Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alone doesn't mean i'm lonely

Writing this entry while i'm waiting for my train back to Ipoh.

Demure right?

Not exactly. In fact, i barely sleep lately and i don't really care about my diet since my birthday was a feast of good food.

I had a fantastic birthday bash this year ( i think I'm gonna have minor celebration back in Ipoh as well).

Come to think of it, indeed, my life is surrounded by good friends. The term good is too decent for them. Let me rephrase, my life is surrounded by bitches - sounds better now.

Well, i do enjoy the spaces i have when i'm alone - alone doesn't mean i'm lonely. Whenever i want companions or help, my friends are always there for me. I know i can count on them.

Since i have so many bitches in my life, who needs a boyfriend or partner?

Seriously, i'm quite complacent with my life right now - why bother to find someone to mess up with my life? Getting a partner is not even in my resolution for this year.

Alas, when love comes, you can't handle it.

Though there are approaches lately, i don't really want to explore these opportunities. I know it sounds harsh but why waste your time and waste my time if i don't have the sparks.

There is no more spark for love anymore. I'm very reserved now. Or maybe i couldn't completely let go  of someone.Or maybe those i'm interested are far far away.

Whatever it is, i know i have built the wall so high that no one could ever climb. Unless someone proves otherwise. And that someone will take my heart away, for sure. But take it off first before you climb, so i can see what's beautiful underneath of you.