Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whenever You're Ready

"Whenever you're ready. Just let me know".

These were the words uttered by the person who I'm seeing. Yes, I'm seeing someone. 

I guess the Feng Shui master predicted right. They predicted that I would meet someone this year but I never knew it's this fast, it's still first quarter of the year.

The person is nothing come close to my wishlist except he is taller than me. Rest of his attributes do not really define my ideal kind of guy. Furthermore, I do not plan to have a relationship this year.

However, I'm planning to give an exception for this person because his sincerity changed my mind. For sure, once we're an item, he would take care of me and love me to bits.

And he stands out impressively that you wouldn't look at him as a typical gay person. 

Though I have that feeling and I do miss him every day, I didn't say "yes" to him just yet.

I feel bad sometimes for making him wait. I feel bad because he is such a nice person sometimes I feel I don't deserve him since I'm a person who have strong personalities, so it's really difficult to handle me as a boyfriend.

Maybe we take the plunge way too fast, we know each other not even close to a month and we're talking about relationship. That's why I still haven't said "yes" to him. I believe we should know each other better first. 

But does timing really matter to kick start a relationship? 

Why not get into a relationship first then only know each other better because you may miss this opportunity?

I don't know. Maybe personal issues are really bothering me right now. Same goes to him. Both of us like have so many personal problems happening at the same time. So many problems above us, don't you think it's timely to have a relationship instead of focusing time and issue to resolve the problems. But then again if both parties are together, shouldn't both parties settle the issues together - like the old saying goes "through the ups and downs".

I really don't know. But if our relationship is hard at initial stage, I believe when the rain has gone, we will love each other even better because you appreciate that person for being by your side.

It's getting late, I shouldn't think so much. But these days and weeks, I guess people around can see from my face that how happy I am that I'm in love. And I can sense that I will update my Facebook very soon. 

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