Saturday, April 27, 2013

GE 13: Vote for candidate or political party?

We will be casting our vote just eight days away. Excited or somewhat not that amused?

I'm a second time voter and i do keep myself abreast with the political development. So i pretty sure to which party my vote will go for.

What if you are a fence sitter and you have no idea on what is going in political realm? Who will you vote for or which party will you vote for?

The dilemma here is should i vote for a party or should i vote for a candidate?

I believe public policy and plan are extremely important and i also believe the next Prime Minster to be, in terms of his skills, vision, interests and personality can influence the people choice. Let's look Najib  - he has BR1M, playing racial card, endorses the racist Zulkifli Noordin, has issue with Mongolia and he loves his wife so much - such a loving husband. What about Anwar (just assume that the Pakatan Rakyat has reached consensus that he will be the next Prime Minister if PR wins)? Visionary, Malaysian first and most of all, helping all Malaysians here to end the five decade of BN's corrupted iron grip. You should consider Najib's deputy also if you're voting for BN. What his name again....oh yeah, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Why on earth we should take him as consideration? Well, i can't rule out that the warlords in UMNO will bring Najib down and replaced by Muhyddin if BN loses or win with small majority in GE13. Just look what happened to Tun Abdullah Badawi.

Next Sunday, i'll be voting for the candidate that chosen by the party which i support. To say the least, i'm voting for the party instead of the candidates (though the candidates in my constituency for both Parliamentary and State seat are big names and i  know who they are) .

My best advice to you is figure out which party you want to see in Putrajaya and vote for that candidate  that nominated by that party. Doesn't matter who the particular candidates are - be it personally wise or politically wise, make a cross next to the party symbol and get it done!

I know it is bit tricky sometimes - for example, your constituency is in Shah Alam and you are strong BN supporter and you're an Indian. Would you cast a vote for BN that represented by Zulkifli Noordin that made fun of your gods and you're referred by him as "pendatang haram" (illegal immigrant). But you love BN so much? Who should i vote? Yes, you may be loyal to a political party but you can't never betray your own religion and race for the sake of a political party.

The candidates might have a slight differences of interpretation on the party's policies and vision. So political party here delivers a simpler and consistent party policies and the party is the best indicator of public policy for the next incoming Prime Minister.

So have you decided now?

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