Thursday, April 18, 2013

GE 13: BN will lose Indian voters

Salam 1 Malaysia everyone.

Please don't assume me as a Barisan Nasional supporter. I opened this entry with 1Malaysia greeting as i'm afraid once the government has changed, i don't have the chance to say that anymore.

Anyway, BN Chairman DS Najib has just unleashed his army of candidates for the upcoming 13th General Election. Were you surprised or just somewhat don't bother about the lineup that chosen by him? Well, i can't say much as i'm not a political pundit. However, as a layman like me, i think he is inviting the second political tsunami for this GE.

Just look at the Shah Alam parliamentary seat.. Alright, let's recap what DS Najib said about Indian voters. According to The Star Online, the Indian community can be the determining force in GE 13, given that the percentage as voters in most constituencies.

“We saw Barisan Nasional's dismal performance in 2008 and among the factors was the Indian community's reduced support. But I believe this situation has been reversed.We have done studies there is the reality factor and the emotion factor. We (now) see that the Indian community has more confidence in Barisan,” he said.

Najib added that in Selangor, no temple had been demolished by Barisan while the Pakatan-led state government had taken action against some, including private ones.

I'm not sure what is the barometer to gauge the confidence towards BN among the Indian community but okay, just concur with him that Indian community is supporting him and BN now.

Do you know how he repays the Indian community support?

Najib fielded Datuk Zulkifli Noordin  for Shah Alam paliarmentary seat under BN ticket. So who is he anyway? Okay, i'm pretty sure you will yell out WTF when i tell you what his post is.

Okay, he is the Vice President of Malay right wing group PERKASA. Yes, PERKASA. To uphold the principal of insensitivity of PERKASA, according to The Malaysian Insider, Zulkifli uttered the word 'Keling" which is a huge derogatory word to our Indian community. He also questioned an Indian trader on why Hindu gods did not prevent the man's shop from being flooded, drawing the wrath of Hindus. He also questioned the purity of Ganges River, the most revered river among Hindus.

What was Najib thinking? Even Vell Paari was shocked by the Najib's unpopular action.

Though fielding a Malay hardliner like Zulkifli will be a strategic move to target the Malay-majority-constituency of Shah Alam  but he failed to see the risk ensues. He might capture the Shah Alam but i doubt BN would grab Selangor back from Pakatan Rakyat as some 235,000 Indian voters in Selangor might be angered by Najib's action and cast their vote to Pakatan Rakyat instead. Not only the anger in Selangor state, what about the other constituencies that Indian community has imperative influence on the result?

I mean seriously, what was he thinking? Failed to see bigger picture? Too ambitious to win back Selangor state without any consideration to Indian community? So Najib is PERKASA friendly now? Okay, now, we learn the true meaning of his version of 1Malaysia. His endorsement towards Zulkifli somehow implies that Zulkifli's offensive words are okay for Najib and Barisan Nasional. I'm not Indian but i do have Indian friends, ex schoolmates and even working partners, his unwise move has really irked the feelings of our Indian brothers and sisters. As usual, MIC party president Datuk G Palanivel just keeps quiet. Dude, you are representing your community - please voice out!

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Before i end my note, some of my friends are not political informed like me, so they never bother to go home and vote - worse still, some of my friends don't even bother to register because one vote from them will not make any difference. Really? Just look at the picture below:

Please return to your constituency and vote!

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