Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm not a good boyfriend

I'm so happy to know that one of my ex classmates finally got engaged after so many years of courtship.

In fact, lots of my ex schoomates had either got engaged or already married.How nice right? Compared to my case, i don't even have a lover.

Not complaining coz i'm leading my singlehood well. Or do i?

Honestly, I'm so busy with my work and i hardly could allocate some quality time for myself. But then again, though im drenched with work and i do have a group of hang out buddies but sometimes i do feel lonely.
Don't get me wrong, my loneliness is not those emo type - i do admit that i long for someone sometimes. Just wanna have someone that i poke jokes with and be my  little teddy bear when i'm down - too little to ask but too hard for me to find one. Yes, i'm very very choosy person coz i know what i want in a relationship. If you ain't got the perfect score,  you ain't gonna be my partner lol...

I do take pride in my work and career but when it comes to love, i'm just a coward little boy. I never think that i could be a good boyfriend coz i dont have the good attributes of being a good lover. Though there is no 101 guideline on how to be a good boyfriend but isn't love is a learning process? I'm willing to learn but not now coz second quarter and third quarter of the year is time for me to fulfill my resolutions.

Well, single and fabolous, couldn't ask for more. Since i'm single, i could only imagine that i have an imaginary boyfriend and hugging him tight as the song below fades away beautifully


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