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GE 13: Does BN confuse you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this just in.

Dato’ Seri Shahrizat has withdrawn her decision and now she has decided to compete again in the upcoming 13th General Election. She will try her luck in Perak – DUN Menglembu.

I know it’s a bad joke so you can laugh with sarcasm.

Anyway, mark you calendar, book your flight ticket, buy your bus ticket, take your annual leave and plan early to return to your constituency to cast your vote on May 5, 2013.

After dreadful five years of waiting, finally Malaysians will decide on which party will be the next government for the 13th Parliament term. I’m very excited as you do.

On previous general election, we witnessed the triumphant political tsunami that for the first time in history, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has shattered the BN’s iron grip of two third majority in the parliament. PR even managed to grab Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Penang from BN. Will PR propel further momentum to capture Putrajaya? Or BN will bounce back and secure its two third back?

So which political divide do you support? Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

The following entry might put BN in negative light, but cyber troopers please, don’t hack my blog. Blogging is my sole leisure activity. Hack someone else.

I’m being apolitical as possible but some of the key messages delivered by BN indeed left me in confusion. If you were fence sitter, you would have same sentiment with me.

BN’s 1 Malaysia

Sounds harmonious right? 1Malaysia emphasizes everyone is treated equally regardless of the creed or the colour of the skin. Ever since DS Najib took over the helm being the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he has been the pioneer and champion of 1 Malaysia concept. 1Malaysia this and that. The idea augurs tolerance and harmony well in our multi racial society.

But I don’t get it, since Najib is gung-ho about 1 Malaysia, why his deputy claimed that he is Malay first, Malaysian second? This totally contradicting what Najib has always been promoting. They don’t get along? Why PERKASA always off the hook from any action when they have crossed the boundary of sensitivity for numerous times?

Racial bait

DS Chua Soi Lek has gone every corner of the country to tell the Chinese not to vote for DAP as it will oppress the Chinese in Malaysia. Well, a vote for DAP means a vote for PAS’ Hudud Law.

On other hand, UMNO has been urging Malays not to vote for DAP as it will bring oppression to the Malays.

I’m confused here. Oppression towards the Chinese or Malays now? What about Indians? Dude, you two (Najib and Soi Lek) don’t get along too?!

This incoherent dogma doesn’t bring good to BN. Either two of them really don’t get along or they fail on how to play the mind game here. Epic fail.

I mean seriously, did our country just attain its independence yesterday? Do we still need to rely on race-based political parties to represent us? Do we still live in paranoia that other race will outdo us or take a bigger piece of pie? This will separate us even further.

Maybe my background, I grew up in a multi racial environment. Even during high school, I hanged out with my Malay friends more than my Chinese friends sometimes. I didn’t feel oppressed at all.  I felt great about it because we were like brothers.

Okay alright, we still need a political party to represent certain race in Malaysia. My Chinese readers, would you cast a vote to leader who embroiled himself in a sex scandal?

Sex Tapes

A bunch of horny politicians in Pakatan Rakyat huh? They can combine all the sex videos and make it into a porn movie.

After DS Anwar, the cyber troopers went onslaught on his daughter and recently PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali. I wonder who will be the unsuspecting victim next.

Come on, a wise person would think why release the videos during the election fever? Who secretly recorded the videos? What are their motives?

Cash handout

There’s an infamous line by DS Najib that goes “You Help Me, I Help You”. This line is very subjective – it’s up to you on how to interpret it.

Under his administration, we witnessed the mega spending under mammoth cash handouts under BR1M. The first BR1M is about RM 1.92 bilion and BR1M 2.0 cost around RM 3 billion. And BN promised to raise BR1M to RM 1,200 a year. How many billion does he need to spend on this?

You may see his action as a sincere gesture in helping to those who need monetary assistance or dishonest way in buying our vote with money. You be the judge. I wonder the recipient of BR1M will be defiant and vote for Pakatan Rakyat instead. DS Najib will be so mad!

The choice is in your hand. You have the right to decide. Return to your constituency on May 5 and vote.

Jangan lupa kewajipan kepada negara.

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