Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 (Part 2): Here, There, Leslie & Abercrombie Hunks

My magical escape continues.

Seriously, my trip was a fun one but it was very tiring since our schedule was so packed and i barely slept for four hours. 

It was all worth it because the second day was a paradise for me.  For the first time i entered Abercrombie & Fitch store ( too sexy to have it in KL). Located at Pedder Street, Central,  Hong Kong, if you're gay, you have no reason not to visit the store. My goodness, the moment i stepped into the outlet, there was a hunk-model alike staff  and he was shirtless and he greeted me. I was like..can i take you as my souvenir?
Seriously, the promoters there are so good looking and they are flawless!! Well, since I came so far from Malaysia, it would be a waste if i didn't take any pictures with the shirtless man there, which i won't post it in this blog or else you guys will label me as a whore. Now i already started to miss Abercrombie there!!

Alright, settle down and back to my vacation:

So on second day, we went to Ocean Park, which surprisingly was just 10 minutes bus journey from my hotel in Wan Chai.BTW, the general admission is $280 per 1 day pass and you can purchase the tickets conveniently at 7-11 outlets.

Happy Valley Racecourse along the way to Ocean Park

We arrived at Ocean Park at 9 am so we waited an hour before the gate opened. Goodness, as the staff opened up the gate, everyone was running like mad cows to catch the cable cars.

Why all the running? The running was futile since the cable cars were halted due to strong winds. Bunch of dumb asses (inclusive of me). Since it was drizzling in the morning, so most of our activities focused on indoor attractions like :

Artic Blast ..argh!!!

Little cute penguins
The huge aquarium
Knock Mr Panda awake?

As the drizzle slowly faded away, it is time to go berserk at the outdoor theme park.And can you believe i rode this roller coaster? Its name is Hair Raiser.

Nice views from Ocean Park:

We even have the bird's eye view of Hong Kong from the tallest building there, Sky 100. Viewing from 100th floor is all included in the i Venture package.

We love the Hong Kong view so much, we took the ferry to cross the sea to Tsim Sha Tsui for the night view of Hong Kong for second time. Simply breathtaking

If you want to get some souvenirs, head down to the flea market in Temple Street and Ladies Street. 

The street of Mong Kok, on the way to Ladies Street

Since we were still in Hong Kong on the eve of April 1st, though we were half dead, we took effort to visit a tragic place which we lost one of the legends in Chinese entertainment industry, Leslie Cheung. 10 years has gone but we will never forget. Just see the flowers below, you know how much Hong Kong folks miss him. The flowers were  not only from Hong Kong but also fans from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and etc.

Let's put sorrow aside, let focus on food!

We had KFC. Travel so far and eat KFC - sounds stupid right but their menu is different from us. They have roasted chicken! And best of all, they gave us hand gloves! Environmental unfriendly or hygienic? 

Giotta have this! Hong Kong Stocking Milk Tea. What's the difference between Malaysia? Malaysia's milk tea is milk more than tea but it is otherwise in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Roasted Duck Rice. Though it was rather expensive for $ 42 per plate but the portion was big - the oily succulent skin made the meat simply delicious 

I guess it's a curse. Everytime i travel, the God will set the rain on me. Geez, i wasted two hours at Starbucks just to wait the rain to stop. It was rather a daunting task to locate Starbucks in Hong Kong unlike in KL, Starbucks is like every corner. 

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