Saturday, January 28, 2017

Never Chicken Out

I could not believe it's already Chinese New Year.

I only bought one shirt, the weather is cold and there's no Chinese New Year movie - I guess all these factors have dampen the spirit of the celebration.

It's nice to be Chinese, aren't we? We can make New Year's resolution twice in a year. Yes, you have the chance to revise your resolution on Jan 1 and make it right.

So what's for me in the year of Rooster?

The Feng Shui folks said that my zodiac animal will be having a great year. Well, they have been saying all good for like every years but I never see the good. Maybe I have negligence eyes so I couldn't see the positive in every aspect of my life.

Nevertheless, this year will be a hopefully good year since all the Feng Shui masters that I'll be having a good year. For me, I can see the wind of change is ahead of me. This wind of change will draw out the rebel side that buried deep down inside of me. This rebellion will justify the injustice for recent years. This justification will bring good and hopefully an extreme change. Of course, change comes with courage - courage to take risk. And I'm always a believer fortune favours the bold.

Like the chickens always do - chickens can cross the road without having their motives questions, so can we!

Happy Chinese New Year, I wish all your wishes can come true eventually. Gong Xi Gong Xi.

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