Monday, April 29, 2013

GE 13: What will happen on 6th May if Pakatan Rakyat Wins?

Just six days to go before we will be heading to polling center to fulfill of our obligation to vote for the next government.

Even just six days and i could feel the anticipation and the strong wind of change is just brewing in the air. In 2008, they called it political tsunami - in this coming election,Pakatan Rakyat already named their impending  winning as 'Malaysian Spring'.

So what are the news lately that boosting the momentum of Pakatan Rakyat to capture Putrajaya?

Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Federal Police Chief has joint Pakatan Rakyat's security advisory council along with retired army chief General Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussien that oversees the campaign period is free of violence and ensure the smooth transition of the new government (if any). According to Pusat Kajian Demokrasi dan Pilihan Raya Universiti Malaya UMCEDEL poll, Anwar is leading with 43 % over Najib 39%. And my Facebook is flooded with Pakatan Rakyat this and that and poor Barisan Nasional, they are criticized vehemently.

Well, the above scenario coupled with large turnout at ceramahs by Pakatan Rakat won't guarantee they will win in GE 13.

Anyhow, what will happen if Pakatan Rakyat really wins? Will there be any jubilation nationwide or chaotic as the losing party couldn't cope with the lose?

I know Barisan Nasional has always been the fearmonger claiming that if you choose stability, choose Barisan Nasional, if you want chaos, just cross Pakatan Rakyat.Some even say the repeat of May 13 racial clash if Pakatan Rakyat wins.

Seriously, they still stuck in the 1960's. They didn't realize the one who vote BN out would be Malay majority. I know you guys out there are tricked by BN that a vote for Pakatan Rakyat is a vote for instability and havoc. Sounds like extortion right?

Let me ask you this, why you have to be scared by choosing the party that you want? Why you need to be feared to exercise your freedom to choose and exercising your basic right of democracy? Please don't be.

And look, our King has the exclusive jurisdiction to choose the new Prime Minister that chosen by the people - no one can defy the King. And the police, well, the old boss is resigning and the new boss is coming, who do you think they will side? Ops sorry, i withdraw my words, i believe police will be apolitical to ensure the smooth transition. And don't you think BN will be so stupid to ruin their own GLCs by creating havoc? Don't forget we have the Pakatan Rakyat's security council too.

So what will really happen on 6th May 2013 if Pakatan Rakyat wins?

According to Tommy Thomas, a constitutional lawyer in the The Nut Graph exclusive interview (excerpt of the interview):

TNG: After the elections are over, how does the transfer of power happen should a new government be voted in?
We can expect the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and his palace advisers to be following the results of the general election like the rest of Malaysia. Once the results are confirmed that the PR has won the elections, say, sometime in the night on 5 May, the palace will have to invite caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for an audience with the Agong to tender his resignation. This can take place as early as the morning of 6 May. He must tender his resignation to the Agong in the palace because until he does so, there is no vacancy for the Agong to appoint a new prime minister.

At the same time, the palace will also invite Anwar to have an audience with the monarch on the same morning, after Najib has left. The Agong will then invite Anwar to be the new prime minister and to form a new government. Anwar will then be sworn in in a ceremony steeped in Malay tradition, which will be broadcasted live on TV, as in the past.

The convention is that the monarch has to invite the person who, in his judgement, commands the confidence of the majority of the Dewan Rakyat, for an audience on the morning after the polls. Politicians and their supporters cannot simply turn up at the palace without such an invitation.

What are some of the conventions that will ensure a seamless and peaceful transfer of power?
The transfer of power must be carried out by independent state agencies and civil servants. These would include all the top civil servants at the federal level, the secretary to the government, all ministry secretary-generals, the police, the armed forces, and the palace administration.  They are all meant to be neutral. They must respect the will of the people at the polls.

For example, if it is apparent that the PR is winning, you would expect the police to have contingency plans to ferry Anwar to the palace and provide him with protection because he would be the prime minister-in-waiting.

The same process is replicated at the state level with regard to the chief minister or menteri besar’s position. This is because all our state constitutions are written in nearly the same way as the Federal Constitution with regard to the appointment of the head of government by the Agong, sultan or governor.

What happens in the event of a hung Parliament, or state assembly?
At the federal level, as caretaker prime minister, Najib can remain temporarily in office. If he doesn’t resign, the Agong cannot appoint a new prime minister.

Over the next several days after the polls, both coalitions will try to strengthen their respective numbers in the Dewan Rakyat through crossovers and coalition building.  Throughout this period, the Agong should not participate, directly or indirectly, in this process. The monarch must let the politicians sort things out themselves so that he cannot be accused of taking sides. The palace must be seen to be above party politics.
At some point after all the political negotiations have concluded, the leader of one of the coalitions may say, “I have the majority support of the House.” And then the Agong would say, “I need evidence to satisfy myself of the numbers.” This evidence can be letters signed by the elected Members of Parliament (MPs) or the Agong can ask for these MPs to be presented to the palace.

The Agong may also conditionally appoint a new prime minister and direct the premier to call for Parliament to sit as soon as possible – within days – so that a confidence motion for the newly appointed prime minister can be voted on in the Dewan Rakyat. If the vote fails, the Agong must appoint somebody else and test the matter of confidence again in the House. This could go on for a while.

Before i end my note, i would like to urge all the registered voters out there to go back to your constituency and cast your vote. Your vote can make a difference. Malaysia needs you!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

GE 13: Vote for candidate or political party?

We will be casting our vote just eight days away. Excited or somewhat not that amused?

I'm a second time voter and i do keep myself abreast with the political development. So i pretty sure to which party my vote will go for.

What if you are a fence sitter and you have no idea on what is going in political realm? Who will you vote for or which party will you vote for?

The dilemma here is should i vote for a party or should i vote for a candidate?

I believe public policy and plan are extremely important and i also believe the next Prime Minster to be, in terms of his skills, vision, interests and personality can influence the people choice. Let's look Najib  - he has BR1M, playing racial card, endorses the racist Zulkifli Noordin, has issue with Mongolia and he loves his wife so much - such a loving husband. What about Anwar (just assume that the Pakatan Rakyat has reached consensus that he will be the next Prime Minister if PR wins)? Visionary, Malaysian first and most of all, helping all Malaysians here to end the five decade of BN's corrupted iron grip. You should consider Najib's deputy also if you're voting for BN. What his name again....oh yeah, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Why on earth we should take him as consideration? Well, i can't rule out that the warlords in UMNO will bring Najib down and replaced by Muhyddin if BN loses or win with small majority in GE13. Just look what happened to Tun Abdullah Badawi.

Next Sunday, i'll be voting for the candidate that chosen by the party which i support. To say the least, i'm voting for the party instead of the candidates (though the candidates in my constituency for both Parliamentary and State seat are big names and i  know who they are) .

My best advice to you is figure out which party you want to see in Putrajaya and vote for that candidate  that nominated by that party. Doesn't matter who the particular candidates are - be it personally wise or politically wise, make a cross next to the party symbol and get it done!

I know it is bit tricky sometimes - for example, your constituency is in Shah Alam and you are strong BN supporter and you're an Indian. Would you cast a vote for BN that represented by Zulkifli Noordin that made fun of your gods and you're referred by him as "pendatang haram" (illegal immigrant). But you love BN so much? Who should i vote? Yes, you may be loyal to a political party but you can't never betray your own religion and race for the sake of a political party.

The candidates might have a slight differences of interpretation on the party's policies and vision. So political party here delivers a simpler and consistent party policies and the party is the best indicator of public policy for the next incoming Prime Minister.

So have you decided now?

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Choosy in Love

Actually i should be sleeping by now after back to back events for past two days. I'm drying up my hair at the moment, why not i blog awhile before i go to sleep...

Most of my friends have been telling me that i shouldn't be choosy. God damn, I'm choosy in everything; my next job, food, movies and relationship.I don't really care what people say honestly but somehow, i have been reflecting on my fussiness in choosing my love partner.

There are several NOs to be my boyfriend. If you have fallen into one of the categories, hardly i would consider you:

  • Younger than me - though my age remains as mystery, but im kinda reluctant to date with a guy who is younger than me. Maybe i have this false impression that, i'm dating a younger guy is like a paedophile.-Hey, i'm an old uncle, you want to follow me to my room? -aside from that impression, i'm afraid that our common topics would be in two extremes. i talk work, he talks college.
  • Far too older than me - if i date an old uncle, definitely, i look like a money boy. But at least i have some one that i could look up to
  • Very chinese educated - i know it's kinda ironic right? I'm proud that i'm being a Chinese and i'm proud what my culture embraces. I really don't mind my partner is a Chinese educated as i can't read chinese, he will be my handy translator when it comes to Chinese entertainment news. But not those very chinese educated with very conservative and close-minded Chinese belief. Totally turn off. I always love English educated as i speak English most of the time and i like to bitch in English as well, so yeah...
  • Non-Chinese - PERKASA, please don't report  to police for saying this but i prefer Chinese to be my partner but it doesn't mean i'm racist. Hello, my ex is Malay! Better don't say much on this point since it's now GE 13 fever...i ni 1 Malaysia
  • Bottom- please don't ask about my sexual position coz i also don't know. Just assume that i'm versatile. I'm kinda reluctant to have a bottom bf as i never look into myself as tough real man, so it would be a disastrous for me to take care of a bottom boy.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not writing this entry just wanna hint to whoever that want to date me. I'm not being cocky here. In fact, no one dates me. Date me please, i'm so lonely.

But seriously, three of my ex s fall into above description. I know it sounds cliche but love is blind, i would overlook at the above mentioned - just to be with you.

P/S: my baby is in the video

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm not a good boyfriend

I'm so happy to know that one of my ex classmates finally got engaged after so many years of courtship.

In fact, lots of my ex schoomates had either got engaged or already married.How nice right? Compared to my case, i don't even have a lover.

Not complaining coz i'm leading my singlehood well. Or do i?

Honestly, I'm so busy with my work and i hardly could allocate some quality time for myself. But then again, though im drenched with work and i do have a group of hang out buddies but sometimes i do feel lonely.
Don't get me wrong, my loneliness is not those emo type - i do admit that i long for someone sometimes. Just wanna have someone that i poke jokes with and be my  little teddy bear when i'm down - too little to ask but too hard for me to find one. Yes, i'm very very choosy person coz i know what i want in a relationship. If you ain't got the perfect score,  you ain't gonna be my partner lol...

I do take pride in my work and career but when it comes to love, i'm just a coward little boy. I never think that i could be a good boyfriend coz i dont have the good attributes of being a good lover. Though there is no 101 guideline on how to be a good boyfriend but isn't love is a learning process? I'm willing to learn but not now coz second quarter and third quarter of the year is time for me to fulfill my resolutions.

Well, single and fabolous, couldn't ask for more. Since i'm single, i could only imagine that i have an imaginary boyfriend and hugging him tight as the song below fades away beautifully


Sunday, April 21, 2013

GE 13: The Battle of Putrajaya Begins

April 20 yesterday marks the Teoh Beng Hock's birthday. And yesterday was also the Nomination Day for 13th General Election. What a coincidence right? To fuel the sentiment of coincidence May 6 (the day after GE which most likely we will know the official result) is also Altantuya's birthday. Perhaps, May 6 is an avenging day for her, not only her but also Malaysians from all walks of life.

Anyway, don't you think the GE 13 phenomena is getting nastier? Everyday, in fact every hour, we receive exiting breaking news from both political party divide. Let's recap the recent development. Please hold your breath and compose yourself - this might irk and annoy you.

Rocket logo fiasco 

Merely 48-hour before the nomination, we were rocked by the news that DAP would not be using its trademarked rocket logo after Registrar of Societies (RoS) failed to retract its letter rejecting the party's office-bearers. Why so last minute notification from RoS? Was RoS influenced by other party so it would give difficulties to DAP on the Nomination Day?

God knows but i believe it was a good news for Barisan Nasional as it would jeopardize the DAP performance in GE as the DAP party's logo embodies so much brand values on its rocket sign. Once the rocket is gone, the voters might be in state of confusion and it would lead more obstacles to address the voters the logo has been changed.

But through the spirit of comeradie among Pakatan Rakyat component parties, PAS has allowed DAP to use its latter's logo during GE 13. Okay, rocket using the full moon in green background as the logo has opened up the political vulnerabilities for DAP.

As expected, MCA is the first opportunist to take advantage of this logo fiasco. Let's look at the picture below:

As always, MCA plays racial bait again by accusing that the switch of logo is a clear sign that DAP will be oppressed by PAS and soon or later, PAS will implement Hudud Law to further oppress the non-Muslim Malaysians. Well, MCA's rhetoric could cause fear among the non-Muslim voters especially the Chinese -BN thought they have secured an edge over this issue.

But little did they know, (to my surprise) this has brought advantage to Pakatan Rakyat instead. Look, UMNO has always been the scaremonger by alleging the DAP will be oppression to the Muslims and Malay Malaysians at large. But through the goodwill of PAS allowing DAP to use their logo, the move has proven that Muslims (represented by PAS in this context) can work hand in hand with DAP. The good comeradie shown by both party could even make influence among the Muslim voters that the Pakatan Rakyat will enshrineIslam as the national official religion. I'm not surprised if the Muslim fence sitters would vote DAP instead of MCA as they would see DAP will work well with PAS for the benefit of the religion.

MCA must be mad because they have failed to spread its fallacies over the logo fiasco as the Chinese see nothing wrong in using PAS logo. Furthermore, the openness of PAS in allowing DAP to use its latter logo has further capture the hearts of the Chinese voters in PAS-UMNO constituency. The Chinese would believe that openness of PAS shown will be translated in its openness in its administration (which yet shown by Kedah and Kelantan PAS led-government though). Look at the picture below, the PAS flag bearers are Chinese - a very rare scene

No show of BN in Pasir Mas

Che Johan Che Pa from UMNO was supposed to file its nomination yesterday for the parliamentary constituency of Pasir Mas. Does it mean that UMNO has obey the implicit directive from Dr M to make way for incumbent frog, Ibrahim Ali? Does it mean UMNO has again secretly helping Ibrahim Ali again? God knows. But he will be having tough fight as he will be facing off Nik Aziz's son, Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz.

BN's Indian votes are at risk

BN chairman, DS Najib has adamantly fielding Zulkifli Noordin for Shah Alam parliamentary seat as he is a winnable candidate in that constituency. Who is he? He is the Vice President of Malay right wing group PERKASA who made fun and questioned Hinduism practiced by our fellow Indian friends. Did MIC voice out anything? They just keep quiet admist his candidacy has drawn enormous  flak among Indian community as well the non-Indian community that highly regards the importance of cultural diversity. So this what Najib's 1Malaysia is all about - Rakyat diabaikan, kemenangan diutamakan (People neglected, winning comes first)

Michelle Yeoh Endorses Najib 

I believe everyone has the right to vote and we have to respect the voter's choice. Their choice might be different from us but we should do not hold any qualm on the difference they made. Like what happened to DS Michelle Yeoh, she attended a mammoth BN dinner with Najib. She even openly declared her support towards Najib and BN. Well, not surprise that she is supportive towards BN since her father is an active MCA member, Yeoh Kian Tiek.

Well, let it be - although she has the right to choose but we also have the right to express the opinion. Michelle Yeoh is from my hometown and as Malaysian, we are very proud of her. But her choice has totally opposed the character of Aung San Suu Kyi who she played in the movie The Lady - who embraces freedom and democracy.

It's just barely 24 hours after the Nomination Day and so many dramas unfolded. Hold on tight as we expect more to come for the most fiercely-battled GE.

By the way, i'm considering to contest in the next general election. Thanks to the inspiring deed of Raja Datuk Nong Chik Zainal. Last weekend, i swept the porch and i even cut the grass on my lawn, so i think i'm qualified enough to run for a candidacy for parliamentary seat since i contributed so much to my community.

Before i end my note, i urge all registered voters out there, please turn to your constituency and vote. Malaysia needs you. Jangan lupa kewajipan anda pada negara.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

When A Slut Falls in Love

Let's have a break from the ongoing general election frenzy. And trust me, this entry has nothing to do with me. Just want to share my thought.

Undoubtedly, gay circle is full of sluts. But what constitutes a slut?  Though it's a common derogatory term but they have thousand explanations to defend themselves. Sorry, if i offended you unwisely by labeling you as a slut (if you ever categorized below) but hey, we have something in common, meet you at the car park.

You whore! Stop sleeping around!

Defensive line: It's hard to control raging hormone. Look, i'm single, so i ain't liable to anyone. And i've got that look, people are just keeping after me, well they will eventually end up on my bed. Life is short, let's play.

Geez, you have 200 messages in your Jack D!

Defensive line: No la, i don't know why they message me. I don't have time to check my messages, busy as beaver.

Changing lovers as if changing underwear

Defensive line: Taylor Swift can do it, why not me? I'm trying hard to sustain a long term relationship but they have problems!

You attention whore!! Showing off body in Facebook

Defensive line: Please la, don't misjudge me as i'm a slut. I'm just sharing the progress of my effort at gym. You guys be the judge for my report card.

Anyway, back to the gist of my entry, does slut fall in love or they just don't believe in love at all and keep the sex machine going.

I don't know, i'm not a slut.

But i really wonder, would the slut relinquish the enormous sex pleasure with all the men that he wants and only have sex and be loyal to one man only? Would the slut delete all the gay social apps in the phone and minimize the gay social circle? Would the slut settle down and work hard to sustain a longer term relationship? Would the slut be more conservative and appropriately clad in the eyes of the Facebookers?

I don't know. But one thing for sure, when a slut falls in love, that person must have something which is incredibly attractive that could change a horny, naughty and meanie slut to a composed, loyal and obedient, loving lover.

Okay, you're reading too much of my blog. Take off your shirt and ride on my bike right now!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

GE 13: BN will lose Indian voters

Salam 1 Malaysia everyone.

Please don't assume me as a Barisan Nasional supporter. I opened this entry with 1Malaysia greeting as i'm afraid once the government has changed, i don't have the chance to say that anymore.

Anyway, BN Chairman DS Najib has just unleashed his army of candidates for the upcoming 13th General Election. Were you surprised or just somewhat don't bother about the lineup that chosen by him? Well, i can't say much as i'm not a political pundit. However, as a layman like me, i think he is inviting the second political tsunami for this GE.

Just look at the Shah Alam parliamentary seat.. Alright, let's recap what DS Najib said about Indian voters. According to The Star Online, the Indian community can be the determining force in GE 13, given that the percentage as voters in most constituencies.

“We saw Barisan Nasional's dismal performance in 2008 and among the factors was the Indian community's reduced support. But I believe this situation has been reversed.We have done studies there is the reality factor and the emotion factor. We (now) see that the Indian community has more confidence in Barisan,” he said.

Najib added that in Selangor, no temple had been demolished by Barisan while the Pakatan-led state government had taken action against some, including private ones.

I'm not sure what is the barometer to gauge the confidence towards BN among the Indian community but okay, just concur with him that Indian community is supporting him and BN now.

Do you know how he repays the Indian community support?

Najib fielded Datuk Zulkifli Noordin  for Shah Alam paliarmentary seat under BN ticket. So who is he anyway? Okay, i'm pretty sure you will yell out WTF when i tell you what his post is.

Okay, he is the Vice President of Malay right wing group PERKASA. Yes, PERKASA. To uphold the principal of insensitivity of PERKASA, according to The Malaysian Insider, Zulkifli uttered the word 'Keling" which is a huge derogatory word to our Indian community. He also questioned an Indian trader on why Hindu gods did not prevent the man's shop from being flooded, drawing the wrath of Hindus. He also questioned the purity of Ganges River, the most revered river among Hindus.

What was Najib thinking? Even Vell Paari was shocked by the Najib's unpopular action.

Though fielding a Malay hardliner like Zulkifli will be a strategic move to target the Malay-majority-constituency of Shah Alam  but he failed to see the risk ensues. He might capture the Shah Alam but i doubt BN would grab Selangor back from Pakatan Rakyat as some 235,000 Indian voters in Selangor might be angered by Najib's action and cast their vote to Pakatan Rakyat instead. Not only the anger in Selangor state, what about the other constituencies that Indian community has imperative influence on the result?

I mean seriously, what was he thinking? Failed to see bigger picture? Too ambitious to win back Selangor state without any consideration to Indian community? So Najib is PERKASA friendly now? Okay, now, we learn the true meaning of his version of 1Malaysia. His endorsement towards Zulkifli somehow implies that Zulkifli's offensive words are okay for Najib and Barisan Nasional. I'm not Indian but i do have Indian friends, ex schoolmates and even working partners, his unwise move has really irked the feelings of our Indian brothers and sisters. As usual, MIC party president Datuk G Palanivel just keeps quiet. Dude, you are representing your community - please voice out!

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Before i end my note, some of my friends are not political informed like me, so they never bother to go home and vote - worse still, some of my friends don't even bother to register because one vote from them will not make any difference. Really? Just look at the picture below:

Please return to your constituency and vote!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

GE 13: Does BN confuse you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this just in.

Dato’ Seri Shahrizat has withdrawn her decision and now she has decided to compete again in the upcoming 13th General Election. She will try her luck in Perak – DUN Menglembu.

I know it’s a bad joke so you can laugh with sarcasm.

Anyway, mark you calendar, book your flight ticket, buy your bus ticket, take your annual leave and plan early to return to your constituency to cast your vote on May 5, 2013.

After dreadful five years of waiting, finally Malaysians will decide on which party will be the next government for the 13th Parliament term. I’m very excited as you do.

On previous general election, we witnessed the triumphant political tsunami that for the first time in history, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has shattered the BN’s iron grip of two third majority in the parliament. PR even managed to grab Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Penang from BN. Will PR propel further momentum to capture Putrajaya? Or BN will bounce back and secure its two third back?

So which political divide do you support? Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

The following entry might put BN in negative light, but cyber troopers please, don’t hack my blog. Blogging is my sole leisure activity. Hack someone else.

I’m being apolitical as possible but some of the key messages delivered by BN indeed left me in confusion. If you were fence sitter, you would have same sentiment with me.

BN’s 1 Malaysia

Sounds harmonious right? 1Malaysia emphasizes everyone is treated equally regardless of the creed or the colour of the skin. Ever since DS Najib took over the helm being the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he has been the pioneer and champion of 1 Malaysia concept. 1Malaysia this and that. The idea augurs tolerance and harmony well in our multi racial society.

But I don’t get it, since Najib is gung-ho about 1 Malaysia, why his deputy claimed that he is Malay first, Malaysian second? This totally contradicting what Najib has always been promoting. They don’t get along? Why PERKASA always off the hook from any action when they have crossed the boundary of sensitivity for numerous times?

Racial bait

DS Chua Soi Lek has gone every corner of the country to tell the Chinese not to vote for DAP as it will oppress the Chinese in Malaysia. Well, a vote for DAP means a vote for PAS’ Hudud Law.

On other hand, UMNO has been urging Malays not to vote for DAP as it will bring oppression to the Malays.

I’m confused here. Oppression towards the Chinese or Malays now? What about Indians? Dude, you two (Najib and Soi Lek) don’t get along too?!

This incoherent dogma doesn’t bring good to BN. Either two of them really don’t get along or they fail on how to play the mind game here. Epic fail.

I mean seriously, did our country just attain its independence yesterday? Do we still need to rely on race-based political parties to represent us? Do we still live in paranoia that other race will outdo us or take a bigger piece of pie? This will separate us even further.

Maybe my background, I grew up in a multi racial environment. Even during high school, I hanged out with my Malay friends more than my Chinese friends sometimes. I didn’t feel oppressed at all.  I felt great about it because we were like brothers.

Okay alright, we still need a political party to represent certain race in Malaysia. My Chinese readers, would you cast a vote to leader who embroiled himself in a sex scandal?

Sex Tapes

A bunch of horny politicians in Pakatan Rakyat huh? They can combine all the sex videos and make it into a porn movie.

After DS Anwar, the cyber troopers went onslaught on his daughter and recently PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali. I wonder who will be the unsuspecting victim next.

Come on, a wise person would think why release the videos during the election fever? Who secretly recorded the videos? What are their motives?

Cash handout

There’s an infamous line by DS Najib that goes “You Help Me, I Help You”. This line is very subjective – it’s up to you on how to interpret it.

Under his administration, we witnessed the mega spending under mammoth cash handouts under BR1M. The first BR1M is about RM 1.92 bilion and BR1M 2.0 cost around RM 3 billion. And BN promised to raise BR1M to RM 1,200 a year. How many billion does he need to spend on this?

You may see his action as a sincere gesture in helping to those who need monetary assistance or dishonest way in buying our vote with money. You be the judge. I wonder the recipient of BR1M will be defiant and vote for Pakatan Rakyat instead. DS Najib will be so mad!

The choice is in your hand. You have the right to decide. Return to your constituency on May 5 and vote.

Jangan lupa kewajipan kepada negara.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 (Part 2): Here, There, Leslie & Abercrombie Hunks

My magical escape continues.

Seriously, my trip was a fun one but it was very tiring since our schedule was so packed and i barely slept for four hours. 

It was all worth it because the second day was a paradise for me.  For the first time i entered Abercrombie & Fitch store ( too sexy to have it in KL). Located at Pedder Street, Central,  Hong Kong, if you're gay, you have no reason not to visit the store. My goodness, the moment i stepped into the outlet, there was a hunk-model alike staff  and he was shirtless and he greeted me. I was like..can i take you as my souvenir?
Seriously, the promoters there are so good looking and they are flawless!! Well, since I came so far from Malaysia, it would be a waste if i didn't take any pictures with the shirtless man there, which i won't post it in this blog or else you guys will label me as a whore. Now i already started to miss Abercrombie there!!

Alright, settle down and back to my vacation:

So on second day, we went to Ocean Park, which surprisingly was just 10 minutes bus journey from my hotel in Wan Chai.BTW, the general admission is $280 per 1 day pass and you can purchase the tickets conveniently at 7-11 outlets.

Happy Valley Racecourse along the way to Ocean Park

We arrived at Ocean Park at 9 am so we waited an hour before the gate opened. Goodness, as the staff opened up the gate, everyone was running like mad cows to catch the cable cars.

Why all the running? The running was futile since the cable cars were halted due to strong winds. Bunch of dumb asses (inclusive of me). Since it was drizzling in the morning, so most of our activities focused on indoor attractions like :

Artic Blast ..argh!!!

Little cute penguins
The huge aquarium
Knock Mr Panda awake?

As the drizzle slowly faded away, it is time to go berserk at the outdoor theme park.And can you believe i rode this roller coaster? Its name is Hair Raiser.

Nice views from Ocean Park:

We even have the bird's eye view of Hong Kong from the tallest building there, Sky 100. Viewing from 100th floor is all included in the i Venture package.

We love the Hong Kong view so much, we took the ferry to cross the sea to Tsim Sha Tsui for the night view of Hong Kong for second time. Simply breathtaking

If you want to get some souvenirs, head down to the flea market in Temple Street and Ladies Street. 

The street of Mong Kok, on the way to Ladies Street

Since we were still in Hong Kong on the eve of April 1st, though we were half dead, we took effort to visit a tragic place which we lost one of the legends in Chinese entertainment industry, Leslie Cheung. 10 years has gone but we will never forget. Just see the flowers below, you know how much Hong Kong folks miss him. The flowers were  not only from Hong Kong but also fans from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and etc.

Let's put sorrow aside, let focus on food!

We had KFC. Travel so far and eat KFC - sounds stupid right but their menu is different from us. They have roasted chicken! And best of all, they gave us hand gloves! Environmental unfriendly or hygienic? 

Giotta have this! Hong Kong Stocking Milk Tea. What's the difference between Malaysia? Malaysia's milk tea is milk more than tea but it is otherwise in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Roasted Duck Rice. Though it was rather expensive for $ 42 per plate but the portion was big - the oily succulent skin made the meat simply delicious 

I guess it's a curse. Everytime i travel, the God will set the rain on me. Geez, i wasted two hours at Starbucks just to wait the rain to stop. It was rather a daunting task to locate Starbucks in Hong Kong unlike in KL, Starbucks is like every corner. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

GE 13: The Oracle's Predictions

After two years of speculation, finally, the final showdown is here!

Praise the Lord that someone has the ball to dissolve the parliament! Apparently, the previous parliament term is the longest in Malaysia's history with span of four years and 11 months. I guess everyone was so tired of the guessing game on when the election will be. Even Dr M could not wait for more.

Wait no more as the Election Commission will announce the date of nomination and the big D Day of the general election.

So what is your prediction? I'm not Oracle so i can't predict the result and i don't dare to predict because   i always thought Barisan Nasional (BN) would have secured two third majority in 2008 general election but my prediction went wrong when it suffered the worst political tsunami ever - losing Kedah, Perak and two jewel states of Peninsular ; Penang and Selangor to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

So how will BN fare in this general election? My wizard ball says BN will not secure two third majority in Parliament  they will win Kedah back but PR will win Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and of course Perak state election. Come on, Perakians are still very upset on what happened in 2009 when three members of State Legislative Council declared themselves as independent and ended up the silver state went back to BN. Definitely  Perakians like me are still holding the qualm and vent thier anger on the ballot paper in the upcoming election.

Opposition Pact has tremendous momentum between 2004 and 2008 election. In 11th election back in 2004, the Opposition Pact only garnered merely 34% of the total votes. But in 12th election 2008, the Pakatan Rakyat (Opposition PAct disbanded after PAS, Keadilan, DAP and Malaysian People's Party formed an alliance named Pakatan Rakyat) achieved 46% of the total votes. A difference of 12% between two general elections is an indeed good performance, if they remain or propel more momentum  in 13th General Election, they will have the majority to form the government.

What if PR really wins the federal level? Though Najib has promised for smooth transition if his ruling party loses, but come on, do you think he will let it go so easily?

Political weather is really hard to predict. You never know the strongholds of BN like Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang will swing to opposition. The strongholds in East Malaysia are at risks for BN with Project IC in Sabah and new graft allegation against Taib. Maybe there will be a swing of vote over there too.

What if BN really wins but with small margin? In that case, it will be very difficult position for Najib as the government is not strong and definitely  there will be an internal force to dethrone him as Prime Minister. Look, we witnessed how Tun Abdullah Badawi disgracefully forced by his own party (don't forget Dr M is still very influential in who's in and who's out) to relinquish his post and hand over to Najib. If Najib performs poorly, will the members of UMNO still pledge their support to him? Well, yes but somewhat. I believe some of the opportunists there will shift their support to No.2, yes, Muhyiddin Yassin since Najib performs badly in the election. Who want a leader who shows poor performance in the election? They will want someone new to lead the party.  Do you want Muhyddin to be your Prime Minister? Never. I rather to have Najib to be Prime Minister than Muhyddin.

Whatever it is,I bet these coming days will be dirty, fierce, upbeat and history in making.

The decision is at your hand. Please do go back to your constituency and vote.

For more commentaries on GE 13, please click here

A Year Ago, I Wrote

A year ago, I revived my interest in blogging again.

It has been one year now, I'm not a celebrity blogger yet, what the hell?!

Nah, just joking, i don't blog because i'm whoring for attention but i do feel really good when i have a platform to convey my thoughts and of course, the silent hidden words in my heart. Nope, no organizations find me for advertorial or product placement in my blog yet but i'm more than delighted when i receive compliments about my writing style in my blog.

Everyone can write but what constitutes good writing skill is creativity. So happen that i'm bitchy and i do crap a lot plus with my natural creativity - these combinations make my blog so interesting. Lolz, nah, i just blog without any direction. I'm glad you guys like my blog.

So a year ago, i wrote an entry entitled I Won't Give Up. The entry is about i fell in love with someone and i was in the dilemma whether should i give up for the third time.

A year has passed, so where is that very someone now?

He is attached and the lucky person is not me. Damn it!

He has chosen , what can i do? I don't have drop dead gorgeous face and i don't have seductive body figure, i don't have any attribute to be attractive.

The moment i found out that he found someone has never come easy for me. I know all the struggles and sweet moments we had been through would be a thing in the past. I've been trying to live without my baby but i miss him sometimes.

If you're reading this and the person you like has chosen someone else, babe, life goes on.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 (Part 1) : Misty Arrival

Over the Easter break (long weekend holidays in Hong whereas Malaysians have to work their ass off) , i had my well-deserved oversea vacation in Hong Kong. It was my third time in Hong Kong, my last visit was in 2011 and so many things have changed. Now they even have Disneyland.

Not shy to say, this trip also marks my maiden trip to travel overseas with friends and my first self-tour overseas trip. Pretty exciting huh?

What i love about Hong Kong apart from Disneyland, is that the metropolitan is filled with distinctive culture amidst of modernisation. Okay, i'm not that culture-kinda person but i do envy the weather there. It was spring there so the weather was still cold with 20 degrees Celsius on average. When the cold breeze blows, you don't ever want to return to Malaysia. But keep your eye drop handy as the wind is rather dry. You can imagine how painful it was for my eyes with contact lens to endure the dryness.

It was challenging trip for me too coz honestly, my Cantonese is not that good as mostly blended with English and Malay. The Hong Kies there speak Cantonese so fluently and eloquently. Really, i have to think twice before i speak and i have to avoid those Malaysian Cantonese terms like "semua" (all), "lui" (money), "mata" (police) and "gao" (play).

The other thing i like about Hong Kong is very convenient to travel anywhere as the MTR and public buses (even trams) are strategically integrate the city. Here is my useful tip when you are holidaying in Hong Kong: get yourself an Airport Express Travel Pass at $ 300 that includes two trips on Airport Express line (the best you redeem it as airport to city and vice versa), unlimited MTR and Light Rail rides for three consecutive days ( i spent 80% of my travelling time on MTR and i paid nothing) and you can even use it as Octopus card (convenient debit card like Touch n Go) and you can even get $ 50 plus the remaining credit refund in cash whenever you return the card. Click here for more information

Alright, let pictures below narrate my first day in Hong Kong.

My first flight using Cathay Pacific. No, i'm not  rich fag but just that Cathay was doing coach sharing with MAS, so yeah. You may ask why commercial airline but not budget airline. Look, Air Asia is already RM 700 plus, why not top up another RM 300 for RM 1 k return ticket with MAS for extra comfort.

Yeah, i'm a rich fag stay in Novotel, Wan Chai Hong Kong, Central area some more. Nah, i just got a cheap deal in Agoda. The hotel was really nice especially the bed, so comfortable that you wouldn't want to wake up.

View from the hotel. Crampy madness. 

Since our plan to Sky 100 was canceled due to the bad weather (too misty to see anything at 100th floor at ICC), so we just walked around at Tsim Shu Tsui. To our amusement, we were greeted by giant teddy bears at 1881 Heritage at Canton Road.

Travel back to 1880s of Victorian era in Hong Kong in style with international fashion brands. Aside from tourists, this place is flocked by the couples for their wedding photos. It will be classy indeed.

Pearl of the Orient. Your trip wouldn't be complete without viewing the sky line of Hong Kong. Dubbed the best city night view in the world, the buildings adorning the landscape never fails to mesmerize me.

We also went to the Peak Tram to catch the night view from the top. Peak Tram is the Hong Kong's elbem of the past, present and future over a century. The trip was scary coz it was so steep! i think it's more than 45 degrees.

I thought that i could see the great view of Hong Kong but when i stepped out to the peak, it was plain white without any sight in the horizon as the peak was shrouded by the mist. Though it was bit disappointing but i did manage to have some fun by checking out other's people love messages,

                              Gay couples nowadays are so open. Scott, you've been fucked!!

We had Mc D for dinner - Korean Mc spicy burger, Spicy Mc Curry burger and Red Bean pie - which are not available in Malaysia. Spicy Mc Curry is simply delicious

So pretty sums up my first day in Hong Kong. I know it is short coz by the time we arrived in the city was already late evening.

 Please do read the second part here