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GE 13: The Battle of Putrajaya Begins

April 20 yesterday marks the Teoh Beng Hock's birthday. And yesterday was also the Nomination Day for 13th General Election. What a coincidence right? To fuel the sentiment of coincidence May 6 (the day after GE which most likely we will know the official result) is also Altantuya's birthday. Perhaps, May 6 is an avenging day for her, not only her but also Malaysians from all walks of life.

Anyway, don't you think the GE 13 phenomena is getting nastier? Everyday, in fact every hour, we receive exiting breaking news from both political party divide. Let's recap the recent development. Please hold your breath and compose yourself - this might irk and annoy you.

Rocket logo fiasco 

Merely 48-hour before the nomination, we were rocked by the news that DAP would not be using its trademarked rocket logo after Registrar of Societies (RoS) failed to retract its letter rejecting the party's office-bearers. Why so last minute notification from RoS? Was RoS influenced by other party so it would give difficulties to DAP on the Nomination Day?

God knows but i believe it was a good news for Barisan Nasional as it would jeopardize the DAP performance in GE as the DAP party's logo embodies so much brand values on its rocket sign. Once the rocket is gone, the voters might be in state of confusion and it would lead more obstacles to address the voters the logo has been changed.

But through the spirit of comeradie among Pakatan Rakyat component parties, PAS has allowed DAP to use its latter's logo during GE 13. Okay, rocket using the full moon in green background as the logo has opened up the political vulnerabilities for DAP.

As expected, MCA is the first opportunist to take advantage of this logo fiasco. Let's look at the picture below:

As always, MCA plays racial bait again by accusing that the switch of logo is a clear sign that DAP will be oppressed by PAS and soon or later, PAS will implement Hudud Law to further oppress the non-Muslim Malaysians. Well, MCA's rhetoric could cause fear among the non-Muslim voters especially the Chinese -BN thought they have secured an edge over this issue.

But little did they know, (to my surprise) this has brought advantage to Pakatan Rakyat instead. Look, UMNO has always been the scaremonger by alleging the DAP will be oppression to the Muslims and Malay Malaysians at large. But through the goodwill of PAS allowing DAP to use their logo, the move has proven that Muslims (represented by PAS in this context) can work hand in hand with DAP. The good comeradie shown by both party could even make influence among the Muslim voters that the Pakatan Rakyat will enshrineIslam as the national official religion. I'm not surprised if the Muslim fence sitters would vote DAP instead of MCA as they would see DAP will work well with PAS for the benefit of the religion.

MCA must be mad because they have failed to spread its fallacies over the logo fiasco as the Chinese see nothing wrong in using PAS logo. Furthermore, the openness of PAS in allowing DAP to use its latter logo has further capture the hearts of the Chinese voters in PAS-UMNO constituency. The Chinese would believe that openness of PAS shown will be translated in its openness in its administration (which yet shown by Kedah and Kelantan PAS led-government though). Look at the picture below, the PAS flag bearers are Chinese - a very rare scene

No show of BN in Pasir Mas

Che Johan Che Pa from UMNO was supposed to file its nomination yesterday for the parliamentary constituency of Pasir Mas. Does it mean that UMNO has obey the implicit directive from Dr M to make way for incumbent frog, Ibrahim Ali? Does it mean UMNO has again secretly helping Ibrahim Ali again? God knows. But he will be having tough fight as he will be facing off Nik Aziz's son, Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz.

BN's Indian votes are at risk

BN chairman, DS Najib has adamantly fielding Zulkifli Noordin for Shah Alam parliamentary seat as he is a winnable candidate in that constituency. Who is he? He is the Vice President of Malay right wing group PERKASA who made fun and questioned Hinduism practiced by our fellow Indian friends. Did MIC voice out anything? They just keep quiet admist his candidacy has drawn enormous  flak among Indian community as well the non-Indian community that highly regards the importance of cultural diversity. So this what Najib's 1Malaysia is all about - Rakyat diabaikan, kemenangan diutamakan (People neglected, winning comes first)

Michelle Yeoh Endorses Najib 

I believe everyone has the right to vote and we have to respect the voter's choice. Their choice might be different from us but we should do not hold any qualm on the difference they made. Like what happened to DS Michelle Yeoh, she attended a mammoth BN dinner with Najib. She even openly declared her support towards Najib and BN. Well, not surprise that she is supportive towards BN since her father is an active MCA member, Yeoh Kian Tiek.

Well, let it be - although she has the right to choose but we also have the right to express the opinion. Michelle Yeoh is from my hometown and as Malaysian, we are very proud of her. But her choice has totally opposed the character of Aung San Suu Kyi who she played in the movie The Lady - who embraces freedom and democracy.

It's just barely 24 hours after the Nomination Day and so many dramas unfolded. Hold on tight as we expect more to come for the most fiercely-battled GE.

By the way, i'm considering to contest in the next general election. Thanks to the inspiring deed of Raja Datuk Nong Chik Zainal. Last weekend, i swept the porch and i even cut the grass on my lawn, so i think i'm qualified enough to run for a candidacy for parliamentary seat since i contributed so much to my community.

Before i end my note, i urge all registered voters out there, please turn to your constituency and vote. Malaysia needs you. Jangan lupa kewajipan anda pada negara.

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