Friday, April 26, 2013

Choosy in Love

Actually i should be sleeping by now after back to back events for past two days. I'm drying up my hair at the moment, why not i blog awhile before i go to sleep...

Most of my friends have been telling me that i shouldn't be choosy. God damn, I'm choosy in everything; my next job, food, movies and relationship.I don't really care what people say honestly but somehow, i have been reflecting on my fussiness in choosing my love partner.

There are several NOs to be my boyfriend. If you have fallen into one of the categories, hardly i would consider you:

  • Younger than me - though my age remains as mystery, but im kinda reluctant to date with a guy who is younger than me. Maybe i have this false impression that, i'm dating a younger guy is like a paedophile.-Hey, i'm an old uncle, you want to follow me to my room? -aside from that impression, i'm afraid that our common topics would be in two extremes. i talk work, he talks college.
  • Far too older than me - if i date an old uncle, definitely, i look like a money boy. But at least i have some one that i could look up to
  • Very chinese educated - i know it's kinda ironic right? I'm proud that i'm being a Chinese and i'm proud what my culture embraces. I really don't mind my partner is a Chinese educated as i can't read chinese, he will be my handy translator when it comes to Chinese entertainment news. But not those very chinese educated with very conservative and close-minded Chinese belief. Totally turn off. I always love English educated as i speak English most of the time and i like to bitch in English as well, so yeah...
  • Non-Chinese - PERKASA, please don't report  to police for saying this but i prefer Chinese to be my partner but it doesn't mean i'm racist. Hello, my ex is Malay! Better don't say much on this point since it's now GE 13 fever...i ni 1 Malaysia
  • Bottom- please don't ask about my sexual position coz i also don't know. Just assume that i'm versatile. I'm kinda reluctant to have a bottom bf as i never look into myself as tough real man, so it would be a disastrous for me to take care of a bottom boy.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not writing this entry just wanna hint to whoever that want to date me. I'm not being cocky here. In fact, no one dates me. Date me please, i'm so lonely.

But seriously, three of my ex s fall into above description. I know it sounds cliche but love is blind, i would overlook at the above mentioned - just to be with you.

P/S: my baby is in the video

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