Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday

It's good to be 28 years old again.

Though it was simple but my birthday celebrations were simply memorable for me. I never wanted a pompous nor lavish birthday celebration, just a simple birthday dinner with my friends is more than happy for me.

You must be dying to know what my birthday was right?

I wished for a handsome boyfriend. We will meet by serendipity.  Nah, this year is not the year for relationship (unless someone makes me to change my mind).

So I caught up with my old pal of mine and I never knew that we have been friends for eight years now. He must know me well since he asked me whether I still couldn't let go a person we were so familiar with.

I didn't answer actually because I miss him sometimes. Maybe he has a place in my heart that no one could replace. I guess I shouldn't think too much. People are leading a happy life now. But deep down in my heart, I treasure every moment I spent with him and it was happiest moment in my life. Well, I did wish I could celebrate my birthday with him but oh well, I've got my friends who are still care for me.

Okay back to my birthday!

Had a delightful pre-birthday dinner at Botanica + Co @ The Vertical in Bangsar South. I would say not bad. And there was a tall waiter who was not bad either. BTW, you see the missing part of the chicken? Someone stole it. 

Of all tables at the restaurant, this cat had to come to my table. How did it know I love cats? Maybe it was the unspoken cat language and purring.....

Bear bear cake from Chateraise Isetan @ 1Utama. Cute right?

And of course the full size birthday cake on my birthday

Followed by Yee Sang. "qgegiebijasbvsa qwfbqi vidmbsldjisehg" - chanted the Bangla waiter. Really, I'm not joking. Seriously, we had no idea what he was saying when he was preparing the Yee Sang. He must be worshipping Papa Smurf I guess.

Last but not least, the birthday dinner on my actual birthday at Greyhound Cafe Kuala Lumpur. It was nice and I didn't expect it was so value for money. 

That's all folks for my birthday celebrations this year. Chinese New Year is next. Before I end my birthday entry, I want to conclude it with a song. The title of this song is 'The Past Only Can Be Memorable'. And yes, it is a very old song and you know I love oldies because those songs are so simple but yet meaningful. 

I don't know much about Mandarin but I believe this song is very meaningful since it was played during my grandfather funeral. I believe it means;

Time has passed and can never return. Past relationships can only be retrieved from memory. Remember when we were child and were like couples; being innocent together through day and night. Spring breeze has blown the flower filament to red. You have been one year older. If you would break my heart and I won't come back like last time. I only can lean on you in my dream.

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