Sunday, January 15, 2017

City of Stars

[Spoiler Alert]

The movie is so good that I need to blog about it.

Yes, I'm talking about La La Land and they have swept seven awards at Golden Globes including Best Actor and Actress in Musical or A Comedy.

I really enjoyed the movie from the beginning until the end. Trust me, I hate musical movie but La La Land is not merely a musical movie, I see it as a romantic movie. And I just love how the movie recaptured the essence of Hollywood golden era and they blended it so well into our modern time.

And of course, Ryan Gosling was such a charmer in the movie. To be honest with you, this is the first time I watched his movie and yes, I never watched The Notebook.

Did you cry at the end of La La Land?

For me, I didn't. I was rather shocked that Mia and Sebastian didn't get together in the end (the audience at the cinema went nut and shouted "NO!!!!"). But the director did give an alternate ending if both Mia and Seb were together. And the moment when Mia woke up from her imagination that flashed in the alternate ending, it just saddened me because they never got together in the end. It was even more painful to see Seb to play "City of Stars" in front of Mia.

I guess that's life. Life never promises rainbow, unicorn and cupcakes.

I could relate quite well in this movie. I see my relationships or those almost-in-a-relationship will never have its happy ending. I'm not being a pessimistic but rather I accept the fate unless someone proves me otherwise.

There's nothing you can do when the relationship is at the end of the road. Just let it go and wish your partner nothing but the best. After your partner has ended relationship with you, he or she will pursue his/her dream and eventually and definitely your former partner will find a new partner.

If you know me well, there was one special person would always have my place in my heart. Nah, we never an item though I really wished too. Anyway, I forgot when it was but I bumped into them once. When I saw them together like so happily, the best thing to do was wish them well but my mind couldn't help to flash the moments that we would have if we were together.

Don't bother.

Anyway, it is a great movie and it will be an Oscar buzz definitely. And of course, don't expect a happy ending in this movie.

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