Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 (Part 1) : Misty Arrival

Over the Easter break (long weekend holidays in Hong whereas Malaysians have to work their ass off) , i had my well-deserved oversea vacation in Hong Kong. It was my third time in Hong Kong, my last visit was in 2011 and so many things have changed. Now they even have Disneyland.

Not shy to say, this trip also marks my maiden trip to travel overseas with friends and my first self-tour overseas trip. Pretty exciting huh?

What i love about Hong Kong apart from Disneyland, is that the metropolitan is filled with distinctive culture amidst of modernisation. Okay, i'm not that culture-kinda person but i do envy the weather there. It was spring there so the weather was still cold with 20 degrees Celsius on average. When the cold breeze blows, you don't ever want to return to Malaysia. But keep your eye drop handy as the wind is rather dry. You can imagine how painful it was for my eyes with contact lens to endure the dryness.

It was challenging trip for me too coz honestly, my Cantonese is not that good as mostly blended with English and Malay. The Hong Kies there speak Cantonese so fluently and eloquently. Really, i have to think twice before i speak and i have to avoid those Malaysian Cantonese terms like "semua" (all), "lui" (money), "mata" (police) and "gao" (play).

The other thing i like about Hong Kong is very convenient to travel anywhere as the MTR and public buses (even trams) are strategically integrate the city. Here is my useful tip when you are holidaying in Hong Kong: get yourself an Airport Express Travel Pass at $ 300 that includes two trips on Airport Express line (the best you redeem it as airport to city and vice versa), unlimited MTR and Light Rail rides for three consecutive days ( i spent 80% of my travelling time on MTR and i paid nothing) and you can even use it as Octopus card (convenient debit card like Touch n Go) and you can even get $ 50 plus the remaining credit refund in cash whenever you return the card. Click here for more information

Alright, let pictures below narrate my first day in Hong Kong.

My first flight using Cathay Pacific. No, i'm not  rich fag but just that Cathay was doing coach sharing with MAS, so yeah. You may ask why commercial airline but not budget airline. Look, Air Asia is already RM 700 plus, why not top up another RM 300 for RM 1 k return ticket with MAS for extra comfort.

Yeah, i'm a rich fag stay in Novotel, Wan Chai Hong Kong, Central area some more. Nah, i just got a cheap deal in Agoda. The hotel was really nice especially the bed, so comfortable that you wouldn't want to wake up.

View from the hotel. Crampy madness. 

Since our plan to Sky 100 was canceled due to the bad weather (too misty to see anything at 100th floor at ICC), so we just walked around at Tsim Shu Tsui. To our amusement, we were greeted by giant teddy bears at 1881 Heritage at Canton Road.

Travel back to 1880s of Victorian era in Hong Kong in style with international fashion brands. Aside from tourists, this place is flocked by the couples for their wedding photos. It will be classy indeed.

Pearl of the Orient. Your trip wouldn't be complete without viewing the sky line of Hong Kong. Dubbed the best city night view in the world, the buildings adorning the landscape never fails to mesmerize me.

We also went to the Peak Tram to catch the night view from the top. Peak Tram is the Hong Kong's elbem of the past, present and future over a century. The trip was scary coz it was so steep! i think it's more than 45 degrees.

I thought that i could see the great view of Hong Kong but when i stepped out to the peak, it was plain white without any sight in the horizon as the peak was shrouded by the mist. Though it was bit disappointing but i did manage to have some fun by checking out other's people love messages,

                              Gay couples nowadays are so open. Scott, you've been fucked!!

We had Mc D for dinner - Korean Mc spicy burger, Spicy Mc Curry burger and Red Bean pie - which are not available in Malaysia. Spicy Mc Curry is simply delicious

So pretty sums up my first day in Hong Kong. I know it is short coz by the time we arrived in the city was already late evening.

 Please do read the second part here

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