Sunday, February 12, 2017

Today was a fairytale

I'm back after Chinese New Year break.

Come on, let my blog to have a break okay? Plus, i bet you guys are pretty sick and tired with my rantings in my blog.

Chinese New Year is over. So how was your celebration?

For me, Chinese New Year is not the same that we used to have.

I think I'm not the only one who have this sentiment.

Even for this year, there wasn't any hype and anticipation. I still can remember that the celebrations few years back were more exciting. Maybe my circle of friends are shrinking since they have established their respective families - I guess it's not right to bother them.

Alright, what's next?

Valentine's Day.

<Please hold you breath>

For once, after many years, I will have my Valentine this year.

Yes, I'm seeing someone. Nothing is official yet but that person has so much potentials. I have missed so many great things in my life and I will not miss it again.

Anyway, the Feng Shui masters that I have the luck for love this year and I never it could be so fast!

And this guy is taller than me, a head taller - it's like a dream came true!

Never in my life, I could feel so much sincerity from a guy. His sincerity is just so pure that gives me confidence that he is the right one for me to initiate a relationship.

Our first date was plain casual. But it was quite strange cause I started to miss him after we bid our farewell. And I wasn't alone. He confessed that he missed me too.

Second date was like Taylor Swift's "Today was a fairytale". Time slowed down when he was next to me. Then he said, "Do you know I love you? I really do".

Let's not jinx it okay. I hope things will work out. One thing for sure, he stands out so perfectly. He is not the common template in the gay community which physically and material driven.

Though I don't know much about him since we are still in the process to know each other but I strongly believe that if we get together as in officially, he will love me to pieces. And I strongly believe that he will be the man with shining amour who will walk with me for every storm, keeping me safe and warm.

But oh well, it's still tip of an iceberg for now but slowly and surely, we will be as one.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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