Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bring Out The Big Balloons

Only two weeks to go.

Not again, Alvin is doing cheap publicity on his birthday yet again. Yes, I am because it is only once a year, so make it a memorable one.

I remember when back in younger days, birthday was like the world to me. But as I grow more mature, birthday is like a reminder that I should take my life seriously.

Like every year, I don't wish for lavish birthday party. I just wish that I could celebrate with my close friends and that matters the most. Though I'm being a meanie to them but deep down in my heart, I appreciate all of them and they have been there for me. I want to dedicate the most important day in my life for them.

I never ask any gift from them. They will never know what I really want, so to avoid disappointment or bitch fight, it's better for them to save it. Treat me for a meal; I would be more than happy.

So how old am I?

I'm 28. Don't believe me?

Let my age to be a secret. The hint is that I'm not young anymore.

You see, I don't really like to reveal my age. Maybe I'm just being insecure, I just don't want people to judge me according to my age.

I think most of us will categorize and judge people according to their age. Like in our early 20s, we would categorize our peers like what they studied or where they studied. I guess you and I were tinge of envy when our friends studied abroad.  As approaching early 30s, we will guess how much our friends earn, have they purchase a house or have they got married? The peer pressure is real. So why reveal your age to fall into these trap?

Alas, I believe we are not confined to our age nor to other people's judgement. Yes, there are times people are ahead of us but we are running in the same race that is called 'life' - eventually we will reach the finish line.

I know it's rather discouraging when you realise that you are way back in the race. There are so many people ahead of you and that is when you lose your sight. Always remember that you were not born to compete, the race track is yours and only you can dictate how the journey will go. Take the journey which will make you happy.

Yes, we may have limitations. And I do have a lot. But it doesn't mean you are worthless in the race or journey or life or whatever you want to call it. Your existence has its meaning and you are the only one can define this meaning. Limitations are inevitable but through limitations you will take opportunities to learn, to turn your limitations to your advantages.

It's late now. So, before I end my note, if you insist, I really really want The Simpsons Lego house set for my birthday:P

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