I would be more than happy.

So how old am I?

I'm 28. Don't believe me?

Let my age to be a secret. The hint is that I'm not young anymore.

You see, I don't really like to reveal my age. Maybe I'm just being insecure, I just don't want people to judge me according to my age.

I think most of us will categorize and judge people according to their age. Like in our early 20s, we would categorize our peers like what they studied or where they studied. I guess you and I were tinge of envy when our friends studied abroad.  As approaching early 30s, we will guess how much our friends earn, have they purchase a house or have they got married? The peer pressure is real. So why reveal your age to fall into these trap?

Alas, I believe we are not confined to our age nor to other people's judgement. Yes, there are times people are ahead of us but we are running in the same race that is called 'life' - eventually we will reach the finish line.

I know it's rather discouraging when you realise that you are way back in the race. There are so many people ahead of you and that is when you lose your sight. Always remember that you were not born to compete, the race track is yours and only you can dictate how the journey will go. Take the journey which will make you happy.

Yes, we may have limitations. And I do have a lot. But it doesn't mean you are worthless in the race or journey or life or whatever you want to call it. Your existence has its meaning and you are the only one can define this meaning. Limitations are inevitable but through limitations you will take opportunities to learn, to turn your limitations to your advantages.

It's late now. So, before I end my note, if you insist, I really really want The Simpsons Lego house set for my birthday:P

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 : Move

If you don't like where you are, move. You're not a tree.

What if you're a tree and you can't move? You can blossom with flowers or even with fruits.

This is my first entry in 2017 and yet until today I don't have any resolution for this year. I see a resolution is a commitment, either you don't make it or be determined to make it happens within a year. Which I did in 2016, I started my gym and I did it religiously throughout the year and I'm very proud of it.

So what can you expect of me in 2017?

As it stated in the title of this entry, 2017 will be themed "Move".

You see, my life has been stagnant. This situation as led me into boredom and sometimes envious as my peers are ahead of me. When I reflect myself for these past years, nothing has changed. I'm still the same old me, it's like no advancement of myself.

So in 2017, the old Alvin will move into new Alvin. This moving process will encompass many aspects of my life that eventually will lead to a better me. I refuse to use the word "Change" since it is a very powerful word and change means revolutionary for me.

What about getting a partner this year?

Nah, it's not in my list this year. But well, if the fate falls on the right time at the right place, I wouldn't mind. I hope my future partner is not those typical gay folks. I hope he is intelligent, humble and well-spoken. No, no, no I don't want those fags who have nothing but their body.

Come to think of it, there were so many the ones that got away all my life. Well, in 2017, let me tell myself this, don't waste your life trying to get back what was taken away.

I have a feeling that 2017 will be a great year for me. After all, number 7 is my lucky number :)