Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Year Ago, I Wrote

A year ago, I revived my interest in blogging again.

It has been one year now, I'm not a celebrity blogger yet, what the hell?!

Nah, just joking, i don't blog because i'm whoring for attention but i do feel really good when i have a platform to convey my thoughts and of course, the silent hidden words in my heart. Nope, no organizations find me for advertorial or product placement in my blog yet but i'm more than delighted when i receive compliments about my writing style in my blog.

Everyone can write but what constitutes good writing skill is creativity. So happen that i'm bitchy and i do crap a lot plus with my natural creativity - these combinations make my blog so interesting. Lolz, nah, i just blog without any direction. I'm glad you guys like my blog.

So a year ago, i wrote an entry entitled I Won't Give Up. The entry is about i fell in love with someone and i was in the dilemma whether should i give up for the third time.

A year has passed, so where is that very someone now?

He is attached and the lucky person is not me. Damn it!

He has chosen , what can i do? I don't have drop dead gorgeous face and i don't have seductive body figure, i don't have any attribute to be attractive.

The moment i found out that he found someone has never come easy for me. I know all the struggles and sweet moments we had been through would be a thing in the past. I've been trying to live without my baby but i miss him sometimes.

If you're reading this and the person you like has chosen someone else, babe, life goes on.

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