Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year !

Today is the day that the world begins again. Leaving 2012 behind and never look back. And embracing 2013 with new hope and new aspiration.

Since it is a new year, everyone will make their own resolutions to achieve this year.

For me, resolutions are just empty promises. Everytime i make it, sure it wouldn't happen.

However, for 2013, perhaps 2012 was a terrible year for me, somehow i make resolutions for this year - affirmations more like it.

Maybe because i'm an old faggot and the big 3 O is nearing soon, so 2013 is the kickstart and the road map to the big 3 O to ensure all my dreams, ambitions and aspirations are all fulfilled.

My affirmations for this year and i' m so sure that i will make it happen this year. I hope this entry will be a reminder that 2013 is gonna be a great year:-

  • To have a new environment for my career advancement. I'm sure it's bout time for me to bring the curtain down.
  • My car is old and sometimes, it does look like a taxi, well it's the same car with the KL taxi and same colour as well!! In 2013, Alvin will have his own Diva Mobil.
  • Travelling - i always want to do travelling so much but i don't really have the time. This year definitely, I will find some space and time for myself. I'm planning to do twice this year. Travelling as in overseas travelling - one is with my mom; i'm looking around Beijing or Shanghai  The other is with my friend or alone and God knows where i'm going
  • I think i have rest enough in 2012 and my broken heart is almost fully mended. God's willing, if all above resolutions do happen, if fate allows, it will be a humble honour for me to have a partner. But a choosy person like me, it will take ages for me to find someone. Maybe i should listen to my 'sister', loosen up a bit and open up my heart .
Since it's the first January, let's kickstart the year with an empowering song like the one below:

"This is the day that we've been waiting for

All the world will stop to watch you shine"

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